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Support Katherine Clark's Bill H.R. 6340 Presidential Accountability Act

On Nov. 17, 2016, Massachusetts Representative Katherine Clark introduced to the House the H.R. 6340 Presidential Accountability Act as a call to action against potential financial conflicts of interest of the President of the United States. This bill is in the early stages of the legislative process. It needs the support and co-sponsorship of your state's representatives to make it through the House and to the Senate. Please sign this petition to show your support of this bill and to urge your local Representative to support this bill. Clark's press release states, "Current law prohibits federal office holders from engaging in government business when they stand to gain profit. The President and Vice President are currently exempt from this statute." Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act removes this exemption and requires the President and Vice President to place their assets in a certified blind trust or disclose to the Office of Government Ethics and the public when they make a decision that affects their personal finances. This issue has been elevated to greater importance as concerns of conflicts of interest have surfaced in the first week of the President-elect’s transition period. From the Trump Organization’s federal contract to operate the President-elect’s hotel in the Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington, D.C. to the scale of his debt to foreign banks, the President-elect’s business interests present an unprecedented level of conflict. Trump has also appointed his children to serve in leadership positions on both the President-elect’s transition team and his businesses. Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act prohibits the President from engaging in government responsibilities from which they or their families can benefit financially. This petition is directed to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan; House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Bob Goodlatte; and Director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, Jr.   PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!

Sarah Kruse
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Petitioning Paul Ryan

Congress: Impeach Jeff Sessions on Charges of Perjury

President Bill Clinton lied under oath about an adulterous affair. He was impeached for committing perjury. He lost his license to practice law in the State of New York. At the time, Republicans in Congress called for his resignation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath about a meeting with the Russian Ambassador. Just like Clinton, Sessions should face a Congressional investigation and a Special Prosecutor. Just like Clinton, Sessions should lose his license to practice law. Just like in Clinton's case, Republicans in Congress should call for Sessions to resign. Jeff Sessions is supposed to be the nation's top law enforcement officer. There is video evidence that he committed perjury. Perjury is a violation of the law that Sessions is supposed to enforce. If no one is above the law, then Sessions must resign, be fired, or impeached.

Juan Yoshika
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Adverse effect of GOP tax bill on Graduate students in the US

Graduate students in the US are already living at the survival line. They are working hard to push forward the frontiers of science in all directions and trying to make a better tomorrow than today. Their disposable income is barely reaches 20k per year ( stipend for being TA or RA) and this money goes all to their consumption needs with almost nothing left to save. The new GOP tax bill is going to make the tuition waiver taxable which is estimated to cost each graduate student about $2000 a year and this will push most of the graduate students even lower the survival level. As a result, they should cut down their daily expenses to get along with the new budget and this means they will buy and consume less necessary stuff. On the other side, local businesses will suffer as well because students will spend less money in local restaurants, bars, games and etc. In all, this bill is going to put more financial pressure on graduate students and also hurt local businesses across the US. Please sign and share this petition to support all graduate students in the US and also opposing this unfair tax bill.

Kaveh Dlv
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Safety of Public and Law Enforcement Threatened by Budget Cuts and Privatization

This week the Bureau of Prisons has started to eliminate roughly 14% (or 6,000) law enforcement positions throughout the Agency. This is catastrophic for the safety and security of our institutions and the community. The proposed cuts are coming at a time of severe understaffing in most of our federal prisons, because the BOP has left thousands of authorized correctional workers’ positions vacant all year. In 2005 the BOP instituted an initiative known as “Mission Critical” in which staffing at the BOP institutions was reduced to the minimal amount necessary to safely operate each facility. Since then we have continued to operate under this “bare bones” approach, which was less staff than what we really needed – the administration did not take into account leave usage, injuries, military service, emergency situations etc. when calculating these numbers. Since then, they have relied upon initiatives such as augmentation at various times (The term augmentation refers to the practice of using teachers, secretaries, nurses, etc. to cover the vacant correctional officer positions as opposed to hiring the law enforcement officers needed). They only left enough personnel in the prisons to cover essential operations, so whenever something happens outside of that, like inmate medical trips or staff using sick leave when they are ill or injured, the Agency is then forced to pay overtime to law enforcement officers to cover it. Their miscalculation in staffing led to massive amounts of overtime due to the sheer amount of disturbances and medical care in the institution, coupled with the injuries and stress borne by the staff. This leaves fewer staff able to respond to emergencies in the prison, and fewer to prevent violence and assaults. It also results in one law enforcement correctional worker supervising hundreds of dangerous felons - terrorists, gangs, and murderers – with no backup. This administration is setting the agency up for failure. As violence and recidivism rises, and our staff struggle to meet ACA accreditation requirements, the line staff will be blamed for these failures, and the administration will point to this as an excuse to contract out our law enforcement role to the private prison industry. The highly trained staff that work for this agency (30% of which are military veterans) have already proven that we provide the essential, inherently governmental function in a much more responsible and cost-effective manner than the private industry. The historical data and evidence backs this up without question. If we allow the administration to sabotage our operations with the dangerous staffing changes and policies, I’m confident that they will use the results against us, and I’m sure the shareholders in the private prison industry will profit from it. The number of staff assaults and inmate assaults continue to rise in the Bureau of Prisons, and it appears the agency is turning a blind eye to the safety of the community that we are sworn to protect from the nation's most violent offenders These poorly implemented tactics have led to the increased escape attempts and assaults within the BOP, for both inmates and our law enforcement personnel. Agency leaders have stated that assaults and escapes are the chances we take in this line of work. Its disheartening to know that they are willing to take chances with the safety of the community as well as the safety of the law enforcement that work behind the fences. We are asking that our elected officials properly fund our prisons, stop the reductions of safe staffing, and support our law enforcement officers. A vote for BOP cutbacks is a vote for unsafe prisons, unsafe communities and a vote against law enforcement.  Call 202-224-3121 or 844-669-5146 and tell our law makers not to cut back on safety  

