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Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

  • Presidente della Repubblica Egiziana

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is a prominent Egyptian political figure who has been serving as the President of Egypt since 2014. Prior to his presidency, he played a key role in the military, including serving as the Director of Military Intelligence, holding the rank of Field Marshal in the Egyptian Armed Forces, and acting as the Defense Minister of Egypt. Known for implementing tough security measures, his presidency has seen significant efforts towards economic growth and development, anti-terrorism initiatives, and constitutional amendments, all of which have drawn both praise and criticism. Nonetheless, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi remains a pivotal figure in Egypt's political landscape.

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United Nations Security Council, USA, Joseph R. Biden, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, United Nations
Israel violated 65 United Nation resolutions. Our stance is for human rights and it is for everyone! Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, and anyone with a heart. The occupation has violated Geneva convention over and over again, used chemical weapons on civilians, destroyed more than 500 villages, killed 10000 plus innocents in just 10 years and continues to seek racial cleansing, forced natives of land to become refuges in their own nation, enforced a blockade on them and attacked everyone who come to help them or to provide basic humanitarian aid to innocent kids, women & men! WE STAND WITH PALESTINE. We, true advocates for human rights, demand: - The Israeli government to be held accountable for its war crimes, oppressive methods, and cruel acts. - The US government to step aside and be stopped from tackling any significant progress as they have a clear bias and ulterior motives. - The Palestinian voice to be heard and assemble an Arab diplomatic representative team to make the case for all ARABS that have suffered a great threat ever since the US realized the importance of OIL. The Palestinian people have had enough! And they deserve better.Read more

Usef ElshazlyEgypt
Joseph R. Biden, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, United Nations, Benjamin Netanyahu
I want the world to boycott Israel and the U.S and stand up for the Palestinian State and i have high hopes of establishing a full-size independent Palestinian State in the Holy Land Read more

Yassin ShoukryEgypt
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
EN/ES/IT/DE/AR Patrick George Zaki, an Egyptian Masters student at "Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna" in Italy was abducted by the Egyptian State Security in the early hours of February 7th upon his arrival at Cairo International Airport, where he was traveling to spend his holidays in Egypt. Patrick spent the first 24 hours under enforced disappearances and then appeared in Mansoura’s Public Prosecution Office. The Egyptian State Security claims to have arrested him from his parent's house in his hometown of Mansoura, approximately 170 km away from Cairo. The Egyptian State Security is the same entity involved in the torture and murder of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo in 2016.Please help us #FreePatrickRead more

Amr AbdelwahabBerlin, Germany
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, The Arab Republic of Egypt, Hamada Al-Sawi, Ambassador Dina El Sehy
Imagine! You're a reporter. You have a microphone in your hand in the street and the police come and arrest you. You think "That's ok. I have done nothing wrong. I'll be free in a few hours." Over 1300 days later you are still in prison.  No-one has even bothered to charge you.  Does anyone care whether you live or die in an Egyptian prison?  Well, that is what is happening to Mahmoud Hussein, an Al Jazeera journalist . If this was you, how should we help you? The power of many annoying people might just save him.   Write to those in power who can free him and spread the word so that they are inundated with pesky mail.  Paper, better than internet.  It is not so easy to delete letters.   Imagine!  He is free because you wrote a letter asking for his freedom.  You were the one that finally persuaded those in power that they were sick of all that mail.   Whatever.  If you do write, you will have worked to make the world a better place. Don't forget to sign your name and pass on this petition. Share! Share! Share!Read more

