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Governor of Arkansas

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Beauty Industry Bailout

ATTENTION LEADERS- Our industry needs special financial assistance and guidance right now to survive being closed for months to come and to keep our industries workers safe. Between some states opening salons/barbershops/etc earlier than what has been recommended by the CDC and with the recent announcement from Gov Newsome and the comments Gov Cuomo has made about Personal Care/Beauty Industry businesses remaining closed until later phases of reopening, it has become apparent we need a #BeautyIndustryBailout Our industry, and the personal care industry as a whole, has been left out of the conversation.(besides protesters demanding haircuts, regardless of safety) From the self employed, the small shops and product sales, to the bustling salons and spas, we contribute significantly to the economy. As of last summer, our collective industry was worth $532 Billion. One of the reasons we have had a hard time getting funding so far is because our industry is fractured into many different business models. From sole proprietors, independent contractors, sales, educators, and W-2 licensed employees, to rental salons without any payroll, small hair care companies, suite leasers and so many more. There is no unified way we operate as an industry and it has hindered our ability to receive financial assistance already. But especially, if we are opening in later phases and will be closed for months, not weeks. We need a #BeautyIndustryBailout Our position as The Beauty Coalition is that our services are valuable but not essential and we support opening in the later phases if that will keep our communities and beauty workers safe. We are fully prepared to wait as long as necessary and follow all the safety and distancing guidelines as opposed to opening too early and risking the health of our communities. While we do personally support waiting until the later phases to protect stylists, clients, and the community as a whole, we also understand there are varying views, opinions and thoughts on the matter and want to stand in solidarity as an industry. Even if we don't agree on everything I think we can agree our industry needs a #BeautyIndustryBailout. Yes, we do have training in proper disinfection and we are competent, but the possible requirements of PPE use for future services, while necessary, will also drastically add to our overhead. We are sure that the distancing guidelines we expect to have will also cut down our productivity significantly. We know those precautions are necessary to save lives, but we will still have to make ends meet financially as businesses. Also these resources need to go directly to our healthcare and essential workers, which is another reason we support opening in the later phases ourselves. To require us to open early and acquire the proper PPE is almost disrespectful to our front line workers. To require us to work in the same gear as front line healthcare workers is also an indication of the dangerous nature of this virus and that is why we should wait. We can wait. Beauty can wait, if it has to. But while we wait for the final phases of reopening, we also need assistance. Many businesses can offer curbside, takeout, online orders and provide their goods in some way. We cannot serve people curbside. Gift card and product sales can only get us so far. The businesses in the final phases need an extra grant or access to appropriate funding to stay closed longer than the rest of the economy. Create a separate phase 3 and phase 4 funding grant that cannot be used for large, publicly traded companies to profit. States with early reopening dates while need funding to supplement the loss of income from PPE purchases and lost productivity. Also we need to ensure stylists have unemployment protection in case their State reopens and they don't feel safe returning to work yet. So regardless of your stance on when we all should reopen we believe this is an issue our industry needs addressed to protect our physical and financial well-being for the long term. So we ask you for a #BeautyIndustryBailout. Our industry has never ceased to grow. We were consistent through the Great Depression, and grew through the economic downturn in 2008. We even worked through the Spanish Flu, but we don't want to do that this time. We have done our part and will continue to do so. Thank you for reading and we appreciate your support. This message is meant to directly represent all beauty workers. We just want to put all of our wellness and beauty first. Please share, repost or make your own! And don't forget to contact your representatives. #BeautyIndustryBailout

The Beauty Coalition
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Abolish Sales Taxes for Used Cars in Arkansas

Auto Sales Taxes are collected by the State when a new vehicle is purchased. If the vehicle is sold as Used later, sales taxes (hundreds/thousands of dollars) are collected again by the State of Arkansas. This is double dipping, it hurts the people most likely to buy Used Vehicles (Middle, Worker, & Lower/Underclass citizens), and encourages fraudulent Bills of Sale. The honest pay the taxes while the crooked skip the bill with fraudulent Bills of Sale. The tax credit received for trade-ins pressures individuals to take less money for their vehicles from dealerships, giving the dealership an unfair upper hand in the negotiations. The same applies for the Tax Credit individuals receive from selling their own vehicles. 45 days is not enough time to sell some vehicles, pressuring individuals to accept unfair deals for their vehicles. New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware, Montana, and Alaska all have no sales taxes for vehicles. Arkansas should follow their example. Used Car Taxes can hinder a struggling citizen (single parent, etc.) from purchasing a good used car, forcing them to buy a $4000.00 or less Junker. Aren’t we taxed enough already? This is a tax leftover from the governance of Bill Clinton. We can get rid of this double tax in our great state. Thank you for reading and I encourage you to forward this to your Arkansas Representative, Senator, and Governor Asa Hutchinson. Thank you and God bless!

