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We want to make September 11th, Patriots' Day, a federal holiday.

The purpose of this petition is to get the United States government to recognize September 11th, Patriots' Day, as a federal holiday.  A moment of silence does not do justice to the 3,000 people that were slaughtered on September 11th and then the military service members and government workers who died in the wars since September 11th. It should be a day to spend with friends and family, celebrating our freedom and life here in this wonderful country. We hold a minute of silence and lose the significance of the day as we do our usual work. Friends and family, especially those who lost people on September 11th or in the wars, should be able to spend the time together, to remember and celebrate the lives of those that have died. It should be a federal holiday for everyone to take time off to recognize the significance of that day. I served 9 years in the army prior to September 11th, fighting in one war and 3 deployments. My oldest son fought as a Marine in 3/5 Marines for 4 years, serving as a machine gunner in Afghanistan. He came home alive but many of his friends didn't and we've lost people every year since September 11th.   That day is the most significant day in the history of this country in the 21st century. Not since the attack on Pearl Harbor have we seen our country attacked on our own land. This should be a day to celebrate all of us, but particularly the 3,000 that died on September 11th, 2001. 3,000 innocent people that were working at their jobs or taking a flight, killed mercilessly.   We celebrate life and heal the wounds that we, as a country, have suffered and it helps in reinforcing the fortitude needed by Americans to continue our battle to bring peace about.  

Bill Hancock
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Stop making corrupt Somali Politicians Rich

Did you know that the US government is planning to send a billion dollars to Somalia (a country in East Africa)? Why? According to a statement issued by the US Ambassador to Somalia, the money would be used for humanitarian assistance, expanding education and healthcare, building institutions, and creating jobs. Now this would be great if the Somali Government actually used the money for developing their country. According to Transparency International, Somalia is ranked the most corrupt nation in the world, tied with North Korea. And according to a UN report, 70% of foreign aid received is unaccounted for. In fact, the United States suspended food and fuel aid to this Somali Government in 2017 because they were unable to account for all the aid given. Now ask yourself this, if we can’t trust this Somali Government to distribute food to its own people, then why should we trust that they would use our hard-earned tax dollars to better their county? Not to mention this is the same government in Somalia that has rigged its nations election process and when their citizen questioned them the government had them arrested and even killed. When the UN questioned them, the government ousted the UN Ambassador from the country. If you don’t want your tax dollars used to support a nation who can’t even be trusted with food, then sign this petition and let our President, and Congress know that we don’t trust this Somali Government with our money.

Somali Community Services of Utah
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Stop Poaching

  My name is Ava Roden, and I’m a sixth grade student at Shelburne Community School. I believe that people should stop poaching elephants because it causes harm to the world. Not only is the ecosystem and food chain affected, but people are as well. Recently nearly 90 elephants were found dead, outside of a sanctuary in Botswana. This work; a classic job by the poachers. Not only were the elephants dead, they had been stripped of their ivory as well. Think about how the employees must feel. Seeing the animals that they care for killed right outside the sanctuary. Why do poachers kill elephants? There is an illegal black market to sell ivory. Even though many wildlife rangers watch these beautiful beings everyday, many of them still end up getting poached. The most common weapon used is the AK-47. They shoot from above, usually from helicopters. On the ground, machetes, spears, and watermelons spiked with cyanide are most commonly used. The price of a gun ranges from state to state, but one ivory tusk can be worth up to $240, which is way more than a gun. In China, the worth of an ivory tusk is $2000! The worst thing is, people in China don’t even know that elephants are being poached for their ivory. Overall, they estimate that 25,000 to 35,000 elephants are killed overall. But no one is held responsible for this! Less than 5% of these people have been prosecuted, and only 3 have been sent to jail. Many people think that elephants tusks can just fall out, or that they grow back like fingernails. But they don’t! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Elephants are very much like humans. They can be gay, left handed, and they have the ability to grieve, with great memories. They have a bad reputation of stampeding and destroying, but they’re really just kind and peaceful creatures, and they need your help! The goal of this petition is to save elephants, and raise awareness about the danger of poaching elephants.  

