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Bill de Blasio is the 109th and current mayor of New York City.

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18-year-old high school football player has been charged with murder defending his mom.

Luis Moux, an 18-year-old high school football player has been charged with killing his mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Luis Moux fatally choked his mother’s 43-year-old attacker, Stanley Washington, when he showed up at their apartment in the Bronx and began fighting with her around on Monday August 14, 2017.  Washington first started squabbling with Moux’s mother, Lorena Sesma, 37, in the hallway of the building before following the woman inside the apartment, where he began beating her, police said.  Luis Moux, who heard the commotion from his bedroom, came running to his mother’s aid and saw Washington on top of her. Quickly going to his mother defense the teen began fighting Washington and over powered him wrapping his arm around Washington’s neck as he tried to pull the brute off his mother. Washington died at some point during the scuffle. Washington also has a long criminal history that includes 33 prior arrests that included domestic violence. Yesterday, police charged Moux with manslaughter.  Luis Moux should not spend his life in prison or ONE DAY in prison for that matter due to defending his mother who could have been killed from her attacker. Luis reacted as any of us would have protecting his mother in the midst of her being physically hurt and beaten. Moux attends high school at Grand Street Campus in Brooklyn, and is a star athlete. Neighbors and friends state he is a very quiet, humble teen who loves football, stays to himself and has never been in trouble. We are asking that ALL CHARGES be dropped for Luis Moux and we stand with him in his fight for freedom. Advocate, Monique Santiago          

monique santiago
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Petitioning Bill de Blasio

Make the NYPD Adopt On-Body Cameras

Have you seen the video of an unarmed man named Eric Garner being put in a chokehold by an officer of the New York Police Department? As a 34-year veteran of the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department, and once commander of both police academies, I was appalled to watch that video and learn that Eric died just moments later. It's deeply upsetting to watch a 43-year-old father of six say "I can't breathe" over and over, but the officer doesn't let go -- even though officers are not allowed to use chokeholds. Eric's death is part of a tremendous rise in racial profiling, unconstitutional searches, and violent forms of misconduct from some members of the NYPD. There is a simple way to make a dramatic change in police misconduct: require officers to wear on-body cameras that record their interactions. I can't help but think that if the officers involved with Eric were wearing on-body-cameras that they knew would later be reviewed by superiors, they would have acted much differently. Eric Garner might still be alive today. Other police departments are using on-body cameras with amazing success. In the first year after the Rialto Police Department in California adopted the cameras in 2012, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent compared with the last year. More importantly, the use of force by officers fell by almost 60 percent. Last year, a US District Court judge ordered that NYPD test wearing on-body cameras, but former Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed back strongly against the idea, and the department has yet to adopt the technology. But now New York has a new mayor, Bill de Blasio, who made a campaign promise to cut down on police violence. Requiring on-body cameras would be a key way for him to keep that promise. On-body cameras protect communities from police misconduct, and they also protect the officers themselves from violence. This is a system that benefits everyone, and will help restore community trust in the NYPD. I have more than three decades of experience serving as a police officer and training new officers. I strongly believe that this is one of the best possible ways to prevent senseless deaths like Eric Garner's as well as violence and false accusations. 

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
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Petitioning Mayor Bill de Blasio

Help NYC Teachers Fight for Paid Maternity Leave

New York City Department of Education currently offers their teachers who have just become mothers NO PAID maternity leave. These are women who devote their lives to helping raise other people's children. After getting pregnant in 2012, I went to a maternity workshop to help understand my maternity benefits. It began as a room full of bubbly, pregnant women, and ended with many of us in tears. Here is what we learned: In order to get paid for up to SIX WEEKS (you read that right-not months, weeks) we would have to use our own small number of saved sick days. If we had none, or few (which was the case for most of us, being around children all day long) we learned that we could borrow up to 20 days that we would eventually have to repay or rebuy.   Most women never make it out of their negative balance. If you have more than one child, forget it! You have likely borrowed all you can for the first.  When I had my second daughter, even after two years of excellent attendance, I only was able to get paid for seven days after I gave birth. This is completely common among teaching mothers.  For all our union fights for, I'm asking Michael Mulgrew, our Union President: When will the fight begin for our teaching mothers? As an education system, we are well aware of the importance a parent's presence has on his/her child. Yet why don't we value that? Why do women who spend day in and day out educating, nurturing, and supporting other people's children, continue to suffer for having a family of their own? We are the teachers and the mothers of this city-- a city that prides itself on being one of the most progressive and socially conscious cities in the world- and we deserve to be fought for.      *                         *                                 *                           *                       * Click below to watch an amazing documentary done by Broadly where the terrible state of maternity leave in our country is explored and exposed How America Is Failing Its Mothers

Emily James
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Please help stop children in NYC from going hungry!

