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Brad M. Hoylman is an American Democratic politician. He is a Democratic Senator for the New York State Senate in Manhattan's 27th district, first elected in the 2012 state election.

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Support the TRUMP Act: No Presidency without Tax Returns

As initially reported in Buzzfeed, Fortune, and the New York Times editorial board, New York State Senator Brad Hoylman (D. 27th District) has introduced a bill that can fix some of the damage done by the 2016 election. This bill deserves and needs popular support. The T.R.U.M.P. (Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public) Act, "would force candidates for president to release five years of tax returns to the New York State board of elections no later than 50 days before the general election, which would in turn redact personal information and make the returns public. Failure to comply with the legislation should it become law would prohibit the state’s electors from voting for that candidate and the candidate’s name would not appear on the New York state ballot."  As Hoylman states, Trump's refusal to disclose his returns have denied voters "an important perspective on the candidate’s potential conflicts of interests as well as their financial well-being and how much he gave to charity.”  With Russian interference in the 2016 election now an established fact, it is essential that Trump's tax returns be released. This bill will be a crucial lever in forcing that release. It could moreover could prove instrumental in restricting the reach of the incoming Trump administration. Since the Republican administration and congress would be unlikely to act on this, this becomes a matter for the states. And thus New York, with its 31 electoral votes, can make a significant national impact with this legislation. Please sign and share. Senator Hoylman is following our petition's progress with interest. Since the bill was first announced there have been similar bills introduced in California, Massachusetts, and Maine. There is a chance to make a real difference here. Your support matters!

Chris Monroe
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Help save mom's home!

Three generations of our family have lived in our mother’s home. She has been living there for over 50 years and her favorite part is her yard, which she has lovingly tended to ever since we can remember.  Mom is an 85-year-old, a breast cancer survivor, with Alzheimer's Disease. Her home has always been one of the most meaningful parts of her life. It is all about to be taken away. Our mother is one of many Wells Fargo predatory lending victims. Mom was living alone when Wells Fargo approached her and interviewed her for a number of loan applications. Despite being elderly and living on a fixed Social Security income, they gave her two mortgage loans. When she was about to default on one, they issued a third. How could Wells Fargo give her loans that they knew she couldn’t possibly afford? Our mother had no idea she was trapped in a predatory lending scheme, the type that Wells Fargo has been found guilty of doing time and time again. By the time we realized how much trouble mom was in, it was too late to intervene. The statute of limitations for predatory lending had run out and Wells Fargo was on her doorstep coming to collect the house. An attorney for Wells Fargo recently told our family that they, “are not in the business of running a nursing home.”  We have little time to prevent this foreclosure sale from occurring or she will be torn away from her home. This will surely leave her devastated and confused -- a fate she does not deserve. Please sign our petition and tell Wells Fargo to let our mom stay in her beloved home where she belongs.  Thank you!

Save Mom's Home
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Petitioning New York State Senate

Sign this petition. Protect 43,000 kids from sexual abuse

Do you worry about sex offenders teaching your children? Or coaching them? Or working in a daycare? Most people think sex offender registries and convictions protect their kids The problem is that 9 out of 10 sex offenders never get convicted, and never appear on sex abuse registries. Our criminal justice system fails victims, and statutes of limitation (SOL) on the child sex abuse keep most victims from pressing charges shortly after their 18th birthday. Researchers now know it takes victims, on average, 21 years to disclose their abuse. New York’s SOL on child sexual abuse bars most victims from the court on their 23rd birthday, which ensures most sex offenders stay off registries and around kids. The Child Victims Act lengthens New York’s SOL for this crime and gives older victims a chance to press charges in civil court. It’s a way to identify the predators who are lurking around children. Please, sign this petition and protect children from sexual abuse.

