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Emergency Medical Care Centers in Railway stations, Trains and Bus stands.

Friends, This is to bring to your attention & necessary action about those people who lost their precious life in railway stations and trains because of no medical help. I lost my father on 20th January 2017 in Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station while boarding train to Chennai in Rajdhani Express (one of the most prestigious and fastest train in India), due to lack of medical facility. My father & his friends has already boarded the train and was waiting for departure, when he felt chest congestion, his friends approached the T.T but they informed that only in Agra medical help can be provided (after 2 hours). They got down and approached the Superintendent for wheelchair (given) who also informed that an ambulance will be waiting but was not available. It is highly disappointing that negligence of medical aid in major railway station & train in the capital city for the passengers has not been provided.  It is my kind request to our Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu to provide an emergency medical care centre in railway stations, trains & Bus stands in India for the well being of our fellow citizens/human beings.  It is a small step from my family to avoid the situation we’re going through for our fellow citizens. Thanks for your Support, Hemalatha S

Hema S
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Thane Region Mumbai - High Alert : WARNING WARNING WARNING, PLEASE SHARE TO SAVE YOUR AREA DOGS HEAR THE CORRUPTION AND DOG KILLER VOICE Society / Street dogs are getting killed in TMC (Thane Municipal Corporation) in the name of steralisation of dogs, We ( Salim & Sonali Waghmare) have exposed the vet Satish Patil. who is working with some "We team Organisation" TMC have given contract to them for steralisation of dogs, to run ABC program, where the dogs are getting operated and released next day on the road without healing stitches. As per Vet Satish Patil, this is the policy of the NGO where they have to released the dog next day and not to follow ABC 2001 Program rule, where the law says that the dog should be kept for 5 to 7 days for post operative care or until the dog is healed. The ABC rule 2001 is clearly violated and ignored, just because they want to empty the cages to fill more dogs, so more dogs more money in less time. The dog is not given chance to heal & recover before it is released on road. This incident came in to highlight because my activist Sonali Waghmare used to feed this dog and was taking care since birth, the healthy male dog was just 8 months old and it got killed just because it was released early on road that is next day, whereas the dog should be kept for more 5 to 7 days. We have approached police and have done legal formalities from Panchnama to Postmortem, Very Soon we will file Fir and will see to it that the culprits should be punished soon. The eligibility and recognition of this Organisation is Doubtful, we are investigating the matter and soon will approach to Municipal Commissioner and AWBI for the same, and will report the incident to them and will ask them to stop the ABC program until the protocol of ABC rule 2001 is followed. As Per Audio Statement Vet Satish Patil blamed his senior Dr. Chariar that on his instruction the dog is released next day and this protocol has to be followed. TMC Dr. tried to manipulate the case by requesting us that they will do the Postmortem without police interference, but we straightaway rejected their offer, and we took action through police as per law. Listen to the Audio of Vet Satish Patil who clearly and confidently accept his crime and also hear the audio where TMC is trying to manipulate the case by giving offers like they will do PM. Please don't allow TMC to take your street/ Society dogs for butcher. Protect your dogs and show them this Post and Audio Evidence and asked them that on what basis they are picking up dogs.

Commander's Kennel Nitin Sharma
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Printed price list of meals in every compartment of trains.

Every now and then we are witnessing videos of passengers claiming  they found out that railway employees are charging more than actual price of food and are also very reluctant to show the price menu when asked for. This is a very big source of corruption.  Hence, I have come up with this petition to request Ministry of Railways to stick a laminated price list of most common meals like vegetable thali, non vegetable thali, biryani, etc in each compartment of every train, so that passengers are not cheated upon. Also in this era of DIGITAL  INDIA, spot electronic payment options should be available, so that customers have a record to show in case they are overcharged. Also, the employees must carry their identity cards with them. Any progressive suggestions are welcome. 

abhay singh
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Introduce Student Concession fares in Delhi Metro and reduced burden of Student travel

Metro fares in Delhi has increased between 25% and 67% from 10th May 2017 and the next hike in fare slabs up by Rs.10 is likely in October. The minimum fare now will be Rs 10, up from Rs 8; the maximum Rs 50 against the existing Rs 30 based on the recommendations of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Board. Many students travel by metro rail in Delhi;  Students studying in 11th & 12th Standard attend coaching centres and travelling late evenings prefer metro rail and Students studying in colleges and evening colleges prefer to travel by metro rail.  For safe travel during late hours after attending classes, girl students prefer to travel by metro. Why student concessional fare?  Student concessional fares reduce the burden of travel cost on students. Metro rail travel is safe and fast travel for students traveling far distances and late hours.  Students can use the time saved for study. The present hike in fare has increased the travel cost burden approx. by Rs.500 to Rs.1200 per month for students travelling by metro rail. Student Concessional fare in Developed Countries  In Australia, student cards are issued to school students and college students studying full-time courses in Colleges/Universities. Student concessional fares are at 30% reduced rates.  The concessional fare reduces the cost of education expense for the students.  Solution To reduce the cost burden on students and as a step towards motivation of students, DMRCL should introduce Student Card with 30% and 50% concessional fares for students and girl students, respectively. DMRCL should actively promote the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padao' initiative by offering concessional fares to girl students.  This petition will be delivered to: •Prime Minister of India        Shri Narendra Modi •Minister of Railways        Shri Piyush Goyal •Minister of Urban Development        Shri Hardeep Singh Puri •Managing Director, Delhi Metro  Rail Corporation Limited        Dr. Mangu Singh

Akanksha Rawat
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Get government to build Kopari Bridge in Thane to ease daily traffic snarls & save fuel