Anne ParkerDunedin, New Zealand
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt Ministry of Interior, Egypt Ministry of Agriculture, General Authority of Veterinary Services
We, the undersigned, are deeply disturbed by reports that the Egyptian government is purportedly contributing to the cruelty and mistreatment of dogs and cats. Reports suggest that STRYCHNINE POISON procured from India, is being used to kill dogs and cats. POISONING WITH STRYCHNINE CAUSES AN AGONIZING DEATH OF TORTURE WHERE AN ANIMAL SUFFOCATES SLOWLY TO DEATH AND GOES INTO WILD CONVULSIONS AND SEIZURES, HORRIFYING MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS AND CAUSES IMMENSE SUFFERING!  Video: DOG POISONING IN EGYPT: WARNING GRAPHIC ⚠️                                         Dogs are also being shot to death! This inhumane treatment of dogs and cats by Egypt is appalling.  Homeless dogs and cats struggle to search for food in the streets only to be brutally poisoned to death by Egyptian government agent VIA the Ministry of Agriculture and General Authority of Veterinary Services in Egypt!  Many dogs and cats in Egypt are STARVING forced to scavenge for food and water on the streets and in garbage piles. These dogs are often targeted for abuse by people who hate dogs or don't like the look of the bald dogs suffering from mange.                                    We are also disgusted by accounts of beloved pets like Shalby, who was reportedly shot to death by Egyptian government agents. Such actions represent a systematic, brutal, and indiscriminate approach to dealing with both pets and homeless animals. Animal cruelty and neglect are issues of great importance to us. We worry not only about the welfare of the animals but also about potential health risks to humans. STRYCHNINE POISON is a highly lethal substance, poisonous to both humans and animals, and reports of people being poisoned due to exposure are alarming! Despite pressure from animal rights and welfare organizations, as well as civilians and tourists shocked by the cruelty, the Egyptian government has turned a deaf ear to calls for change. We urge the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities , the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior, and President Abdel Fattah AlSisi to take action - how can anyone visit Egypt knowing such heinous acts against animals are taking place?  Egyptian animal rescue groups and shelters do their best to care for the overwhelming number of animals they try to help, but resources are very limited. These organizations survive on donations and struggle to provide basic care, such as food and medical attention. The Egyptian government provides no resources for the care and treatment of dogs whatsoever. There is no Animal Protection Act or strict animal welfare laws protecting dogs and cats. Thus many are heinously abused.   Many dogs are maliciously ran over purposely by drivers in vehicles who run over dogs to kill them and are either left dying on the streets, struggle to walk from being paralyzed or crippled from broken legs!      Often these dogs are not picked up for rescue for weeks and lay dying in the street where some cruel civilians in Egypt brutalize the dogs even further by throwing rocks at the dogs, throwing caustic chemicals on the dogs and in other ways torturing these dogs!  Some nefarious civilians also poison dogs and cats!                                             Egypt has also been caught in recent years 2015, 2017, 2019 with sending dogs to the United States and other countries that have turned up positive for DMRVV which is a virulent RABIES strain that can transmit to humans, wild animals and domestic animals including livestock. The reason this occured stems from nonexistent compliance to provide all dogs with full series of rabies vaccines. Egypt does not have enough rabies vaccines and something needs to be done to be sure Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck Animal Health the manufacturers of rabies vaccines, give priority distribution to poverty stricken countries who have street dog populations that need to be vaccinated so no dog goes without being given preventative vaccination. Zero Rabies is a reasonable goal that needs to be attained for safety of dogs and humans. Poverty stricken countries like Egypt should also participate with World Rabies Vets and other programs to secure help in getting all dogs rabies vaccinated. There is no interest on Egypt's part to reach and establish a Zero Rabies Worldwide goal. The CDC and HHS have concluded that Egypt must remain on the restricted list for transport of dogs to the USA and other countries are following suit and taking that step since Egypt adamantly refuses to spend any money to vaccinate against this dangerous virus that could decimate populations of domestic animals, wild animals, livestock and humans abroad. It is imperative that Egypt initiate animal care laws even at the most basic level. Tourism is the strongest industry in Egypt but how can anyone feel safe with dogs and other animals with rabies and distemper, parvo, scabies, worms, blood parasites that endanger animal health and can transmit zoonotic diseases? The extension of the restricted status of transport of dogs to other countries is unfortunate but necessary as Egypt is not showing motivation to change course. Egypt must recognize by FAILING to provide the most essential health care of dogs by providing rabies vaccines either fully paid for by the government , in conjuncture with manufacturers of vaccines being subsidized, or partially sponsored and contributing government monetary funding to vaccinate all dogs for rabies is placing public health at risk. It is simply not an option to deny the problem does not exist or hope by shooting and poisoning dogs the problem will go away. Dogs transported from Egypt in the past were either not given a full series of rabies vaccines, submitted with  fraudulent documents or incomplete documents or were transported under the age of which a full series of rabies vaccines could have been completed. Some were flown with flight parents who could provide no documentation. This is dangerous. The need for a more humane, ethical and responsible approach to animals clearly is evident. Spaying and neutering are effective methods of controlling the animal population. Rather than purchasing lethal poisons, funds could be redirected to sterilization programs.             The citizens of Egypt who care for animals often face intimidation and harassment. Children witness the horrifying deaths of animals dying in the streets from poison, causing them great distress and trauma. We believe that companies profiting from the sale of strychnine sulfate, such as Samarilio, should also be held accountable. The current situation is untenable. It is time for the Egyptian government to take decisive action to protect these animals from cruelty, abuse, neglect, and torture. We call on the government to put in place a robust Animal Protection Act or laws that specifically prevent abuse of animals and advocate for their welfare. It is time to put an end to the appalling treatment of animals in Egypt. We implore the Egyptian government to take action now!                                                          Donate to this 501c3 reputable dog rescue in Egypt: American Cairo Animal Rescue Foundation (ACARF) which can be found on this Facebook link or their website.   Here are other articles and videos that further make the case to take action: Animal Abuse in Egypt: An Assessment of Attitudes, Behaviors ... Horses Whipped and Forced to Haul Tourists in Egypt | PETA At Egypt's Tourism Gems, Animal Abuse Is an Ugly Flaw Egypt | World Animal Protection Animals in Egypt are tortured, slaughtered and sexually assaulted Egypt struggles to prevent animal cruelty - Al-Monitor animal abuse - Egyptian Streets Fresh Calls To Ban Horse Carriages In Egypt After Wounded Animals ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Read more