Ava R
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Tell U.S. Government: Take Action on Climate Crisis

In light of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, America's current inaction on the climate crisis is inexcusable.  Urgent action is required and if we are to save the futures of everyone on this planet we need the government's help to enact big change to the way our country is run. In order for businesses to succeed and our economy to grow, we need a healthy planet, not one suffering from climate chaos. Using cost-benefit analysis on the issue of the Climate Crisis has led to the conclusion that we must impose regulations on carbon emissions and invest in technology now to avoid immense costs and lost lives in the near future.  If you care about the future of our economy you will take immediate action to limit the impact of the Climate Crisis on our society.  America is the land of opportunity, not the land of natural disasters and destruction of climate.  We have the opportunity to invest in new energy sources and infrastructure that will prevent disaster.  We must act. Consequences of the Climate Crisis: Melting sea ice & rapid sea level rise: coastal regions will bear the brunt of this damage. Loss of biodiversity & species extinction due to seawater warming and acidification: this will harm fisheries, ecosystems, coral reefs, marine life, and the services they provide to us. Risks to human health, food & water security, job security, and economic growth: 489 million more people will suffer from water scarcity if we let warming continue to 2 degrees. Increased natural disasters including hurricanes, flooding, droughts, wildfires, and storms: this will increase insurance costs as well as costs to repair infrastructure and housing. Poor air quality: this harms human health and drives up the cost of health insurance. If you are still living in the next twelve years, you will live to see the impacts of the Climate Crisis on yourself, your family, and your neighbors.  Americans across the country, especially those living near the coasts, are already suffering the impacts and things will only get worse. Unless... Our government takes action to limit the effects of the Climate Crisis. These are the demands and goals that must be reached:  Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement: We must unite and support other countries to show our dedication to the environment and our future.  We must commit to the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement to avoid disaster. Enact legislation in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius: Failure to do so will lead to devastating outcomes in the near future. Cooperate with other nations: to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to 45% below 2010 levels by 2030 and reach a level of net zero by 2050. Reduce our current coal consumption to 1/3 of the current rate: enacting carbon regulations or taxes would help businesses in the long run and reduce overall costs to society. Invest in & implement alternative sources of energy immediately and on a vast scale: To reduce carbon emissions we must quickly and urgently transform our energy sources.  We must divest from coal and implement clean sources of energy. Invest in & implement carbon-scrubbing technology: In order to reach our goals we must actively remove carbon that is currently in the atmosphere. Invest in & implement energy efficient infrastructure in cities across America: Provide the funding and research cities need to improve their existing infrastructure and convert their energy sources. This cause is not hopeless.  We have the technology needed to save ourselves.  We need coordination from the government to successfully implement this technology.  It is too risky to carry on like nothing is happening.  Show us that you care about the future of America.  Agree to act.

Carlee Knott
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Tell the H.E.L.P Senate Committee to Make Federal Employment Equal and Safe For People With Autism/ Mental Disabilities

