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Bobby Jindal

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Bobby Jindal serves as the 55th and current Governor of Louisiana and the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

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Change mandatory minimum sentencing laws which keep non-violent offenders in jail for life without parole. Commute their sentences too!!!

I am starting this petition because I feel it is a gross injustice to keep people in prison their whole lives for non-violent offenses, without the possibility of parole. I came across the case of a Missouri man named Jeff Mizanskey due to petition started by his son. Jeff has been in jail for over 20 years for drug offenses related to Marijuana. Governor Nixon commuted his sentence, which allowed him a parole hearing. He is now set to be released from prison very soon. How can laws be so harsh toward offenders, such as Jeff and approximately 3,200 others who are serving life sentences, without parole for non-violent, victimless crimes?! I ask this question in respect to the hundreds upon thousands of people who are paroled and released from prison that committed violent offenses, including murder, rape, child abuse, etc. I am not saying that people who commit non-violent offenses should not be punished. What I am saying is that the punishment should fit the crime. It is definitely time to review and change laws which keep people in prison their whole lives for non-violent offenses, when others who commit much more heinous crimes are allowed a parole hearing and then maybe released. Please make a difference by signing and sharing this petition, urging the governors of the 50 United States to change mandatory minimum sentencing laws as well as to commute the sentences of those non-violent offenders who have served enough time but are not eligible for parole.They can at least be given a chance to show they are rehabilitated and not a threat to society. Let's help to try to send them home to their families and loved ones where they belong, instead of rotting in prison for a lifetime. It is my hope that others who have committed non-violent, victimless offenses, like Jeff Mizanskey, can be afforded the same fortunate opportunity that he was to at least be granted a parole hearing. 

Regina G
186 supporters
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End Campus Shootings

My name is Jonathan Macht and I am a junior at Tulane University majoring in Political Science. I am petitioning to prevent further campus shootings. How many more shootings must it take until Congress protects its people? Gun laws may be a partisan issue, but murder is not. The safety and protection of American people should be the primary concern of our government. Our nation has become so concerned with National Security, that we have been blind-sided by tragedy within the confines of the very institutions our country seeks to promote and vitalize. The Louisiana state legislature must protect its citizens through every possible preventative measure. I demand the following: 1. Mandatory permit and owner license applications, and firearm registration. 2. Background checks on all firearm purchases. 3. Magazine capacity restrictions on all firearms. 4. A higher sales tax on the purchasing of firearms and permits. 5. The creation of University seminars and departmental conferences on the necessary protocol for shootings. 6. Mandatory self-defense classes at every accredited university within Louisiana. 7. Official "Lockdown" university procedures accompanied by mandatory shooting drills. 8. Community and University forums on the topic of mental health in order to raise awareness on the issue. 9. Stricter local gun ordinances and regulations.

Jonathan Macht
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