Lisa CardonNew Jersey, United States
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
I write this petition on behalf of a lot of animal lovers in Egypt and outside Egypt. I write this petition on behalf of all poor souls suffering every day on the streets either by poisoning, shooting or abusing. Mr President, I know you are a kind person and you can stop this by only one word to be given to the authorities " Please stop killing strays" and to punish anyone who abuses them. Animal Lovers are suffering every day from what they see... It is utterly heartbreaking to watch those animals die in a long, painful death. Their body is shaking, they are still alive whilst the poison takes over their body. They die in fear, alone, confused... No living soul deserves this... Every one of us, and every one of God's creatures deserves dignity... Instead of poison, they should be euthanised in a pain-free way. However, I urge you to consider a new alternative: Trap-Neuter-Return is the humane and effective approach for stray dogs and cats. Scientific studies show that Trap-Neuter-Return improves the lives of stray cats and dogs, improves their relationships with the people who live near them, and decreases the size of colonies over time. They are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be neutered and vaccinated. After recovery, the animals are returned to their home—their colony—outdoors. TNR stops the breeding cycle of stray dogs and cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction. It is a fact that the removal and killing of outdoor dogs cats that animal control has been pursuing for decades are never-ending and futile. I know that Islamic Religion is the religion of mercy, we have to prove that to the whole world. In addition that we have a president with a big heart who will understand our point of view. Please consider this petition, please open your heart. You have the power to stop their suffering, you have the power to bring so many tourists who now refuse to travel there back to Egypt.  We will be forever grateful for your help and consideration.  Thank you!       Read more

Marta FarynaEmerson Valley, Greece
Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Counsellor Ahmed Fahmy, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
We are dietitian in Egypt �� prevented  from practicing our profession with liberty! and for this arbitrary situation we are suffer in Egypt and outside egypt for unlegel situation , they put us to face our destiny! by no justification ! and this Because Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population haven’t any record for our profession ….we tried to form Egyptian dietitian syndicate to  legalize our situation but they didn’t accept our project in Egyptian Parliament until now! so we decided to introduce petition for that !Read more

Lamiaa ElhewaityEgypt
President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, World Bank, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
The War on water has been ongoing for over nine years of Negotiations. It’s time to make peace so sign this petition if you agree that it’s time to come up with a peaceful resolution soon. We do not want violence and fatalities to occur in Africa over this issue. A peaceful outcome will elevate harmony for the future. Resolving this issue requires, Diplomacy it is the only way to result in a win win resolution. The only way for it to be possible is for president Trump and the world bank mediate adequately during the negotiation process. All of the world will be watching and witnessing a historical moment to be captured. Our future generations are & will be impacted by this outcome. Please sign this petition to promote awareness  to Those in power & authority to make an impact on all of our lives. We don’t need anymore blood in the Nile. Read more

Nourhaal SaberBloomfield, NJ, United States
Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Walmart, T-Mobile Media Relations, Apple, Samsung, Verizon, ExxonMobil, AT&T, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, General Electric, Chevron...
The United States of America has a long and sorted history of its mistreatment and/or neglect of people of color and minorities, namely African Americans and descendants of the African Diaspora.  For centuries the people have attempted to sway the government in support of the people to little avail.  Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr. was assassinated 52 years ago and there have been few major changes towards the progress of equality since.  Minority youth still receive substandard education due in large part to racially and socio-economically motivated districting.  Minority neighborhoods remain food deserts.  Affordable housing remains limited.  The adoption of a living wage continues to be rejected.  The war on drugs persists in disproportionately incarcerating minorities.  Police Brutality persists largely unpunished even when filmed and broadcast on international television.  Nations around the world have watched and remarked at the state of race relations in the US to the extent that various governments such as that of the Bahamas have issued travel warnings and advisories against the United States for the treatment of Black People.  We must seek international recognition, sovereignty, and protections for P.O.C. Read more

Maurice RavennahAtlanta, GA, United States
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
EGYPT has NO ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS !  Dogs and cat of the streets of Egypt are constantly subjected to abuse , torture and poisoning - often authorised by community leaders! Mass poisoning is now killing people who are trying to save the animals!  Dogs and Cats are seen as a commodity or a pest. English and Egyptian animal shelter workers are seeing the most appalling cases of abuse. Some unimaginable. Children killing puppies for fun,adults stoning animals to death. Also witnessed is organised dog fights (right outside police stations) Abuse is everywhere you look and the government and police do NOTHING !  We, the people of Egypt, the UK, the USA and Canada, demand Egyptian government intervention, we demand regulation and the humane treatment of animals! Animal Rescues are overloaded and TNR projects are being REFUSED or SABOTAGED by the government !  This has to end. There is no place for abuse, torture or murder of animals in this world. We DEMAND animal welfare is regulated and that abuse crimes are made punishable. Read more

Claire Steelelisburn, ENG, United Kingdom