John Woods
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Establish Nationwide Mutual Reciprocity for Dental Hygiene Licensure

Dental hygienists are the backbone of dentistry. We are responsible for educating patients on the importance of optimal oral health by implementing our years of rigorous training and expertise. Likewise, we are often the ones to first identify decay or other dental disease and bring these conditions to the attention of our dentists. To be a dental hygienist requires years of rigorous training, the passage of multiple board exams, and the development of on-the-job skills to best serve our patients. The clinical board exam required of all dental hygienists encompasses the identification and selection of a patient within the required criteria, the accurate assessment of risk factors impacting this patient, the identification of dental disease, and the successful performance of a prophylaxis. For many dental hygienists, this is one of 3-5 board exams they must pass to obtain their licensure. To add insult to injury, many dental hygienists will spend between $2,000-$6,000 to simply sit for their clinical board exam. We dental hygienists feel that we have been failed by the very organizations put in place to allow us to do our jobs. When a dental hygienist moves from state-to-state, they are required to re-establish licensure in their new state of residence. This often requires re-taking the rigorous and expensive clinical dental hygiene board exam, regardless of how many years of clinical practice a hygienist has under their belt or how well they scored on their initial taking of this exam. The requirement to submit oneself to the physical, emotional, and financial detriment of both re-taking and re-passing a clinical board exam is both unethical and unnecessary. Dental hygienists across our country need your help. We ask that you sign this petition to allow for mutual reciprocity across our country for dental hygiene licensure. This would allow a dental hygienist who has graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program and passed a clinical board exam once within the United States to attain licensure in all 50 states without the added stress of re-passing another clinical board exam. A change of this magnitude would allow for the freedom of dental hygienists to re-locate whenever necessary and serve their communities from coast to coast. We thank you for your support in advance. We are Registered Dental Hygienists: One Nation, One License.

H. Hall
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Fly our Flags at Half Staff on IOAD Monday 8/31/20 because THEIR LIVES MATTERED

August 31st of every year has been declared International Overdose Awareness Day. A day to bring awareness to this epidemic and the lives lost from it. According to the CDC (STATCAST-Week of September 9, 2019) over 770,000 Americans have died from drug overdoses since 1999, and the total number of deaths jumped from 16,849 in 1999 to a high mark of 70, 237 in 2017 with a slight decline in 2018 of 67,637.  We are asking that on this day, for all states to lower their flags to half-staff in remembrance of those lives lost from the disease of addiction. And we know that it can be done because it was done for the Corona Virus when 100,000 lives were lost from it.  “An easy way to remember when to fly the US flag at half-staff is to consider when the whole nation is in mourning. (We are). These periods of mourning are proclaimed either by the POTUS, for national remembrance, or the governor of a state for local remembrance”, according to the Guidance from US Department of Veteran’ Affairs publication.  Our crisis certainly qualifies. Therefore, we respectfully ask you, our President and our Governors to lower your flags on August 31, 2020, on International Overdose Awareness Day in remembrance of all who have died and with hope for a healthier nation tomorrow.  THEIR LIVES MATTERED TOO!!  Thank you!!   

Team Sharing, Inc.
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Mandate PPE for Dental Hygienists NOW!

