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Asa Hutchinson, John Boozman, Tom Cotton, President of the United States
     Before the year of 2020, I was more or less an average student who maintained good grades throughout each school year. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 our entire schooling system began to shift into something we had not experienced before.      Starting a new school year was difficult for many students, especially those who chose, or were required to, learn virtually. With a variety of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety skyrocketing, students who normally made higher A and B grades were failing one or more classes. I can tell from personal experience that it was hard to do simple things like getting out of bed or brushing my teeth. Not to mention the constant stress from family and friends to gain motivation. I had to deal with school which at this point I was teaching myself. I got so behind that I was failing every single one of my classes and I was not even sure if i could get to a place in which I was caught up.      I say all this about my struggles, but there are plenty of people who had way worse experiences than I did. I do this for myself and for any other student out there that had their whole life flipped upside down this past year. We had to teach ourselves material that we had never even heard of before, and were expected to do a multitude of assignments following the "lesson." There comes a point when the work load is just too much and students cave in under stress.      So here I propose that colleges who look at student's records, disregard the educational year of 2020-2021 for students who performed poorly. The expectations were far too high, and we should not be held accountable for a situation that we could not control. Thank you.Read more

Anthony EspinoConway, AR, United States
Walmart, Asa Hutchinson, Tom Cotton, Heifer International
Wal-Mart's current garden center policies are destroying opportunities to feed homeless people, communities, and create volunteer positions.    Currently, Wal-Mart takes any vegetable, fruit, or tomato plants that they deem "non-sellable" or out of season, and throws them all away. If you are to ask an employee if you can take these plants, they tell you "no, the company requires that they be thrown away." In a local Walmart store, they are throwing away bags full of perfectly fine plants. I cannot even imagine the number of plants that are thrown away at Wal-Marts all over the world.   Wal-Mart prides itself as a humanitarian company, but I am not seeing that with this policy. Wal-Mart should donate these plants to shelters, community gardens, or places like Heifer international. Wal-Mart could easily allocate part of their massive parking lots as a community garden and help the people who live in their communities. This also would create jobs or volunteer positions for people to come care for these plants.    One tomato plant can yield up to twenty pounds of fruit per season. Imagine how many people Wal-Mart could stop from going hungry just by making a small change.Read more

Bryce CapocelliBarling, AR, United States
Asa Hutchinson
At just 16 years old, Laquanda "Faye" Jacobs was convicted of a crime she did not commit and sentenced to life without parole. Now, over 26 years later, she walked free after receiving a new sentence. Unfortunately, because she is no longer incarcerated, Faye can no longer challenge her conviction in the courts. Only the Governor can fix this injustice by using his executive powers to pardon Faye Jacobs. You can help.  A pardon is necessary for Faye to begin her life. Although free, Faye will face significant hurdles as both a child who grew up in prison since she was 15 years old, and most importantly, because of her status as a felon. As a felon, Faye's job and educational opportunities are incredibly restricted, opportunities all the more important for someone like herself, who enters the world with no job history, no residential history, no credit, and no resources. You can change Faye's future and ensure that Faye does not spend one more day burdened by a crime she did not commit. Sign the petition and ask Gov. Hutchinson to grant a pardon.  The Crime On the evening of February 9th, 1992, in Little Rock, Arkansas, local police picked up teen-aged Faye outside her home for questioning in the case of an aggravated robbery and shooting that occurred earlier that afternoon. Though witnesses had described the shooter as in her thirties, with scars under her eyes, and wearing black pants and a black coat, 15-year-old Faye was arrested while still wearing the white dress she’d worn to church that morning. In addition, five eyewitnesses to the shooting state that Faye was not the shooter, however, a jury never heard their testimony because her defense attorneys never investigated and never spoke with any witnesses. Instead, Faye was convicted based on the testimony of the State's two witnesses.  The first witness was an incentivized witness, who only came forward after being picked up on charges of his own several weeks later. He has since recanted his identification. The State’s second witness was a traumatized teenager who did not identify Faye when presented with her photo on two separate occasions, only providing her name when he heard it from others. Social science now confirms that such procedures increase the risk of eyewitness misidentification—a leading cause of wrongful convictions nationwide, playing a role in more than 75% of convictions overturned through DNA testing. Additionally, Faye received woefully inadequate counsel. The lawyers appointed to defend Faye on her charge of capital murder conducted no investigation and never even asked the State for discovery (the information in the State’s file). As a result of their ineffectiveness, the jury did not hear from five eyewitnesses to the crime, all of whom stated that Faye was not the perpetrator. Without this information, a jury convicted Faye of capital murder and she was sentenced to life without parole. She was just sixteen.    The Appeals The Midwest Innocence Project joined Faye’s case in 2014, working to secure her both a new sentence and a new trial. Two years earlier, in 2012, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Miller v. Alabama that kids cannot be sentenced mandatorily to life without parole, and those who had been are entitled to a new  sentencing hearing. Because Faye had received such a sentence, she was entitled to a new sentencing hearing where a jury would consider Faye’s background and character, her work in prison, her ability to be rehabilitated, and her role in the crime. Faye's story was featured in The Nation.  In addition, MIP and the law firm of Lathrop Gage filed a federal habeas petition seeking to overturn her conviction on May 11, 2018 based upon newly discovered evidence of her innocence. However, before that petition could be heard by a court, Faye was resentenced on July 16, 2018. As a result, she walked out of prison—free, but not exonerated. Because she is no longer incarcerated, Faye can no longer prove her innocence in the courts. Instead, she must seek a pardon from Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. You can support her by signing the petition asking Gov. Hutchinson to pardon her conviction.Read more

