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Andrew Mark Cuomo is an American politician who is the 56th and current Governor of New York. A member of the Democratic Party, Cuomo was elected governor in 2010, holding the same position his father Mario Cuomo held from 1983 to 1994.

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Petitioning Phil R. Ramos, Phillip M. Boyle, Andrew M. Cuomo

Help us end child marriage in New York State

We are the Naila Amin Foundation. Naila Amin, our founder, is a New Yorker who was forced by her parents to marry her first cousin when she was just 13. The first petition for her marriage was approved by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) when she was only 14 years old. Her ex-husband was 13 years older than her at the time of the Nikah (Islamic ceremony), and she was then forced to go overseas to live with him at age 15, where she was abused. All of this, however, was enabled by legal child marriage in New York State. Naila hopes to enact legislation to ban the exceptions that lead to her suffering and prevent others from having to endure the same. We seek to create a bill, very similar in style and content to the one recently passed in New Jersey. Child marriage occurs legally through loopholes and exceptions. In New York State, a person can be married as young as 17 with judicial review. This does not protect 17 year old's. Lets raise the age to 18 with no exceptions. If a 17 year old is married off and decides he/she is not happy, they have to wait to turn 18 to file for divorce, trapping them in abusive marriages and a shelter wont take anyone under 18. This is just a recipe for disaster. However often times, parents are the ones forcing the marriages rather than consenting to them. In fact, abuse, honor killings, or being disowned are the repercussions of refusal on the part of children. Because these victims are underage, abuse is inherent in these marriages. Since 2000, more than 200,000 youths have been legally married in the US. In the summer of 2017, NY changed its child marriage age from 14 to 17, this is not enough. Lets protect everyone under 18. 

Naila Amin
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Petitioning Joseph Borelli

Maximum Punishment for Charlotte the Dog's Alleged Abuser

This petition is in reference to "Charlotte" (previously "Snowflake"), the tiny, 2lb, 3 month old puppy, who, at the hands of Ms. Alsu Ivanchenko, allegedly, was starved, had her skull crushed, and her bones broken. To add to this heinous act, Ms. Ivanchenko allegedly stuffed the puppy into a plastic bag, tied it at the top, and threw the bag out of a moving car against a fence, leaving the dog to suffer and die. Charlotte was found and is currently under veterinary care. Her injuries caused temporary blindness due to the head trauma she suffered.  Ms. Ivanchencko, in a statement to police, showing no remorse, simply (allegedly) stated "Just give me my misdemeanor so I can get out of here, it's just a dog", and then proceeded to purchase a new dog.  We, the petitioners, are asking for your help in changing the animal abuse laws. We are asking for the maximum penalty of two years in the case of Ms. Ivanchenko (Case number: 00204-2014) We, collectively feel that stronger animal abuse laws need to be in place. Animals are defenseless, and we need to be their voice. Animal abuse is cruel and evil, and should not be tolerated. A mere slap on the wrist will not prevent these heinous acts from occurring. Research has shown a correlation between animal abuse, family violence, and other forms of societal and community violence. Animal protection professionals have noted that abuse of animals is connected in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence.  We are the voice of helpless animals, and we will continue to be. We need to protect animals, and send the message that cruelty and abuse will NOT be tolerated in this society.  We hope you take this matter seriously. We need to see Justice for Charlotte, and justice for all that do not have a voice.  We want to see the maximum penalty of two years incarceration be handed to Ms. Ivanchenko. We want to be certain that animal abusers attain the maximum penalty for their crimes.

Lauren Buglino
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Petitioning DEFENSE ATTORNEY OF NEW YORK, Bronx District Attorney's Office, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo

18-year-old high school football player has been charged with murder defending his mom.

Luis Moux, an 18-year-old high school football player has been charged with killing his mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Luis Moux fatally choked his mother’s 43-year-old attacker, Stanley Washington, when he showed up at their apartment in the Bronx and began fighting with her around on Monday August 14, 2017.  Washington first started squabbling with Moux’s mother, Lorena Sesma, 37, in the hallway of the building before following the woman inside the apartment, where he began beating her, police said.  Luis Moux, who heard the commotion from his bedroom, came running to his mother’s aid and saw Washington on top of her. Quickly going to his mother defense the teen began fighting Washington and over powered him wrapping his arm around Washington’s neck as he tried to pull the brute off his mother. Washington died at some point during the scuffle. Washington also has a long criminal history that includes 33 prior arrests that included domestic violence. Yesterday, police charged Moux with manslaughter.  Luis Moux should not spend his life in prison or ONE DAY in prison for that matter due to defending his mother who could have been killed from her attacker. Luis reacted as any of us would have protecting his mother in the midst of her being physically hurt and beaten. Moux attends high school at Grand Street Campus in Brooklyn, and is a star athlete. Neighbors and friends state he is a very quiet, humble teen who loves football, stays to himself and has never been in trouble. We are asking that ALL CHARGES be dropped for Luis Moux and we stand with him in his fight for freedom. Advocate, Monique Santiago          

monique santiago
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Petitioning The NY State legislature

Return the Cuomo Bridge its original name: The Tappan Zee. That bridge is our history.