Ray Coleman
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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives, John Conyers, Bob Goodlatte

Impeach Donald Trump on Day One

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. On January 20, 2017, the United States House of Representatives must, as a matter of law and constitutional duty, initiate impeachment proceedings against the president as soon as he speaks the words of the presidential oath. Mr. Trump's expressed intent to not fully divest from some of his business holdings, put him in immediate violation of the Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 9) when he swears the oath of the presidency on Inauguration Day. The Emoluments Clause is meant to deter the foreign governments from buying influence with federal officials. That's just the tip of the iceberg. We are seeing nearly daily examples of ineptitude and belligerence by the president-elect and his transition team that suggest very strongly that he is not fit to lead. 17 intelligence agencies have concluded that Russians engaged in cyber espionage against the United States, specifically with the intention of   assisting Mr. Trump in a victory over his Democratic opponent. The FBI and CIA have concluded that these directives came directly from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Trump denies knowledge of this crime against our country despite being confronted with it in all three Presidential debates and himself calling for a hostile foreign power to commit an act of cyber warfare on an American political candidate, in and of itself a potentially treasonous act. The Constitutional authority to initiate impeachment proceedings against an American president rests with the U.S. House of Representatives, and any member of the House may initiate impeachment proceedings. The constitution very specifically lays out what constitutes basis for impeachment and what doesn't: Treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Once a congressperson initiates the proceedings, the matter is directed to the House Judiciary Committee for further review.  Here is my expanded piece on Donald Trump's violation of the Constitution such that the House should initiate impeachment proceedings immediately, live now at The Huffington Post. - My name is Alex Mohajer and I am the Political Director of Bros4Hillary, a political progressive advocacy organization that has been at the forefront of a grassroots movement to ensure the integrity of our free and fair elections. In 2016 we received national media attention for our work and were named to LGBTQ Nation's Top 8 People Working To Elect Hillary Clinton. I am also a contributing writer and commentator for the Huffington Post. You may tweet me at @alexmohajer. 

Alex Mohajer
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Congress: Americans are Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Pass Civil Forfeiture Reform Now!

For over 35 years, I’ve run a dairy farm in rural Maryland. Through hard work, my wife and I built up a modest nest egg. But five years ago, the IRS seized our entire bank account—more than $60,000. In February 2012, two government agents came to my farm and told me they seized the account simply because my wife and I deposited cash in the bank in amounts under $10,000. I’m not a criminal, just a small-business owner who handles a lot of cash. We mainly sell milk at farmer’s markets, where customers usually pay in cash. My wife and I were never charged with a crime. But that didn’t stop the government from confiscating our hard-earned money. Thanks to “civil forfeiture,” the government can seize private property even if the owner hasn’t been convicted or charged with a crime.  After years of fighting and with help from the Institute for Justice, I won back every single penny the IRS wrongfully took. But the civil forfeiture laws are still on the books and continue to harm thousands of ordinary Americans. In fact, just this week the Department of Justice announced that it was increasing the use of civil forfeiture to take property from Americans without convicting them of a crime.This needs to end, for good. Twenty civil rights organizations including the Institute for Justice, ACLU, and many others, have already called on Congress to pass reform, and now I'm hoping that you will join them.  That’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass three bills—the RESPECT Act, the DUE PROCESS, and the FAIR Act—and stop the feds from taking other Americans' hard earned money.