Former FDA Consumer Safety Officer, Stacey A. Meyer is seeking a petition of a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States due April 21st, 2015.  She is also seeking to unite special interest groups as amicus curiae to file a brief in support of this case.  Her prayer and plight is to bring change to “how” and “who”, neutral third party, handles the requests for reasonable accommodations for individuals with invisible or barely visible mental or developmental disabilities.  Often times, the employee with a developmental or mental disability cannot advocate for themselves or even know “what” types of accommodations the employer could make for them.  The very essence of their disability impedes them from requesting or speaking up for themselves.  Additionally, if the decision making process is left to an employee’s first, second or third level supervisor,  a conflict of interest or negative biases will ultimately impact “how”, “if” and “what” the employer will provide for the qualified disabled employee seeking relief.  Now, the employee is left exposed, vulnerable and if not valued subjected to resentful and/or discriminatory treatment. Everyone knows someone who has autism either through direct interaction or indirectly.  It affects all of us and unless we stand united together injustices will continue to be committed against individuals with autism whether they are children at home, in school or adults in pursuit of the American dream, gainful employment and independent living. Stacey was a proud public servant for the United States Government for 17 years.  She was terminated “because of” the mental disabilities she suffers from on July 15, 2011.  The last position she held was with the Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration as a Consumer Safety Officer regulating the imported commodities, primarily foods, which enter into our domestic commerce. She was a loyal, trustworthy, dedicated and hard-working individual despite her mental disabilities (panic attacks, major depression, social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, dependant personality disorder and sensory processing disorders).  It is more than likely, because of these traits and symptoms, that she falls under the autistic spectrum disorders.  The disabilities listed are co-morbidities of the autism.  She is a 46 year old woman and often, especially women, do not find out until much later in life. She has been in litigation for 3 ½ years and this process has intensified her health issues and put her in financial ruin.  She has lost everything through all of the litigation expenses.  She never had her day in court with the administrative judge in the Merit Systems Protection Board, because her trial attorneys led her to believe that the Administrative Judge was going to rule against her and for the defendant the Department of Health and Human Services.  Under their guidance, she withdrew from the MSPB process and filed a civil employment lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida in early July of 2012.  Her day in court was slated for the first two weeks of December 2013.  On November 15, 2013 the defendant moved for Summary Judgment on all four counts and the District Judge Cecilia Altonaga dismissed all 4 counts and closed the case. The four counts:  Count I – Discrimination based on disability for Meyer’s termination in violation of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C.  sections 701-791b; Count II Discrimination based on disability for the FDA’s failure to accommodate Meyer’s disability in violation of the Rehabilitation Act; Count III – Retaliatory termination against Meyer for engaging in a protected activity in violation of the Rehabilitation Act; and Count IV – Discrimination based on gender in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1064, 42 U.S.C. section 2000e-2(a) (“Title VII”) Case No. 12-22666-CIV-ALTONAGA/Simonton. HHS admitted that she is a “qualified individual with a disability” under the Rehabilitation Act.  The only hurdle that she appears to be facing in the court of law is that the DHHS terminated her under the “guise” that she broke a policy, misuse of a Government Owned Vehicle GOV and misrepresentation of her time and attendance by performing “fieldwork” in the field.  She worked from within the GOV to escape the inadequate cubicle, high foot traffic and its location to supervisor William Keck.  The court is hinging on the fact that she was not terminated “solely, because of” her disabilities.   She revealed her mental disabilities to her first and second line supervisors, respectively, William Keck and Florida Director of Imports Branch, Facundo Bernal.  She requested a minimal reasonable accommodations through the EEOC process a flexible any 80 hour schedule.   In September 2010, Bernal called  a meeting to create the facade that he was willingly engaging in the interactive process that the American with Disabilities and the Rehabilitation Act envisions.   This process is a give and take between employee and employer is to determine the exact limitations and to consider what types of accommodations might help the otherwise qualified individual effectively perform the job. This process is also ongoing not a one stop deal.  The needs of the individual may change through time or circumstances.  Bernal used this meeting as a platform , as a pretext, not to discuss her needs for accommodations, but instead ridiculed and mocked her limitations surrounding her conditions:  1) interacting with others 2) concentration and 3) inability to learn new things.  Bernal called her a “liability” during the meeting and flat out stated he did not think she was qualified for the position.  Bernal questioned her abilities to do fieldwork, drive a GOV and interact with the officials at the firms FDA regulates. Stacey experienced a panic attack and became overwhelmed when Bernal called her a “liability” and publicly humiliated her in front of the other five individuals involved in the meeting.  