I'm Rachael Ray, and there’s nothing more I love than cooking for my family and friends. Through my Yum-o! organization, I provide recipes and tools in order to help kids and their families live a healthier lifestyle. I try to provide healthier eating options, whether at home or in school. This is especially important for our kids who need and rely on free school lunches for a meal during the day. This is why I am asking you to help hundreds of thousands of New York City public school students who currently struggle with hunger. Please sign my petition asking NYC Mayor de Blasio to keep his commitment to New York City children and provide nutritious free school lunches to all NYC public school students without regard to income.Nearly 90,000 public school students are homeless. In the school cafeteria they suffer from the double stigma of poverty and homelessness -- they are hungry, embarrassed that they might be humiliated by their classmates and they don’t have the money to buy food. Instead of focusing on learning, children are often distracted and worried about where their next meal may come from and how to pay for it. This is heartbreaking, and I know we can do better.The solution is not more paperwork or bureaucracy. The solution is putting children first because there’s no need to play politics when we’re talking about children going hungry. In 2013, when Bill de Blasio was a candidate for mayor, he agreed it’s “crucial” to provide this support for children. However, in 2014 he only provided funding for freestanding middle schools (grades 6th- 8th). It’s time for Mayor de Blasio to make good on his campaign promise and provide free lunch to all of NYC’s public school students. The Mayor is a national figure in the largest city in the United States, and he is set to finalize the budget in the first few days of June, which is right around the corner! It’s crucial to have your support on my petition as soon as possible so Mayor de Blasio knows we expect him to be a public leader. This is a broadly accepted plan, which the Mayor has the responsibility to implement. Universal free lunch is supported by the NYC Chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the New York City Council, the New York City Public Advocate, CSA (The NYC Principals Union), the United Federation of Teachers, parent organizations from all corners of the city, and the many families whose kids bear the burden of going to school worrying because they owe school lunch fees their families simply cannot afford. If we can make this happen in one of the greatest cities in the nation, just imagine how inspiring it will be for families across the country. I know a hot school lunch is the only meal that many kids eat all day so I’m asking that you do two simple things – first, please sign this petition to show your support for universal free lunch in schools in NYC, and then, and most importantly, share it via your social networks. Thank you! Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray
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Keep NYC public schools CLOSED on January 5th, 2018!

NYC, and much of the east coast, is in the middle of intense winter weather. Today, January 4th, NYC public schools were closed. It has been announced that tomorrow, January 5th, NYC public schools will be OPEN. Tomorrow's weather is gearing-up to be much worse than today; the snow accumulation is likely to stop by tomorrow, but the temperature will be near 0 degrees, with a windchill of down to -25 degrees, the winds will be intense, the snow will be densely-packed and deep, and there will be massive ice build-up. By keeping NYC public schools open tomorrow, there is a huge risk to the safety and health of students, teachers, administrators, office staff, crossing guards, babysitters, guardians... Walking/driving to/from school will be DANGEROUS tomorrow, and while I - as a teacher - value education very highly, I value the safety of my students, their families, and my co-workers even more. Here is an additional petition to sign:

Jessica Arnold
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Petitioning Central Park

Racial Injustice: Honor African American Victims of Surgical Experimentation

     J. Marion Sims was a physician that lived in the 1800's.  Many medical scientists and doctors in healthcare today hail him as a modern hero, earning him the title, "Father of Modern Gynecology."  He is credited with the creation of a groundbreaking surgery to fix vesicovaginal fistulas in women.        What is not being talked about however, is the unethical and inhumane experimental surgeries he performed on African-American enslaved women and babies.                     Central Park is honoring a man for treating black slaves like animals.      Sims first began studying what he called "trismus nascentium," which is now known as tetanus bacteria.  A tetanus bacterium develops from horse manure, and enslaved infants had a higher rate of the disease, most likely from being in close contact with horses and horse barns.  His comments in the article are very clear about the way he viewed African Americans.  He says, "Wherever there are poverty, and filth, and laziness, or where intellectual capacity is cramped, the moral and social feelings blunted, there it [tetanus] will be found oftener...."      Sims bought black slave babies, and using a shoemaker’s awl, pried into the infant's skulls to fix what he called a "misalignment" of the head.            He bought these child slaves for the sole purpose of performing these surgeries.  After their death he would autopsy their bodies.                        He then began trying to develop a new surgical technique for vesicovaginal fistulas.  Once again, he purchased several black slaves.  His method was to perfect his technique on the slaves, and once he mastered it, treat the upper-class white women.  He set up a hospital in his backyard where he performed painful, dehumanizing, and inhumane surgeries on these women, none of whom were given anesthesia.  The youngest slave was only 17 years of age.  He would often round up other surgeons to watch this horrific procedure being performed, and after surgery he gave them very little food or water for several weeks. One woman alone, named Anarcha, had as many as 30 operations.                     After he had perfected his surgery, he began traveling extensively and treating elite class white women.  They were all given anesthesia, and all of them had a choice about whether or not they wanted the surgery.  He became a world famous doctor. The statue of him stands tall in the New York City Central Park.      The true heroes of this story are the slaves, and they are the ones that deserve a statue placed in the park in their honor.  We need to make sure that these brave and courageous women and precious infants are not forgotten.  Slavery is now a thing of the past, and we as a nation have come a long way.  We want Central Park to tell the entire story, and give credit where credit is due.      To honor a man like this is and ignore the true heroes is to disrespect an entire nation of people whose ancestors have suffered at his hands.                      Please join me in petitioning the Governor and mayor of New York, Central park, and speaker of the New York City council Melissa Mark-Viverito in asking that a similar statue be erected in honor of the slaves.      I am a student that is passionate about social equality and justice for a people nationwide. Placing this statue is the first step in paying respect to all of those slaves who had no voice. We are always appreciative to all the pioneers who developed modern medicine, but never at the expense of human test subjects. 

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