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Make Air Travel Safer For People With Autism And Service Animals

Airlines are not required to honor special seating requests for autistic passengers. I think this is wrong. Many autistic passengers require special seating while flying that should be respected. Currently, airlines are “encouraged” to make the accommodations, but not required. Join me and tell the Department of Transportation that autistic people should be given special seating accommodations just like other disabled passengers. Tell them to amend the ACAA to require specific accommodations for autistic spectrum passengers. My name is Beth Joy. I have an autistic daughter. Last April, we took a trip from New York to Hawaii. Flying, for someone with sensory and auditory processing disorders, can be quite difficult. Her neurologist recommended she sit in the bulkhead and by the window. The seat placement would help ease her symptoms and allow for easier care during the flight. We got a doctor’s note requesting the appropriate seating arrangements and called 6 months ahead of time to make sure she would have the accommodations she needed to have a stress free flight. The airline honored our request on the way to Hawaii, but denied us on the way home. The problem is the Air Carrier Access Act, the law that requires air carriers to accommodate the needs of passengers with disabilities, doesn’t specifically require airlines to provide special accommodations for people with autism. While others with disabilities are guaranteed certain seating accommodations, airlines can use discretion when providing seating for the autistic passengers. This needs to be fixed. The ACAA needs to be amended to specifically require airlines to provide those with autism the same seating privileges as others with disabilities. The CDC found that one in 68 children lie somewhere within the autism spectrum. It is important to ensure that their flying experience provides for their medical needs. The Department of Transportation can ensure this by amending the ACAA to require airlines to afford autistic passengers special seating if requested.   Join me and ask the DOT to do the right thing and help make air travel as comfortable as possible for those on the autism spectrum. Tell them to amend the ACAA. AMEND THE ACAA FOR AUTISM: AIR TRAVEL FOR ALL EQUALLY We ask that you amend the Air Carrier Access Act to accommodate the developmentally disabled of whom have doctor prescribed seats. It must be a federal mandate just as you have for the physically disabled. We as parents are asking for not only the safety and well-being of our children but for the comfort of other passengers flying as we know our children's sensory issues best. It takes a simple presidential signature for all airlines to conform to the modernized policy. We are different, not less. We ask for equal treatment to fly like everyone else around the country. No more discrimination. Mahalo, Vivie, Vivie's Mommy & the entire spectrum community #1in68 Our full story: UPDATE APRIL 2015:  Scroll down to number 84, that is our proposal: Here is the DOT link to the proposed rule change. Ours is the last line in the paragraph. Again, please tell everyone to email their disability discrimination stories whether they be physical or developmental to them. Or just why you believe it is important. No more injustice. ‪#‎ausomerainbow‬  

Beth Joy
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Justice for Kevin Morrison’s wrongful conviction