Tricia BushnellKansas City, MO, United States
Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas State Senate
My son JT was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes December 22nd, 2018. I quickly learned how expensive his life-saving insulin can be. Type 1 diabetes affects approximately 1.25 million Americans and 200,000 of them are youth. Insulin is NOT a cure for type 1 diabetes - it is a necessary treatment that helps people managing type 1 diabetes survive. Insulin should not be so expensive that people have to worry about how they’re going to afford this life-saving medication. No one should ever lose their life because they cannot afford the medication that is required for them live. The price of insulin has risen to an unreal number. Some states have already placed a cap on the price of insulin, with many more states joining the movement. The pharmaceutical companies that control insulin pricing should be ashamed. A cap on insulin prices can help put some humanity back into our healthcare system by making care more affordable for thousands of people. Help make this legislation a reality.  Add your signature and tell the Arkansas Legislature to cap the price of insulin in Arkansas. If Colorado can do it, so can Arkansas, and so can every state so that no matter where a diabetic lives, they can access life-saving medication without emptying their bank accounts.Read more

Terry DaltonJonesboro, AR, United States
Asa Hutchinson, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NBC, ABC, FOX Broadcasting Company, Department of Justice, Kamala Harris, President of the United States, General Merrick B. Garland
IT IS TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!! 333 NO ONE IN MONTICELLO IS SAFE UNTIL MARK GOBER AND HIS FAMILY ARE BEHIND BARS!!!  MARK GOBER NEEDS TO STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND ALLOW AN OUTSIDE AGENCY TO STEP IN AND INVESTIGATE THE MURDER OF MARQUIS “MACK” MARTIN!! On February 9 of 2020, Marquis Martin went missing. 27 days later his body was discovered battered, beaten, mutilated, and subsequently shot in the back of his head directly behind the sheriffs property in an area that was searched twice prior!!   It is widely believed in this town that the acting Sheriff, Mark Gober’s sons, Raine, Noah, their friends Ben Lovelless, Joe Ratliff Jr, and other accomplices unknown at this time, are responsible for the murder of Marquis Martin. There are more than enough individuals who know what truly happened and more than sufficient evidence to connect and lend aid to the truth!! THAT MARK GOBER COVERED UP THE MURDER OF MARQUIS MARTIN!!! There has been extreme neglect when it comes to the investigation. Even when presented with evidence (a Snapchat sent out by Noah Gober with the Marquis’s Body in it the day after he went missing) the Sheriff, Mark Gober, Noah’s Father refused to investigate. Stating this is “his town”.  There has been mishandling of evidence, evidence tampering, obstruction of investigations committed by the Sheriffs Department at the direction of Mark Gober himself. We want Mark Gober to step down as Sheriff and step aside while an outside agency investigates this horrific murder and miscarriage of justice. THIS IS CORRUPTION ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!   please take just a brief moment of your time to sign this petition to remove Mark Gober as Sheriff and get justice for Marquis Martin!!  Together we can make this change!! Marquis’ Mother and this community need Justice and we will stop at NOTHING to get Mack the justice he deserves.  JUSTICE FOR MARQUIS MARTIN!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!Read more