Randy Sowers with the Institute for Justice
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Petitioning Bob Goodlatte, U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States


MAKE IT A FEDERAL CRIME TO KILL A CHILD.  Our most precious resources must be protected.  They are vulnerable and innocent.  Babies and children and being killed in hundreds per year.  This is not acceptable in this great country of ours.  Stronger laws are greatly needed to punish these people that prey on our children. Whether a stranger or a family member, these individuals must be held accountable.   Some states are not doing their jobs well.  There is great disparity in sentencing or even convictions.  Some individuals are pleaded out and serve little to no sentencing time.  This injustice cannot continue.   All of you, President Trump, House Representative Goodlatte, and all house members have children and grandchildren.  Put yourselves in the position of having a child sexually assaulted, gravely injured and there is no justice.  Only then, could you possibly imagine the pain you would feel.   Us, child advocates like myself, want the government to pay attention to these hushed crimes.  Children cannot advocate for themselves, and dead children cannot cry out for help. Please help.  Please listen to our pleas. Thank you!          

Mary Wainwright
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Responsibilities Required From Social Media Regarding Military Romance Scamming

THE CAUSE: Military Romance Scammers are all over social media networks. These scammers use pictures, names and valor's of men and women who are actively serving in our military, retired  or are deceased. The scammers are aware how highly Americans think and feel for their military and they use this to pull at the heart strings of vulnerable men and women. Working with a retired Colonel from the United States Army whose pictures, name and child have been used in the scammers story, I have come to realize just what an epidemic this is. Unfortunately, many of the victims are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward. Many just want to forget about the scam and move on with their lives. That is why I bring this petition to you. Due to the overwhelming numbers of fraudulent accounts throughout social media and the unidentified number of victims, we need to be the voice.  Social Media has a great amount of power, and with power comes an abundance of responsibility. THE BATTLE:  Because of the majority of military romance scammers residing in other countries, the United States has very little jurisdiction over these criminals, therefore we must work from where and what we know, and that is through the United States and our legislative system. We are looking to encourage social media sites to provide more public service announcements by way of television, movie theater ads, magazines, radio, etc. and provide additional man power to their fraudulent account tracking system as well as upgrading their security system to recognize these duplicated accounts that are recreated literally moments to hours after being deleted. Facial recognition does not solve all problems, especially when these scammers are using generic pictures (flowers, hearts etc.) on their profiles and cyber security is unable to recognize this discrepancy. PERSONAL NOTE: I am a very proud daughter to a mother who served in our Navy, and brother and father who served in our Army. I also have multiple cousins, aunts and uncles who have served and the thought of our military being abused and disrespected is appalling! My mothers friend fell victim to a scammer using the pictures of the Colonel I am currently working with, thus being the reason I have become so involved. I, like many others, had no idea what an epidimic this has become and what little is being done. Social Media needs to take on more responsibility for this breeding ground than they already have, not just for the sake of the victims, but for the sake of our security, and Military whose job is to protect us. What security is social media providing them? Obviously, not the right kind. Scammers are the cancer to the social media world and it's time our companies and legislature took a stand and initiative to help prevent such illness within our military community and every day victims. 

Kathy Waters
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Bring pets in during freezing temperatures

There are many cold days during the winter months in Virginia. Many animals are left out in the cold during these months. This petition is to inforce bringing all pets indoors when the temperature outside is below 32 degrees. This petition also suggests that animals should not be left outside for more than 3 hours during these freezing temperatures. Animals deserve to have food, water and a warm shelter just like we do.  

Lori East
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Pass H.R. 2737: Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015

On June 11, 2015, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Mazie Hirono introduced HR 2737 & S 1555 respectively as the Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015.  The pending legislation, “directs the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to make appropriate arrangements for the award of a single Congressional Gold Medal to the Filipino Veterans in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II.”  Other groups have been formally recognized by the United States with the Congressional Gold Medal for World War II service; they include the Tuskegee Airmen, Montford Point Marines, Navajo Code Talkers, Women Air Service Pilots, Japanese American Nisei Soldiers and Puerto Rican Soldiers.  Filipino World War II Veterans are equally deserving of this honor.  In order to pass HR 2737, the bill requires sponsorship from 290 congressional representatives, S 1555 needs 67 senators.  Today, HR 2737 has 312 cosponsors, S 1555 has 71. I would like to ask your assistance in reaching out to your congressional representative to get their support as a sponsor for the pending legislation.  Time is not on our side; the number of remaining Filipino Veterans is fast decreasing.  We need to pass these bills before the 114th Congress come to a close at the end of the year.

Veterans Equity Center
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