DO YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION CONNECTED TO THE NIGHT OF KEVIN'S ARREST? Were you there the night Victaya was shot? Did you see who did it? The police arrested the wrong man.  If you are a witness, please contact  Adele Bernhard at the New York Law School Innocence Clinic. *ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL*  The night of September 30, 2001 changed several lives forever. A 15 year old girl was killed senselessly, as she attended a party/talent show in Brooklyn causing her family intense grief and the need for justice. The headlines praised NYPD as valiant heroes for the arrest of the alleged attacker, labeling him a murderer and reputed gang member. Unfortunately, this night significantly impacted yet another family who continues to grieve the loss of freedom for a young man misrepresented in the media and the judicial system alike; Kevin Morrison. Kevin was wrongfully accused in the death of this young woman. "Black people are only 13% of the American population but a majority of innocent defendants wrongfully convicted of crimes and later exonerated. They constitute 47% of the 1,900 exonerations listed in the National Registry of Exonerations(as of October 2016), and the great majority of more than 1,800 additional innocent defendants who were framed and convicted of crimes in 15 large-scale police scandals and later cleared in "group exonerations." Black prisoners convicted of murder are about 50% more likely to be innocent than other convicted murderers." Kevin Morrison, is yet another youth wrongfully convicted. This is too large a percentage to ignore the disparity and strong existence of racism and misconduct in the US law enforcement and judicial system. The victim was shot in the front of the venue, however there was no recovery of a gun, no DNA, nor were there multiple casings recovered, only one 9mm casing recovered at the scene, despite the account of witnesses who reported hearing multiple shots and confirmed that shots were fired from a moving vehicle. Additionally, there were witnesses who admitted to being pressured by detectives, leaving a case riddled with inconsistencies, and recanted stories. Kevin was an attendee at the party and the young woman was shot steps away from him. No one has stopped to consider the traumatic impact this had on him as a potential victim of violence that night, yet he was subjected to endure additional trauma as a result of his arrest and wrongful conviction. Despite the weight of this situation, Kevin maintains an attitude of humility. Each conversation with Kevin over the years confirms his faith and positivity, as he consistently expresses gratitude that he survived, while his prayers have always been with the family of the victim. Unfortunately, he has been convicted of this crime and has been detained with the unsettling ability to cope with a wrongfully detainment since 2001. Kevin was known to all as a charismatic young man who brought laughter to all he knew. He was also a compassionate, family oriented, smart, young man. He was know to have tender heart, and an infectious spirit, who prioritized the needs of his family; caring for his younger sister as if she were his own. Subsequent to completing high school, he attended Kingsborough Community College, pursing his Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts. Once detained, his pursuit for excellence and leadership did not end, nor was his light dimmed. He utilized his time completing a General Business class and is currently enrolled in Bard Prison Initiative; or BPI which is an accredited college with a main campus in Annandale-On-Hudson. He is currently in his third semester towards his Associates of Arts Degree.  He is a member of the Caribbean African Unity organization at his facility, and is a valuable member of the Exodus Organization, which assists incarcerated men to transition from prison to the community upon release; with support in the area of housing and employment. During this time, Kevin has grown from a boy to a man and in those formative years, instead of being angry without purpose, he further deepened his sense of spirituality with a core belief serving and supporting others. During his time upstate, Kevin remained an inspiration and is a respected figure among others. He has maintained amazing strength and persistence, familiarizing himself greatly with the law and has made several attempts to synthesize the facts, along with the law to prove his innocence. Thus far, his case has drawn the attention from musicians, artists, activists, but most importantly, a strong legal team with the New York Law School and Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic, who has taken his case Pro bono with the objective of obtaining justice. When asked of his greatest motivation he stated, " My greatest motivation is knowing that I'm innocent and that one day, the truth will be revealed. This is what helps me cope on a daily basis. I consider my immediate family to be my greatest support system. My mother, sister, and [younger] brother have been by my side since the day of my arrest. Depending on when I am released, I want to finish getting my Associates Degree, then proceed to get my Bachelors Degree. I would like to eventually open my own business."  He is truly a selfless and humble soul. The purpose of this petition is to gain support in seeking justice for Kevin; an innocent young man. Additionally, Kevin's supporters hope to shed light on the unfair practices within the judicial system and law enforcement (particularly those under the supervision of Charles Hynes who was the DA at the time of Kevin's arrest), hold them accountable, and encourage fairness despite race, or socioeconomic status. We continue to have faith in the goodness of this system and the potential for justice to be served.   

Janice Wright
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Improve New York State Early Intervention Reimbursement Rates

The Early Intervention Program and the Preschool programs administered by local counties and school districts, respectively, provide essential services and support to children with disabilities and developmental delays.  These services help to prepare children to enter school in a much better position.  There are many children who need these services and their families rely on them to help them navigate the challenges of raising a child with disabilities.   The providers that provide these services do a great service to our community; however, the reimbursement rates make it very challenging to maintain quality providers in these systems.  We have observed closures of agencies providing these services due to challenges relating to operating under the current fiscal structure of Early Intervention and Preschool systems.  Not only has there not been a rate increase in the rate provided for the state-funded Early Intervention providers since 2003 (and then only a small increase over 1993/1994 rates), there have actually been two rate decreases in 2010 and 2011. These rates make it very challenging to sustain a business and provide work-able and competitive salaries for service providers making essentially 1994-comparable rates.  As a result, we are urging NYS legislators to take a stand for the early childhood services that are so essential for our communities, the Early Intervention and Preschool services.  Funds need to be directed to provider reimbursement.  Please advocate for, draft and support legislation to at a minimum restore the Early Intervention provider reimbursement rates for these services to 2003 levels and fund an independent study to determine the true cost of services and determine appropriate future rates so that our children can receive services they need. 