UPDATE: Our efforts have resulted in two bills in our state legislature: one in the senate; one in the assembly--with identical language.  To change the bridge name to "The Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge".  Yes, this is a compromise.  Yes, this has upset some people that don't want Mario's name anywhere in the bridge.  Alas, this petition I started (and that you signed) never was about 'removing Mario Cuomo's name'--it was about preserving the Tappan Zee name on the bridge.  Would it have been great if the bridge ONLY had Tappan Zee, and didn't honor a politician?  Of course.  But to accomplish things in this world, sometimes you MUST compromise, or nothing will get done.  These bills are a fair compromise that honor the Tappan and the Dutch, preserve NY history, avoid the spending of countless wasteful dollars to replace all the signs in NY state, and yes, allow Governor Andrew Cuomo to honor his father at the same time.  Is it the ideal?  No.  However, it most assuredly is the only way we will ever see Tappan Zee on our bridge.  So please support these bills.  They are our only shot at victory.UPDATE: A fundraiser was started on December 1, 2017 to support this cause that has already raised over $8,800 from over 300 individuals making small donations to fund a full-blown advertising campaign. We have also recently started a Fundraiser here on as well.  We are now officially Save Our Tappan Zee, Inc., a NY not-for-profit corporation. You can choose to support us via the fundraiser here, or you can read more and also consider supporting us at and ORIGINAL PETITION STORY: In the summer of 2017, the N.Y. State Legislature voted to rename the famous and now rebuilt Tappan Zee Bridge (named for the Tappan Indians and the Dutch) after former NY governor Mario Cuomo.  While Mr. Cuomo may be deserving of something named after him, it should not be at the expense of history, and the original settlers of our land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch.  And certainly not at taxpayer expense.  The name Tappan Zee has no politics associated with it.  And it properly recognizes the true founders of this land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch. Plus, it sounds cool to say, “I’m taking the Tappan Zee.”  It does not sound cool to say, “I’m taking the Cuomo.”  Come on people!   Most importantly, we should not recognize the contributions of one in history by destroying a memorial to another.  Out of curiosity, why didn't the tax payers have a direct vote since we are the ones who ultimately paid for it, and will through toll taxes?  Didn’t a large part of the funding come from a FEDERAL grant? That is OUR bridge. America’s bridge. New York’s bridge. Last I checked, Mario Cuomo and his family did not personally contribute hundreds of millions to its construction... It is time for Albany to do the right thing: bring back the former name of the Tappan Zee Bridge. We want our bridge’s name back. In less than one week, I have amassed more than 27,000 names to my petition to return the Indian & Dutch name to the Tappan Zee Bridge. We are furious that the state legislature voted to rename OUR bridge the Cuomo Bridge in the dead of night without any input from the public. In 2008, the famous and historic Triborough Bridge was renamed the RFK. Now the famous and historic Tappan Zee is the Cuomo. What’s next? The GW? The Golden Gate? The Grand Canyon? Politicians should not be able to do this unilaterally. Why aren’t these national landmarks? I know the Journal News has a section devoted specifically to news of the bridge once known as the Tappan Zee Bridge. Isn’t it ironic, that even THEY still call it the Tappan Zee? But not for long. Sure, our older generations may continue calling it the Tappan Zee, but Generation Z? Soon all signs will be changed. In 30 years, the Indian and Dutch heritage that inspired the naming of the bridge will be gone. And for what? For someone who had NOTHING to do with EITHER bridge and provided ZERO personal funding for the bridge. Governor Cuomo states that because it's a new bridge, it deserves a new name.  But that conflicts again with history.  England's London Bridge was destroyed four times and each time, it was rebuilt anew, but the name never changed.  Why?  History.  Place.  Tradition.  Florida's Cape Canaveral was renamed Cape Kennedy only to see its original name returned a few years later.  Why?  History.  Place.  Tradition.  The same should and can happen here.   I hope you will join our collective outrage. We want our bridge back. Immediately.  Sincerely, -Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA P.S. - the original bridge was called the Governor Malcolm Wilson–Tappan Zee Bridge, known commonly as the Tappan Zee. So why can’t the new one be called the Governors Cuomo/Wilson—Tappan Zee Bridge?  In this way, we recognize Cuomo while not destroying the bridge’s true namesake. Why shouldn’t this happen?  The answer: there is NO reason. It should happen immediately, at very minimum. At best, it should just be the Tappan Zee Bridge. MEDIA COVERAGE TO DATE INCLUDES:(Links coming soon.  In meantime, just search Google or Bing)* Front page of the NY Post* Editorial endorsing the petition in the NY Post* The Journal News (multiple articles, including an amazing one sharing the breathtaking contributions of the Tappan Indians on our nation)* CBS 2 TV* Spectrum TV NY* Fios TV NY* The NY Daily News* Hamodia* Pix 11 News** Tarrytown Patch* The Los Angeles Times* The New York Times* The Yeshiva World* NY1* WestFair Online* NewsDay* News 12 Westchester UPDATE: A fundraiser was started on December 1, 2017 to support this cause that has already raised over $4,500 from nearly 200 individuals making small donations. You can read more and also consider supporting us at

