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Bill de Blasio

  • Mayor of New York City

Bill de Blasio is the 109th and current mayor of New York City.

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Petitioning Bill de Blasio

Make the NYPD Adopt On-Body Cameras

Have you seen the video of an unarmed man named Eric Garner being put in a chokehold by an officer of the New York Police Department? As a 34-year veteran of the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department, and once commander of both police academies, I was appalled to watch that video and learn that Eric died just moments later. It's deeply upsetting to watch a 43-year-old father of six say "I can't breathe" over and over, but the officer doesn't let go -- even though officers are not allowed to use chokeholds. Eric's death is part of a tremendous rise in racial profiling, unconstitutional searches, and violent forms of misconduct from some members of the NYPD. There is a simple way to make a dramatic change in police misconduct: require officers to wear on-body cameras that record their interactions. I can't help but think that if the officers involved with Eric were wearing on-body-cameras that they knew would later be reviewed by superiors, they would have acted much differently. Eric Garner might still be alive today. Other police departments are using on-body cameras with amazing success. In the first year after the Rialto Police Department in California adopted the cameras in 2012, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent compared with the last year. More importantly, the use of force by officers fell by almost 60 percent. Last year, a US District Court judge ordered that NYPD test wearing on-body cameras, but former Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed back strongly against the idea, and the department has yet to adopt the technology. But now New York has a new mayor, Bill de Blasio, who made a campaign promise to cut down on police violence. Requiring on-body cameras would be a key way for him to keep that promise. On-body cameras protect communities from police misconduct, and they also protect the officers themselves from violence. This is a system that benefits everyone, and will help restore community trust in the NYPD. I have more than three decades of experience serving as a police officer and training new officers. I strongly believe that this is one of the best possible ways to prevent senseless deaths like Eric Garner's as well as violence and false accusations. 

Neill Franklin
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Petitioning Mayor Bill de Blasio, Bill de Blasio

Make Wall Street's Fearless Girl Permanent

In a bold and brilliant move, State Street Global Advisors installed a temporary statue of a defiant, fearless young girl in front of the Wall Street bull in New York City. The statue, created by artist Kristen Visbal, is meant to create awareness for the need for greater gender diversity on boards on International Women's Day.   Unfortunately the statue is only meant to be up for a week. Wouldn't it be great if she got to stay longer? In fact, what is she stuck around permanently? Sign the petition to encourage the City of New York and State Street to make the Fearless Girl a permanent installation, facing down that charging bull.   Find out more info about State Street's initiative, the installation and the artist here: Wall Street's Defiant Girl State Street's Manifesto Creating the Fearless Girl Photo Credit: AdWeek

Nira Desai
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Petitioning Bill de Blasio

Please help stop children in NYC from going hungry!

I'm Rachael Ray, and there’s nothing more I love than cooking for my family and friends. Through my Yum-o! organization, I provide recipes and tools in order to help kids and their families live a healthier lifestyle. I try to provide healthier eating options, whether at home or in school. This is especially important for our kids who need and rely on free school lunches for a meal during the day. This is why I am asking you to help hundreds of thousands of New York City public school students who currently struggle with hunger. Please sign my petition asking NYC Mayor de Blasio to keep his commitment to New York City children and provide nutritious free school lunches to all NYC public school students without regard to income.Nearly 90,000 public school students are homeless. In the school cafeteria they suffer from the double stigma of poverty and homelessness -- they are hungry, embarrassed that they might be humiliated by their classmates and they don’t have the money to buy food. Instead of focusing on learning, children are often distracted and worried about where their next meal may come from and how to pay for it. This is heartbreaking, and I know we can do better.The solution is not more paperwork or bureaucracy. The solution is putting children first because there’s no need to play politics when we’re talking about children going hungry. In 2013, when Bill de Blasio was a candidate for mayor, he agreed it’s “crucial” to provide this support for children. However, in 2014 he only provided funding for freestanding middle schools (grades 6th- 8th). It’s time for Mayor de Blasio to make good on his campaign promise and provide free lunch to all of NYC’s public school students. The Mayor is a national figure in the largest city in the United States, and he is set to finalize the budget in the first few days of June, which is right around the corner! It’s crucial to have your support on my petition as soon as possible so Mayor de Blasio knows we expect him to be a public leader. This is a broadly accepted plan, which the Mayor has the responsibility to implement. Universal free lunch is supported by the NYC Chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the New York City Council, the New York City Public Advocate, CSA (The NYC Principals Union), the United Federation of Teachers, parent organizations from all corners of the city, and the many families whose kids bear the burden of going to school worrying because they owe school lunch fees their families simply cannot afford. If we can make this happen in one of the greatest cities in the nation, just imagine how inspiring it will be for families across the country. I know a hot school lunch is the only meal that many kids eat all day so I’m asking that you do two simple things – first, please sign this petition to show your support for universal free lunch in schools in NYC, and then, and most importantly, share it via your social networks. Thank you! Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray
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Petitioning Donald Trump, Bill de Blasio, Mark Levine, Melissa Mark-Viverito