Step by Step Developmental Services
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#InnocentDAD The Fight to Free Daryl Kelly Sr.

My father, Daryl Kelly Sr., has been in prison since 1998 for a crime he never committed - based on a lie I told. When I was just 8 years old, my mother forced me to make an accusation of sexual abuse against him. At the time, my mother was heavily into substance abuse. The truth is that my father had never laid a finger on me. My mother has admitted she forced me to lie about this. But my father is still in prison. I have been trying for years now to be heard. Now that I have matured into a mother, this fight is even more important to me. I have written Governor Cuomo and spoken to members of a committee of district attorneys who were reviewing my case - but they won't listen to me. All they did was try to put it in my head that my father did do this and I am suppressing it. They even recorded the interviews and when my fathers lawyer requested copies, he was ignored. This has led me to believe corruption is one characteristic I am challenged with. In October of 1997, my family was living in Newburgh, N.Y. My dad, a Navy veteran, landscaped as the local electronics repairman. But my mother was seriously addicted to drugs that she had got involved in prostitution to feed her addiction. One day, out of the blue, she repeatedly asked me if my father had ever touched me. Over and over I told her no, until she became so furious she threatened to beat me with a belt unless I told her what she wanted to hear. To avoid being beaten, I answered "yes", even though it wasn't true.  My mother told her mother, my grandmother. My grandmother, a victim of sexual abuse herself, took me to the family clinic to be checked out. A nurse could not confirm any finding but mentioned to a police officer that their was redness. With no evidence of sexual abuse, the police took the nurses findings and charged my father with multiple counts of rape and sodomy. My hyman was intact and there was no sign of anal abuse. My father maintained his innocence and refused a plea deal that would have made him eligible for parole in six years, and within a year he faced a jury. Based on my testimony (I was coached by the prosecution and taught words like "penis" and "vagina"), it took the jury only hours to find him guilty, and he was sentenced to 20 to 40 years.  Last year the head of the Conviction Review Bureau at the N.Y. Attorney General's office called for my father's case to be reviewed. But the district attorney who prosecuted him won't listen and upheld his conviction. He says my testimony is not credible and that “the system says he’s not innocent." I then spoke with a committee of district attorneys who were reviewing my dad's case and they wouldn't listen to what I had to say - they just kept telling me I must be repressing the abuse. All of which is on record because they video taped both interviews. When my fathers attorney and I sent out request to receive copies of the interview, we were denied. (Which makes me upset because I should be able to have a copy of a video tape that features myself) My dad is innocent of all accusations. From the story above, the Orange County District Attorneys office had nothing but my testimony and they did everything in their power to make sure I said what they needed me to say, to solidify their conviction. So far, all of his appeals have been denied and any attention I have used at state and local levels have been brushed aside. Just imagine for a moment, you are raided by police in 1998, arrested and charged for sexual abuse and sodomy on your own child, you watch your child testify against you in court (surrounded by strangers), saying things you had no idea she had the intelligence to put together, and you are innocent. How would you feel? 19 years and counting, praying that justice will prevail and the truth will set you free, and officials passing your story along to the next person until that one person does what they took an oath to do: Fight for the wrongly accused. **When I was a teenage, I saw my father in prison for the first time. He hugged me so tight and he told me that he loved me, that he didn't blame me for anything. He never let me go until I was ready for him to let go. That meant the world to me. That reminded me of how unconditional love works. My dad and I currently have a relationship through pictures and letters. He's holding up strong and praying everyday. Now I need your help to set him free.