David CalabroJacksonville, FL, United States
Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas Governor, Arkansas State House
The Arkansas Public Education System has crumbled in the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. The schools have started "distance learning" which is new to students and teachers. The schools are forcing teachers to put out more work than the normal workload during this online period, for no actual cause. There is no need for this extra workload when all EOC's have been cancelled. The workload along with the  stress and anxiety placed on students and teachers does not create a healthy environment for learning to take place. Without the ability to be in direct contact with a teacher, students are not as willing to work and find it harder to grasp the concepts.  I have started this petition in hopes of getting our GPA for the 4th quarter voided and receiving our credits in full for this 2nd semester. Students should not be penalized for a global issue that is now fully out of control. Again it is very hard to learn at home, when you are usually relaxing and trying to not think about school. Read more

Ja'Niya ShawUnited States
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ATTENTION LEADERS- Our industry needs special financial assistance and guidance right now to survive being closed for months to come and to keep our industries workers safe. Between some states opening salons/barbershops/etc earlier than what has been recommended by the CDC and with the recent announcement from Gov Newsome and the comments Gov Cuomo has made about Personal Care/Beauty Industry businesses remaining closed until later phases of reopening, it has become apparent we need a #BeautyIndustryBailout Our industry, and the personal care industry as a whole, has been left out of the conversation.(besides protesters demanding haircuts, regardless of safety) From the self employed, the small shops and product sales, to the bustling salons and spas, we contribute significantly to the economy. As of last summer, our collective industry was worth $532 Billion. One of the reasons we have had a hard time getting funding so far is because our industry is fractured into many different business models. From sole proprietors, independent contractors, sales, educators, and W-2 licensed employees, to rental salons without any payroll, small hair care companies, suite leasers and so many more. There is no unified way we operate as an industry and it has hindered our ability to receive financial assistance already. But especially, if we are opening in later phases and will be closed for months, not weeks. We need a #BeautyIndustryBailout Our position as The Beauty Coalition is that our services are valuable but not essential and we support opening in the later phases if that will keep our communities and beauty workers safe. We are fully prepared to wait as long as necessary and follow all the safety and distancing guidelines as opposed to opening too early and risking the health of our communities. While we do personally support waiting until the later phases to protect stylists, clients, and the community as a whole, we also understand there are varying views, opinions and thoughts on the matter and want to stand in solidarity as an industry. Even if we don't agree on everything I think we can agree our industry needs a #BeautyIndustryBailout. Yes, we do have training in proper disinfection and we are competent, but the possible requirements of PPE use for future services, while necessary, will also drastically add to our overhead. We are sure that the distancing guidelines we expect to have will also cut down our productivity significantly. We know those precautions are necessary to save lives, but we will still have to make ends meet financially as businesses. Also these resources need to go directly to our healthcare and essential workers, which is another reason we support opening in the later phases ourselves. To require us to open early and acquire the proper PPE is almost disrespectful to our front line workers. To require us to work in the same gear as front line healthcare workers is also an indication of the dangerous nature of this virus and that is why we should wait. We can wait. Beauty can wait, if it has to. But while we wait for the final phases of reopening, we also need assistance. Many businesses can offer curbside, takeout, online orders and provide their goods in some way. We cannot serve people curbside. Gift card and product sales can only get us so far. The businesses in the final phases need an extra grant or access to appropriate funding to stay closed longer than the rest of the economy. Create a separate phase 3 and phase 4 funding grant that cannot be used for large, publicly traded companies to profit. States with early reopening dates while need funding to supplement the loss of income from PPE purchases and lost productivity. Also we need to ensure stylists have unemployment protection in case their State reopens and they don't feel safe returning to work yet. So regardless of your stance on when we all should reopen we believe this is an issue our industry needs addressed to protect our physical and financial well-being for the long term. So we ask you for a #BeautyIndustryBailout. Our industry has never ceased to grow. We were consistent through the Great Depression, and grew through the economic downturn in 2008. We even worked through the Spanish Flu, but we don't want to do that this time. We have done our part and will continue to do so. Thank you for reading and we appreciate your support. This message is meant to directly represent all beauty workers. We just want to put all of our wellness and beauty first. Please share, repost or make your own! And don't forget to contact your representatives. #BeautyIndustryBailoutRead more