Boycott Trump in Central Park

Donald Trump is endangering the future of the United States and the world. To express our opposition to Trump and his policies, we are boycotting three of his most visible businesses in New York City: the Central Park carousel and the park's two ice-skating rinks, Lasker and Wollman. We are also boycotting Victorian Gardens, the amusement park that leases Wollman Rink from Trump in the summer.  Many of us used to enjoy these attractions with our children. We can't anymore—not if we want to spend our time and money in accordance with our values and teach our kids how to stand up to injustice. We recognize that this boycott will not impoverish Trump. But along with other resistance efforts nationwide, it will demonstrate how unpopular he is. Without the public's support, Trump cannot carry out his agenda, which includes banning Muslims, tearing apart immigrant families, ravaging the environment, thwarting the Russia investigations, and shredding the social safety net. Our action is also a call to New York City's government, which licensed the carousel and the rinks to Trump before he ran for president, to sever ties with him as soon as possible. For more information on Families for Resistance, please visit our Facebook page.

Families for Resistance
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Petitioning Bill de Blasio, Polly Trottenberg, Andy King, New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), Ruth Hassell-Thompson

Install speed bumps and save children’s lives.

My son Dylon was struck and killed while crossing the street at an intersection surrounded by schools. Despite a previous accident and many requests the DOT has refused to take measures to make the intersection at Baychester and Crawford safer. It’s time the New York City Department of Transportation stops stalling and make the intersection safer so not another parent loses their child. My name is Cinthia Berganzo and January 4th 2015 my son was hit by two cars while he was crossing the street with his friend. He was within the crosswalk, but the driver wasn’t paying attention when he drove, full speed, through the intersection. Both drivers fled the scene and my son died shortly afterwards of his injuries. Every school day more than a thousand students cross these streets at their own risk. The intersection where my son was killed is surrounded 5 schools and a youth center and had already claimed the life of a young boy seven years ago. Since then, school officials have been asking for speed bumps and islands as further measures to stop speeding but the NYCDOT has refused. I am grieving the loss of my son, but I also know I must stand up for those other parents who send their children to school everyday, and whose loved ones could easily become the next victim of an avoidable accident. It is time the NYCDOT take clear measures to prevent another accident at this intersection. Tell NYCDOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg to install speed bumps and a traffic island now and save lives.+

Cinthia Berganzo
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Petitioning Commissioner Kathryn Garcia

Tell Mayor de Blasio to keep NYC kids safe from garbage trucks and move the ramp

The City of New York is putting NYC children in harm’s way by routing a garbage truck ramp between two playgrounds where thousands of children play every year. In addition to the obvious risks for collisions and fatalities, children will be forced to breathe diesel exhaust from 150 garbage trucks a day idling on the ramp.   There is a simple answer – move the ramp just one block. Mayor de Blasio has made it a priority to end traffic deaths and injuries on our streets, stating that that no level of fatality on city streets is inevitable or acceptable. But by building a garbage truck ramp right where children play, the City is dramatically increasing the chances of injury or death. Sign the petition to tell the Mayor he can save lives by moving the ramp just one block.

Asphalt Green
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Bill de Blasio: Save Success Academy Harlem Central #SaveThe194

As the proud parent of a student at Success Academy Harlem Central, I was absolutely heartbroken to hear of Mayor de Blasio’s sudden decision to close down my son Michael’s beloved middle school. Michael has been thriving in Success Academy for the past 5 years. He has excelled academically and developed a deep sense of pride in his accomplishments. He is talking about college and wants to be a pediatrician (or on some days, a basketball player). That is why I never thought I’d see the day that the city would try to take this school away from him and 193 of his classmates. What makes the situation even more disheartening is the Mayor isn’t just closing down any school. Harlem Central is among the very best middle schools in the city. At a school where 97% of the students are black and Hispanic, and 78% are from low-income families, last year’s fifth graders were #1 in the state in Math!  First in the entire state! This school is proving every day that zip code does not have to determine destiny. Why wouldn’t the Mayor, who says he stands for the 99%, want to support a school like Harlem Central?  If Harlem Central isn’t allowed to remain open next year, Michael and his classmates might have to attend one of the nearby district schools that are among the worst in the city. This would be devastating to our children, our families and our community. By allowing this decision to stand, the Mayor is not listening to parents — something he promised to do.  Instead, he is taking away great schools from communities like mine that need them the most. It shouldn’t matter if a student attends a public district school or a public charter school. All that matters is that all students have the opportunity to learn and to thrive.  As a parent, I just want my child to have a future that’s brighter than my own. A future where anything is possible.  Because that’s what every child deserves – a chance to succeed in life. I have faith that if the Mayor and Chancellor hear from enough New Yorkers like you and me they will reverse this decision. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in calling on Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Fariña to let Success Academy Harlem Central stay open next year, to make sure these 194 public school students have the space that they need to remain at a school that they love, a school where they are receiving an incredible education that will change their lives.  Please help me protect the hopes and dreams of 194 students that have shown they can beat the odds.