Chaneya Kelly
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The Park Savoy Hotel Homeless Shelter - Bad for the Homeless, Bad for West 58th Street

We are compassionate New Yorkers with deep concerns regarding the plans to convert the Park Savoy Hotel at 158 West 58th Street into an all-men's transitional homeless shelter. The Threat: An enormous impact on our densely populated, narrow, high pedestrian-traffic street: We are a primarily residential neighborhood of both renters and homeowners. We are also a central destination for New York City tourism. The plan brings 140 single, homeless men including recently released parolees to the West 50’s area. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, homeless men have much higher rates of serious mental illness, addiction disorders, and other severe health problems. In addition, the city admits that some of these men will have criminal records. Public Safety: It has been well documented in published reports that areas that border on homeless shelters for men have many problems with loitering, drug use, and other criminal activities. WAIT! Don’t we want to help the homeless??  Yes! Of course, we do – BUT! - The fact that this plan was never shared with anyone in our neighborhood, and our input not solicited, before work started is a story we're hearing in many other New York City neighborhoods. While we understand the need to shelter the city's homeless, we believe that the Mayor’s Turning the Tide plan is deeply flawed.  We believe that the mayor’s shelter plan is an expensive band-aid, that doesn’t come close to addressing the shortage of affordable housing. The billions that this administration is planning to spend in the next 5 years should be focused on real housing for the homeless, not shelters, like the proposed Park Savoy, that are housing 2-3 to a room.  Putting large groups of men together in shelter situations creates opportunities for conflict and crime, as opposed to an opportunity for men to have a place of their own with privacy and dignity. What kind of scale are we talking about? How Many: It is proposed that 140 homeless men will become new residents of the Park Savoy’s 70 rooms. The Cost: $63 Million over 9 years, $50,000 per person, per year Is that more expensive than usual? Answer:  Yes. 38% more than usual (annual average per person is $36,300 according to the MMR) for a total spend of $18 Million over the city average for homeless shelters.  For the $50,000 per person, per year contract at the Park Savoy, a homeless man could have his own apartment, living in the neighborhood where he came from, supported by family and his community.  This shelter is being placed at the Park Savoy, at exorbitant cost, so that the mayor can make a political statement, while not doing what is best for the potential inhabitants.  What kind of notice of this project was given to you by the City of New York or Department of Homeless Services? Answer:  None. We found out because the information was leaked to a resident of the neighborhood.  Our elected officials and local police precinct were also kept in the dark.  Further, major construction work has been done on the Park Savoy without permits.  There were 33 reports to 311 of this work being done, and finally, when Marcia Kramer of CBS news covered the story, the NYCDOB issued a stop work order.  The order is still in place.  Has the city done their due diligence, through environmental studies, to understand the impact to the neighborhood? Answer: Every major housing and commercial project in New York City undergoes a series of environmental and other impact studies (ULURP). This city project, and other shelters like it, where the city does not directly own or lease the space, are exceptions.  As residents of this neighborhood, our West 58th Street Coalition is forced to conduct a study on our own.  Residents of NYC should demand that this ULURP policy change, and that the city conducts environmental studies prior to any shelter location being approved. In Conclusion:  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to shelter New York city's 65,000 homeless. But so far, he's done nothing more than create confusion, underserve the city's homeless population, explode the city budget and make hotel property owners rich. All this while leaving New York City residents and the city council with more questions than answers. While temporary hotel shelters continue to spring up around the city with little prior notice to the people who live in these neighborhoods, the Mayor and the Department of Homeless services is burning through money with little to show for it. The Mayor’s plan to open 90 homeless shelters in the next 5 years does not address the root cause of the problem, shortage of affordable housing.  The Mayor’s plan does not do nearly enough to address this issue and instead plans to drop shelters in neighborhoods all over the city, with zero partnership on the part of the communities impacted and worse prospects for the homeless ever breaking out of the cycle of homelessness. As citizens of New York City, we demand to know: 1. What exactly is the plan? What is the next step for New York's homeless after they have been placed in one of these transitional shelters?  2. What is the cost? Is the cost reasonable? is it practical? What is the cost-to-result ratio?  Why is funding not focused on permanent, affordable housing? 3. Where is the oversight? What is the role of city council members expected to represent their neighborhoods? What about the safety of the residents of the neighborhood? 4. Why isn't the Mayor being more open about how this plan is run? Where is the discussion with the neighborhoods expected to host these shelters? Where are the hearings? Why aren't more homeless advocates being consulted?   By signing this petition, you are helping us raise the above concerns with the Mayor and the New York City Council. You are also helping to further scrutinize, study and perfect New York City’s homeless policy. As compassionate New Yorkers, we strive to help create an innovative, effective approach to caring for our most vulnerable citizens. But first, we need to stop this potentially catastrophic error in judgment. Every city is better for its citizen involvement. Thank you for getting involved as we work to protect this great neighborhood and improve the lives of our city’s homeless.      VISIT OUR WEBSITE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER  