Monroe Mann
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Petitioning Andrew M. Cuomo, Donald J. Trump, Lee M. Zeldin

New Yorkers Against Mandatory HPV Vaccine & Vaccination Without Parental Consent

***UPDATE 12/30/19: Cuomo is now considering using the state budget to mandate the HPV vaccination which would BYPASS THE LEGAL PROCESS. THIS IS HORRIFIC! The petition will be mailed to him again before January 8th with all 96,000+ signatures printed. Share help stop the abuse of power at the expense of our rights and our children's rights!!   We are New Yorkers taking a stand against legislation to mandate the HPV shot to attend school (S298B). We are also against legislation to treat minor children for sexually transmitted diseases without parental knowledge or consent (S3899). These bills trample on parental rights and medical freedom and the government has no place in making medical decisions for our families! HPV can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse and our government is calling for kids to be injected with this vaccination by the age of 9! Better education about sex both in the home and in school is a more effective method rather than a vaccination with evidence of severe side effects. Here is a quote taken from Planned Parenthood website on HPV: "HPV stands for human papillomavirus. It’s the most common sexually transmitted infection. HPV is usually harmless and goes away by itself, but some types can lead to cancer or genital warts." ( If there is no real concern for this disease then it DOES NOT NEED TO BE MANDATORY. HEAR OUR VOICES, HEAR OUR CRIES, SAVE OUR KIDS AND PROTECT OUR FUTURE BY SAYING "NO" TO THE MANDATORY HPV VACCINATION AND VACCINATION WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY AS PARENTS!

Jessica Rudin
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Petitioning President of the United States, Andrew Cuomo

March With Us Against Weapons of Mass Murder

On February 14, 2018, yet another terrible mass shooting involving a semi-automatic weapon occurred in America. At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, 17 people, including students and teachers were murdered in their own school. School is a place where students are meant to feel safe. It is unimaginable to think that any American student could have been one of the victims of a mass shooting in their own school that was thought to be a place of safe learning. No teacher, child, or individual should ever be put in a situation like this horrid shooting. As long as people in America are allowed to have semi-automatic weapons, these deadly mass shootings will continue. We can no longer sit around and watch innocent people lose their lives to gun violence. If one child is shot in a classroom, we all feel it. We all carry the burden. We are all vulnerable. How many lives must we see go in order to make change in the world? Parents send their kids to school daily expecting they will come home alive. It is beyond comprehension that some parents at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High will never see their children again after sending them to school in the morning. During President Donald J. Trump’s speech on February 14th, he expressed his condolences to everyone who was affected by the shooting. He discussed his “[commitment] to working with state and local leaders to help secure [American] schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health” (CNN). President Trump did however fail to mention the most pressing issue right now: common-sense gun control. There are too many military-style weapons that are currently in the hands of unfit individuals. There is no reason that these weapons are in the hands of anyone other than our military and police. Our Congress and President need to act to outlaw these guns for civilian use. It is our government’s responsibility to protect us, and they have chosen to take money from the Gun Lobby over doing what is right for this country. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of safety. A matter of life and death. And we cannot stand for it any more. We are three freshmen high school students who refuse to accept the epidemic of gun violence in this country. We plan to mobilize with others and make a difference, so that guns no longer make their way into our communities and schools and so that no student, educator or parent ever must experience the inhumanity that has become a tragic regular occurrence. We believe that with your help, we can write the next page in the history textbook that you had homework in last night. No matter your political point of view, your age, or ethnic background, it is important that we have your support in putting an end to the gun violence that has killed too many. On March 24th, we plan to join students from all over the country, including some from Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschol and unite students from New York City high schools, and  beyond, to march in Washington, DC. We will protest the lack of action by our government. We will demand common-sense gun legislation… Legislation that will outlaw military-style weapons designed for mass killing. The Second Amendment gives the right to the people of the United States to “keep and bear arms, ” but it also mentions “well-regulated.” We have failed in the “well-regulated” category.    We are in high school. We are too young to vote for politicians who can help with better gun control laws. But what we can do is symbolically refuse to go to school, make noise and protest and march to Congress in Washington and let them know that the young people in this country will not tolerate this any longer! We want safe schools, safe malls, safe movie theaters, safe music concerts and a safe country with safe environments for teens. Join us and stand up against the NRA (National Rifle Association) and those in congress who continue to allow for the purchase of weapons of mass murder. We want our voices to be heard and we want our politicians to know that we will not stop until there is change, so spread this message to everyone you know so we can gain voices and make the loudest noise we possibly can. If you are interested in participating in this fight for humanity and joining the march in Washington DC on March 24th, please email us at for more information.   -Amelie Boose, Annie Skier, and Meadow Wielander

Amelie Boose, Annie Skier, Meadow Wielander
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