Maria Rodriguez
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Petitioning Bill de Blasio

Support Gov Ball NYC

To the Fans, Supporters, and Fellow Music Lovers, We're writing you today to ask for your support to help keep Gov Ball alive for many years to come. We started the festival back in 2011 with one goal in mind: to bring a major music festival that New Yorkers could call their own to our hometown. One that was specifically curated for the eclectic music lovers of New York City. One that featured the very best of NYC cuisine. And one that operated with the attendee experience as the #1 priority. As a small, independent company in an industry dominated by major corporations and rapid consolidation, we've come a long way and given hundreds of thousands of you first class entertainment. Sadly, today our future is in jeopardy and we need your help. As reported in The Daily News and multiple industry news outlets, AEG is lobbying the Mayor’s Office and other city agencies for approval of a major festival in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens two weeks after Governors Ball. The timing of this proposed event is an aggressive, greedy attempt by AEG to push a small independent company of born and bred New Yorkers out of business and out of the market.We are writing you today to ask for your support and tell the Mayor’s Office and the City of New York to reject this proposed event that would take place two weeks after Gov Ball. We are asking that this proposed event take place at another time of year because this would allow both events to succeed. Please help Gov Ball survive and continue to serve you - the fans, friends, and family - for many years to come! Sign the petition now. With Sincerity, and Gratitude,Team Gov Ball

Governors Ball
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Petitioning CUNY, City University Of New York, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio

Stop Linda Sarsour from Speaking at CUNY Commencement

On April 19, 2017, City University of New York’s Graduate School of Public Health and Healthy Policy announced Linda Sarsour as the keynote speaker of its commencement ceremony on May 30th at The Apollo Theater. Sarsour is an advocate for Sharia law, has excluded Zionists from the modern feminist movement, is a supporter of BDS, and has described rock throwing against Israelis as courageous. Further, Sarsour has shared the stage with Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who was convicted by the Israeli Court for her murder of two students, Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe, in a Jerusalem supermarket bombing in 1969. Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has already spoken out against this appointment, claiming that Sarsour's support of Sharia Law makes her unsuitable to speak at a school funded by taxpayers, CBS New York reported on Friday."She is someone who associates with radical Islamists; supports them; shows support for them. She is someone who has said, clearly, she thinks throwing rocks at cars in Israel is a good thing," Hikind said. Sign the petition below to support peace rather than hate; stop Linda Sarsour from spreading hate at CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy commencement. Sources:

NYC Students
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Petitioning Creative Time

End "Fly By Night"

Duke Riley has created an 'art project' in New York City that involves attaching LED lights to the legs of 2,000 pigeons to make them visible at night. While it may seem like a good idea at first, if you have any knowledge of pigeons, you understand how much stress this act causes the animals, and even runs the risk of death. Pigeons are virtually blind in the dark, so they don't fly at all after the sun has set. Because of their poor night vision, any bright lights (like the LEDs attached to their own and other pigeons’ legs) are particularly problematic as they can temporarily blind the pigeon (think of that one neighbor with the flood light on their garage). They can very easily injure themselves and other birds. The only thing they want to do at night is GO HOME. When you watch the video, you can see by the way they are flying, that’s all they are trying to do – they desperately want to get back into their coop where it’s safe. You can see the people on the coop waiving big poles with flags and blowing loud whistles to terrify the pigeons and force them to stay away from what they see as the only safe place. They are also being forced over open water so even a minor mistake could cause a bird to drown. Most are NOT flying in formation. Most are stressfully flapping their wings, just trying to get home. It’s heartbreaking to watch if you have spent any time with pigeons. All of these factors put over 2000 wild birds in grave danger. How can Duke Riley and Creative Time claim to care about animals while ignoring what is best for these pigeons? There was no consideration for their welfare when this "art" was thought up because whatever "animal welfare" precautions they claim to use, birds should not be forced to fly in the dusk or dark when they normally sleep with lights attached to them. Duke Riley has been in trouble for multiple other illegal acts he's committed in NYC and should not be praised for this abuse. A former project he did involved forcing pigeons to fly with cigars and cameras strapped to them from Cuba to Key West. Aside from the obvious disorientation and suffering this would cause the birds, he admits many didn't survive the trip. The birds in "Fly by Night" are unwilling participants, this is inhumane and a poor excuse for "art". "Fly by Night" should be shut down.

sara weborg
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Clean Up the 30th Street Men's Shelter and Mainchance Drop-In Center (32nd Street) issues in District 2!