West 58th Street Coalition
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2016 - Keep Lincoln Towers Together at PS 199

I strongly support the August 2016 position letter of the eight Lincoln Towers Cooperative Corporations detailing the following. Lincoln Towers is a close-knit community of eight constituent buildings with many shared resources including common community grounds, common shared playgrounds, communally supported staff, common off-hour building management coverage, its own non-profit organization, Project Open, providing Lincoln Towers-wide community services and special events, and a very active Community Association (Lincoln Towers Community Association - LTCA). Our community dates back to the 1960s and has historic ties to PS199. The school, which adjoins our community property, was established originally to serve the envisioned Lincoln Towers community, as conceived by the 1950s Urban Renewal Plan for Lincoln Square. Our community has provided exceptionally strong volunteer and supplementary financial support to PS199 over its history and, the ongoing support of the entire community, has been a major if not decisive factor in PS199’s high level of success.  We are very troubled by the most recent PS199 rezoning proposal, which would move 2 of our 8 buildings (165 and 185 West End Avenue) out of the PS199 zone. We are equally concerned that past proposals have divided the Lincoln Towers buildings between different school zones and that in the future there could be yet another proposed division of our community.  For these reasons, we, the members of the Lincoln Towers community, consider it essential that the Department of Education, through the CEC, recognize and respect the single-community nature of Lincoln Towers and its strong ties to PS199. Furthermore, we encourage the DOE, through the CEC, to reject the current proposals, continue to explore plans which achieve the DOE’s laudable objectives, but in the end, adopt only those plans, now and in the future, which include a PS199 zone containing the entirety of the Lincoln Towers community, with all its eight constituent buildings, together, as the one community unit which it is. This petition will be delivered to:Community Education Council for District 3 - Office of District Planning - Kim Watkins (CEC3 First VP and Zoning Committee Chair) - kwatkins@cec3.orgElizabeth Rose (DOE Deputy Chancellor) – Joe Fiordoliso, President of CEC3: jfiordaliso@cec3.orgDOE Panel for Educational Policy (PEP): Fariña, Chancellor, NYC DOE 3 Planning: Altschul (District 3 Superintendent) - Helen Rosenthal (NY City Council) - Linda Rosenthal (NY State Assembly); ipseng@nyassembly.govGale Brewer (Manhattan Borough President) - R. Caputo, Chair, Community Board 7 Manhattan - mail@cb7.orgHon. Jerrold Nadler: Scott Stringer: Panel for Educational Policy (PEP): Manhattan Zoning: Laura Zingmond, PEP Manhattan Rep: Fred Baptiste, PEP Contracts Committee Chair: Isaac Carmignani, PEP Contracts Committee Member: T. Elzora Cleveland, PEP Member: Deborah Dillingham, PEP Contracts Committee Member, Queens Representative: Vanessa Leung, PEP Chair: Gary Linnen, PEP Member: Kamillah Payne-Hanks, PEP Staten Island Representative: Hoylman, State Senator: hoylman@nysenate.govLaura Acosta: Ramirez, DOE Chief Operating Officer: Harris, DOE:  