The Beauty CoalitionLong Beach, CA, United States
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We have had many successes recently in progressing cannabis laws - which are to be celebrated. However, we can’t celebrate the progress without acknowledging the travesties that are still happening daily.  There are literally millions of Afro American men and women sitting in jails and prison cells because of the failed war on drugs. While our representatives in Congress focus on banking, interstate commerce, and states’ rights, human beings are being incarcerated and enslaved by corporate prisons for possession of a plant, the majority of which are Afro Americans.  For instance, Corvain Cooper is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for non-violent marijuana-related charges.   According to the ACLU, marijuana arrests now account for over half of all drug arrests in the United States. Of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 and 2010, 88% were for simply possessing marijuana.  Nationwide, the arrest data revealed one consistent trend: significant racial bias. Despite roughly equal usage rates, Black people are 3.73 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana. Over half of those arrests were of black males between 2001 and 2010. Let that number sink in for a minute.  We need to create a plan that releases these people from prisons and jails throughout the United States. It is imperative that every state that passes tax and regulation laws also includes the release of those serving time for non-violent cannabis convictions. We need to focus on getting those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis charges released so they can start their lives again with their loved ones.  Corporate prisons in the US profit an average of $39,000 per incarcerated person per year. In New York, they profit $60,000 per person. It’s unjust and needs to end.  It’s time to start righting the wrongs of cannabis prohibition and the prison industrial complex. Every time a state considers “legalizing” cannabis, the first consideration needs to be for the men and women who have been locked up and removed from society for the same plant they are planning on collecting billions of dollars in taxes on.  Please sign the petition to let your voice be heard - no legalization without every non-violent cannabis prisoner’s release. If you want to continue the support for this effort further please contact the National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention by email (NDACPDX@GMAIL.COM)  Read more

Mss OregonPortland, OR, United States
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Registered Dental Hygienists are required to pass rigorous board exams in order to obtain licensure to treat patients. The ADHA (American Dental Hygiene Association) is taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to pass unprecedented deregulation allowing students that haven't met the requirements for licensure to practice dental hygiene. Please support the dental professionals who wish to protect the patients and demand that all requirements for licensure be met.  #dontcheapenourprofession #rdhstrongRead more

Rachal MarieTowson, MD, United States
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On the morning of November 24th 2017, Tina Stewart was brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Tina's boyfriend beat her to death; beating her to the point that he broke both of his own hands. On the day of court the judge stated, "This individual has a history with violence and why wasn't this known?".  It was at the moment, Don Estes, Tina's Uncle, made a promise to his niece, he would do everything in his power to change the law so there wouldn't be a next time that a judge, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone have the need to ask why they weren't aware of someone's violent history.  It's time to make a difference. It's time to take a stand. And, it's time to change the law!  We have a registry for sex offenders and we even have a registry for animal cruelty across the country. Why do we not have one for individuals that are abusing men, women, and children?  Tina's Law would require any person with a history of domestic violence, violent offenders, and individuals with Protection Orders Against them to be registered; similar to sex offenders. We need to hold these individuals  accountable for their actions. Making this change in the law across all states would prevent someone that's been charged (as mentioned above) from moving to another state and starting over, as if they've never been convicted of a crime. This would be a national registry so hiding or moving to another state is not going to keep anyone from knowing their history with violence. If you're convicted of domestic violence, you will go on the registry.  If Tina had known about her boyfriend's violent history, she would have never gone out with him. This law will save lives! We need your help by taking a stand with us to change the law. We're not only asking you to sign the petition, we're asking you to also share the petition and help us with making a change. Read more

Allyson HottingerDover, AR, United States