This disrespect of Stacey as a human being and as a contributing employee to the department caused irrevocable damage to her. Stacey’s behavior, “avoidant” followed after this contemptuous treatment. Even though Bernal did not think she could do the fieldwork, he chose to leave her in that very environment to fester her conditions. Union representatives brought up various accommodations during the meeting, including inner office duties (i.e. entry review and filer evaluations).    Those duties are within the position of her former position and there are individuals that are not disabled performing those duties exclusively. Rotation into the inner office duties would have allowed Stacey to decompress from the continual flux of sensory and social engagement countered performing fieldwork. EEOC strongly advised Bernal to grant the any 80 hour schedule and offer FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) as an additional accommodation.  Basically, because of the EEOC laws, Bernal reluctantly granted the any 80 hour schedule, but never mentioned to Stacey about invoking her FMLA right.  Only 3 weeks later, Bernal unilaterally changed the accommodation, to a First 40 schedule, without consultation with the EEOC.  He notified her of the change without union representation and did not engage in a discussion for alternative accommodations. This schedule conceptually looked similar to the 80 hour, but was quite different and was difficult in application.  Stacey volunteered every other weekend to perform entry review, remotely, and counted on those hours for the 80 hour pay period. After this change to her schedule Stacey “shutdown”. In November 2010 Stacey’s reasonable accommodation needs changed when the import personnel relocated to a larger building. Stacey’s cubicle in the previous office was a secluded partitioned cubicle. The new cubicle was an open space just outside Keck’s office. Because of the new exposed cubicle, her conditions became exacerbated with sensory overload and a change of routine, important for autistics, and the proximity to Keck’s office.  This cubicle became a contaminated area for her. Stacey began to experience panic attacks while sitting there and within eyesight of Keck.  Stacey’s previous involvement, with Keck, incited emotions that triggered these panic attacks and extreme anxiety.  As a new accommodation, she asked Keck for a different cubicle reassignment and was denied and mocked.  Stacey was trying to stay gainfully employed at the same time she was being mistreated and dealing with all the triggers causing her health to deteriorate.  This cubicle affected her concentration and anxiety levels.  Stacey began to avoid this space at all costs.  Keck, on many occasions mocked her limitations regarding her disabilities by exclaiming “What’s a matter can’t you concentrate at this desk?”  Keck also made reference to one of her limitations, social communication, by making inflammatory comments “If you shake your ass I know you won’t have any problems while out in the field”.    Instead of reporting these inflammatory comments to the EEOC or third or fourth level supervisors, she mistakenly, because of her conditions, stayed silent.  Staying  silent for too long ultimately caused her termination. After visiting the importing firms Stacey would continue the “fieldwork” at a small park one block across from the office to perform administrative duties, which is not uncommon, within the “safe” space of the GOV or on the park bench.  She used the GOV as a satellite office.  She also combined her lunch and two – 15 minute breaks while at the park.  The flexible schedule was requested and granted, although modified, for exactly this reason to flex her schedule when needed.  Stacey chose to avoid the cubicle triggering her panic attacks and work from the field.  She also utilized the hour break to walk decompressing from the sensory overload and prepare to return to the contaminated cubicle.   Her first and second line supervisors believed she was taking too long out in the field, so allegedly Keck did surveillance for 4 days while she performed fieldwork.  Instead of questioning her or asking if her disabilities were causing difficulties while driving or performing the fieldwork,  they contacted her third line supervisor, Emma Singleton who allegedly contacted the Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) to conduct an investigation.  These managers, Facundo I. Bernal and William M. Keck were so derelict of their duties as the Florida’s Director of Import Operations Branch and as a Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer making over $100,000 each annually neither offered to discuss what was causing Stacey’s delay doing the fieldwork.  From the reasonable accommodation meeting held only 1 ½ months earlier both officers gleaned that Stacey was a qualified individual with a disability and struggled with the limitations of 1) social communication 2) concentration and 3) ability to learn new things but neither cared enough to try to engage Stacey when they both noticed a difference in her behavior after moving to the new office.  This clearly demonstrates their disregard and animosity for Stacey’s limitations and as an employee in general.  Their number one action should have been for her welfare and safety under their purview.  This gave them the ability to remove Stacey from her federal career under the pretext that she violated a policy. The investigation through a GPS, of course, confirmed that she was going to the park across the street.  Stacey was fired under the pretext that she misused a GOV and that she did not perform work while at this park. Stacey timely appealed, Case No. 13-15685-BB, to the 11th Circuit, on December 13th, 2013.  On November 17, 2014 the 11th Circuit Judges:  Chief Judge Ed Carnes, Gerald Tjoflat and Adalberto Jordan per curiam AFFIRMED the lower court’s ruling as a matter of law stating that there were no material facts in dispute for a trial jury to decide.  Stacey’s trial attorneys and appeal attorney have raised several significant material facts of dispute that collectively; together create a mosaic of circumstantial evidence.  These facts should be left to a jury of her peers to decide if there was int