Lincoln Towers Unite to stay at PS 199
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Petitioning State Sen. Brad Hoylman

"Stop UFC Monopoly over Ba Gua Octagon Shape”

 My Name is Novell G. Bell I have been studying Chinese Martial Arts since the age of 15 years old. I later started teaching Chinese martial arts in my early 20s. I have always had a deep love for the Chinese culture and the positive influence cultural arts like Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy can have on people's lives. For at least 3000 years, the Chinese have used the Bagua symbol and it's corresponding Octagon to represent the movement of energy in the universe. It is a symbol and shape at the foundation of Chinese culture and something that should be universally free for use by anyone. The shape of the octagon and hexagramorientation around the octagon has been used by martial artists, qi gong practitioners, Chinese medicine and philosophy for hundreds of years to represent what they practice. I use the shape of the octagon for advertising the Chinese martial arts which I practice Ba Gua Zhang.  Recently Zuffa LLC which owns the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has petitioned the United States Patent and Trademark office to cancel my registered trademark logo due to it's use of the ancient shape of the octagon because they feel they have sole ownership of the shape. You heard right. Zuffa LLC, the UFC's company feels that they own sole rights to the shape of the octagon and are legally pursuing anyone in martial arts, fitness, nutrition or martial arts entertainment (including video games) who have octagonal shapes in their product line. Zuffa LLC claims that they have made the shape famous and that the use of the octagon by anyone else is purposefully to deceive customers into believing that the product is one of the UFC. They have already successfully force other people into ceasing their use of the shape of the octagon through expensive litigation or weak, non binding rulings in their favor in states which they bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue to. Does that sound like bribery to anyone else?  This is downright wrong. I'm a Harlem NY Base Chinese martial artist teaching people of all ages in my community a style called Ba Gua Zhang using the context of ancient Chinese philosophy which is thousands of years older than the UFC. I never claim to teach MMA nor do I  claim to associate with the UFC. The association with the shape of the octagon and Chinese culture is far stronger and older than anything claim of ownership the UFC has on this universal shape. Please sign this petition For the sake of public domain and the rights of individuals to be held above those of a money driven corporation, please donate to brothers of Wu Dang. All proceeds will be used to to help pay for attorney to represent me so I be able to mount a legal defense. Peace and blessings Novell G. Bell ;

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Support the TRUMP Act: No Presidency without Tax Returns

For nearly a half century, presidential candidates routinely released their federal income tax returns, until the candidacy of Donald Trump. States across the nation must pass legislation to correct this. Tax returns give the American people important information about a presidential candidate’s financial standing and expose potential conflicts of interest. This is crucial because presidential candidates are largely exempt from conflicts of interest laws, unlike Members of Congress and other federal officials. States must pass legislation to ensure that Donald Trump and all future presidential and vice presidential candidates release at least five years of federal income tax returns to qualify for the ballot. If we do nothing, presidential candidates like Donald Trump will continue to withhold this vital information from the American people. Just one state passing such a law will have major ramifications for the entire nation and help restore an important political standard for our presidential candidates. If you agree, sign up to be a citizen cosponsor of the Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public (T.R.U.M.P.) Act, which will require presidential and vice presidential candidates release their tax returns: The fight is too important to quit now. Thank you for signing this petition and taking action to restore transparency and end potential conflicts of interest for the highest offices in the land -- the President and Vice President of the United States. Regards, Brad Hoylman New York State Senator P.S. - For updates on this legislation, follow me here: Thank you!

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