We are concerned that there are still no definitive and mandated protocols for when and how to return to work at dental practices following the Covid-19 work cessation, or “lockdown.” It is unlikely that for-profit dental practices will respond to changes that are only recommended and not enforced by state or federal law due to a perception of reduced revenue and increased costs. Protocols that should be considered for mandate include but are not limited to: Stringent PPE requirements including mandatory N95 mask, face shield, and disposable gown, use for dentists, hygienists, and assistants, with every patient regardless of lack of external symptoms of respiratory illness. Increased patient screening that may include requiring a recent negative Covid-19 test or a positive antibody test. Requiring patients to wait in their cars rather than in a waiting room. Limiting the number of patients that can be in a practice’s waiting room by determining how many people can safely maintain social distancing spacing in the space. Installation of recommended efficient high speed evacuation equipment in each operatory. CDC recommendations including those currently in development. The dental field (including dentists, hygienist, and assistants) has the highest infection risk of any profession. Common dental procedures produce aerosols that can linger in the air for up to 3 hours. Even a small office can see 50 patients a day. A return to business as usual with minimal and outdated standards, including surgical mask use and crowded waiting rooms, could result in thousands of new infections per week per office! We demand that dental offices remain closed for non-emergency visits until proper Covid-19 protocols are identified, mandated, and implementable. The conservation of public health must be valued above the economic benefit of reopening dental practices. Please help dental healthcare providers keep themselves and the public safe! References Froum, S, Strange, M. COVID-19 and the problem with dental aerosols. Perio-Implant Advisory. 2020: Harrel SK, Molinari J. Aerosol and splatter in dentistry: a brief review of the literature and infection control implications. J Am Dent Assoc. 2004;135(4):429-437. doi:10.14219/jada.archive.2004.0207 Miller RL. Characteristics of blood-containing aerosols generated by common powered dental instruments. Am Ind Hyg Assoc J. 1995;56(7):670-676. doi:10.1080/15428119591016683 Nejatidanesh F, Khosravi Z, Goroohi H, Badrian H, Savabi O. Risk of contamination of different areas of dentist’s face during dental practices. Int J Prev Med. 2013;4(5):611-615. Williams GH, Pollok NL, Shay DE, Barr CE. Laminar air purge of microorganisms in dental aerosols: prophylactic procedures with the ultrasonic scaler. J Dent Res. 1970;49(6):1498-1504. doi:10.1177/00220345700490065701 Guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19. US Department of Labor. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 2020.   

Jacqueline Ruikka
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Arkansas votes to decrease therapy for special needs children. Let me tell you why not.

So, Arkansas is voting to reduce the amount of therapies for children with special needs? This is absolutely outrageous and disheartening for a so many reasons.When Aidan was first diagnosed with Mosaic Down syndrome at six month of age I was not a nurse - I was a very worried parent who did lots of research attempting to find out what to do to give my child the best chance possible in life. During this research I became upset knowing that he had missed the first part of his life for the opportunity to receive physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Early intervention through these therapies is key in helping kids with special needs in their development.First of all, as parents of a special needs child I feel we have done everything thus far we can to help Aidan reach his maximum potential. Since the age of 18 months we have sent Aidan to an amazing school in Little Rock called Access, that provides him with the help and therapy he needs to assist in development. While you would think that a child diagnosed with Down syndrome would have plenty of opportunity for therapy funding, this is not true. Primary insurance does not pay for therapy services, which means that in addition to a primary insurance we must pay out of pocket for a type of Arkansas Medicaid insurance called TEFRA that does cover therapy services. The combination of both the private special needs school and TEFRA insurance is not an insignificant cost, in fact, I feel terrible for those individuals that have kids with special needs who do not have the luxury to afford a wonderful school like Access. To qualify for therapy services each child must be evaluated biannually to determine (per Medicaid standards) wether or not they "qualify" for these services. Just last year Aidan did not qualify for any physical therapy, even though he continuously scores extremely low on these evaluations. The "qualifications" remain so high, that even if a child is considered on a less than "profoundly delayed" level, therapy services may be reduced or denied. To give you an idea of how instrumental therapy has been for Aidan - I can tell a drastic difference just talking to Aidan in his goals, objectives, and therapy styles from the speech therapist he had a few months ago verses the one he currently has. I could also tell a significant difference in when Aidan received one hour of physical therapy a week verses none.If a child must be profoundly delayed to receive therapy services, how much more can you raise the bar to disqualify children for these necessary services?I cannot imagine why, of all things, Arkansas would choose to cut funding for this incredibly important service, especially when most individuals who are trying to give their children the best chance possible and already have unimaginable struggles ahead of them.

Kimberly Hines
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