Response from Department of Homeless Services Commissioner Gilbert Taylor: We have heard the concerns of Kips Bay residents, and we want you to know that we are listening and acting. Despite the misreporting in the New York Post, in light of the horrific Rodney Stover incident, all 17 sex offenders previously at the 30th St. men’s shelter have been moved from this facility, and we are no longer housing residents with sex offenders status at this location – this happened within days of the incident. New York City’s Department of Homeless Services has a legal mandate and moral obligation to shelter all those who need it, and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We are committed to both reducing homelessness and improving the lives of those throughout our shelter system, and we work to ensure that families and individuals with nowhere else to turn have somewhere to go as they rebuild their lives. The 30th Street shelter has been part of the Kips Bay community for over the past 30 years without any major incidents. Over the years, this 850-bed shelter has served tens of thousands of New Yorkers in need, and it plays a critical in the Manhattan homeless shelter system. Since the Stover incident, however, we have heard a number of concerns from the Kips Bay community, and we take them very seriously. Over the past few weeks, the City’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS) has had a number of meetings with the Community Board, area residents, and elected officials in recent weeks about the possibility of enhancing security in the area surrounding the shelter. As a result of those conversations, DHS is performing joint assessments with the NYPD and has increased joint patrolling with the 13th Precinct in that area, and we are currently in discussions with the NYPD, the City’s Department of Probation, the City’s Department of Corrections, and the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice about security and service needs at the 30th St. Shelter. Simultaneously, DHS has created a Community Advisory Board for the Mainchance Drop-in Center, and is targeting homeless hotspots around East 32nd St. with our street outreach team, to engage homeless New Yorkers found on the streets, and offer them appropriate services. With respect to the sheltering of individuals with sex offender history, the City is going above and beyond existing State requirements by placing all homeless individuals in the sex offender State registry in facilities over 1000 feet away from schools and facilities primarily devoted to child care, regardless of their residency requirement. This means no sex offenders will be placed at the 30th St Shelter. We continue to coordinate with the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) as they release sex offenders to ensure that there are alternate shelter options for them until the City has space for them at one of our compliant sites. We are committed to continuing to address the community's concerns while supporting our clients as they rebuild their lives. If you would like to comment or reach out to DHS, we encourage you to reach out at 212-361-8000.

2 years ago
Help us get funding restored so New York City foster kids can get adopted!

From Gladys Carrión, Commissioner of the New York City Administration for Children's Services: There is nothing more important to this administration than New York City's children, especially those as vulnerable as children in the foster care system waiting for permanent homes. Increasing permanent placements is a priority for New York City, and we are invested in improving the current system to make it more efficient. In 2014, the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) extended contracts with Council on Adoptable Children (COAC) and You Gotta Believe (YGB) hoping they would be able to provide a solution to finding homes for children who are hard to place, such as older children and children with special needs. Unfortunately, the two agencies were unable to fulfill their contractual requirements, and did not significantly impact our efforts in finding homes for these children. Though they were contracted to locate a total of 130 homes in the past year, their combined recruitment efforts resulted in the placement of only 18 children into foster care and/or pre-adoptive homes. Every child matters to us, and we appreciate the work these two agencies have done for these 18 children. But this result does not justify the $1.2 million in funding that could help many more children find the families they deserve. We care too much about our children to continue working with agencies that can't help us help these kids. We want to be clear: the fact that these contracts ended will not disrupt or reduce ACS's capacity to serve these children. On the contrary, it allows us to reinvest resources in better models, and achieve better results. We have a network of 26 foster care agencies that placed 1,300 children in adoptive homes last year. We are evaluating the entire adoption process, and have assembled a recruitment advisory committee consisting of adoption provider agencies, community advocates, and young people who are in foster care to make recommendations about how we as a system can do this work better. The solution will not likely be found in contracts with agencies recruiting small numbers of families. This is a large, system-level challenge, and we are working aggressively to make substantive changes that will achieve more meaningful results than either COAC or YGB were able to deliver. We invite all New Yorkers interested in providing permanent homes for children in the foster care system to contact ACS's Parent Support and Recruitment information by calling 311 or by emailing, which directs prospective foster and adoptive parents to an agency in their community to learn more about adopting through the public child welfare system. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone.

2 years ago