Kopari Bidge is a bridge on railway line on Eastern Express Way. It's a narrow 2-lane bridge coming after 3-4 lane expressway on both directions i.e. to/from Mumbai. During peak hours, it results in minimum of 20-30 minutes or more to cross this bridge i.e. small stretch of 1 kilometer. The impact of this narrow lanes and is so huge and results in traffic jam of 2-3 kms during peak hours. Mulund Toll plaza also adds to woes during peak hour.  Impact: 1. At least 45 minutes added to commute time, which is our precious family time. Assuming 50000 vehicles stuck in traffic of 1.2 lakhs pass on every day, we are wasting 75000 hrs assuming 2 people in vehicle.     2. Wastage of fuel for which we and country are paying for so heavily. There are 120,000 vehicles pass though bridge (Mulund Toll Data). So average waiting time, wastage of fuel of lakh+ vehicles is huge. Assuming min 50,000 people stuck in traffic at Kopari Bridge waste 1 litre @ avg 70/liter (assuming a blend of petrol and diesel cars), we are wasting Rs 100 crores a year. Impact on GDP which is Rs 60000 crore nation wide is huge due to Kopari Bridge.  3. Impact to environment is huge too which can not be easily calculated. But lakhs of vehicles crawling is definitely going to cause huge impact to environment.  We have heard that this bridge needs to be prepared along with Railway Ministry as it's on railway line. That's why we added the Railway Minister in this petition as well. We have heard that this bridge was sanctioned 10 years back when budget to make it was Rs 10 crores. But inordinate delay resulted in budget of Rs 300 crores now. Just because we are not acting fast, we are increasing cost and resulting in huge loss of time and money to commuters. We heard that work on this project was to start last year i.e. Oct 2016 which has not happened.  We need a widening of this bridge to add at least 2 lanes each side to ensure the problem is taken care of. If we dont see action we will be compelled to take PIL route in this regard.            

Sagar Dani
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Local Train Problem for Vasai Virar Citizens

It is becoming very difficult for people from Vasai Virar region to catch Virar Local trains during the morning & evening peak hours due to the heavy rush. Sometimes people fall down & get seriously injured also. There are also cases of people falling down from over crowded trains & losing their lives. So requesting you to increase the frequency of Local Trains (Virar) during the peak hours. Start more local trains from Virar, Vasai & Bhayander during the morning peak hours. Also start more Virar local trains from Dadar, Bandra, Andheri & Borivili during the evening peak hours since most of the people working in the suburbs find it very difficult to catch the overcrowded Virar Trains coming from Churchgate. Also requesting you to change the timings of outstation trains so that they don't run during peak hours. These trains sometimes disrupt & delay the regular schedule of the local trains & create more crowding problems. People from Vasai Virar region do not have any other regular public mode of transport to reach Mumbai. They are totally dependent on the local trains.   Due to overcrowding, people travelling by Virar Trains are totally stressed out when they reach their office in the morning & the same thing happens when they come back home late in the evening. So keeping the above things in mind, we request you to find a long lasting solution to our problem at the earliest so that we all can travel safely & comfortably.   

Venkatesh Prabhu
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Petitioning Shri Suresh Prabhu Ji, Minister for Railways, Govt of India

Accord Justice to Railway Engineers

To Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Govt. of India, New Delhi.     Sub: Humble request to accord justice to Railway Engineers.     Respected Sir, All India Railway Engineers Federation (AIREF), the sole apex body representing about eighty thousand Junior Engineers, Senior Section Engineers, CMS , DMS and SE (IT) of Indian Railways through Zonal Railway & PU Engineers Associations extends heartiest congratulation to you for feeling proud for taking pledge to serve countrymen as “Pradhan Sevak” and we Railway Engineers congratulate our Hon’ble Prime Minister on the republic day of India for making it great historical event with the great vision for India. AIREF requests your goodself to kindly spare few minutes from your busy schedule to go through this memorandum. The country has expressed its obligation for this ‘dynamic reforms’ launched to carry the country from a level of grave declining to a height of destination and ensure India to take a global leadership. Your voice “Come & Make in India” has inspired the engineers of the country to put their best efforts to make India as No-1 among all countries of the world in the technical aspects. We, the railway engineers also feel proud to be awarded by you the new task in adopting new technology and modern innovation in Railway Communication sector to run “Bullet Trains”, especially altogether in a “new and congenial environment prevailing in the country to carry faster the growth and development in every sector of our public life including, Railways, which carries ‘a Lion’s share of this national responsibility’ as a part of your dream “DIGITAL INDIA”. Sir, when engineers of the country are energized with your calls to develop the technology in the country, at that time railway engineers, who dedicate every thing they have to breath life into Railway System are frustrated with humiliation made by railway administration. The diploma & degree engineers are recruited as Railway Engineers (Junior Engineers and Senior Section Engineers) in Indian Railways. We, the railway engineers work in all technical departments including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Signal & Telecommunications, Drawing & Design, Store, C&M laboratories, Information Technology, etc. and play a crucial role in safe and efficient running of trains including construction/production, design, repair & maintenance of tracks, bridges, buildings. rolling stock, locomotives, coaches, electrical services, OHE, signals, telecommunications. Thus, we are considered as “Backbone of Railways”. Due to continuous upgradation of technology, we have to constantly upgrade our knowledge for efficient execution of works and to guide and train the workforce to meet the challenge ahead. Thus, we control, guide and execute the works of about nine lakhs technical staff which is more than 50% of total railway employees. We also carry additional responsibility in timely transportation of essential commodities and relief materials during the period of Natural Calamity and also in moving Army personnel and arm required during the period of external aggression. But, due to erroneous policies made by Railway Ministry, we have been frustrated. Many experienced engineers have left Railways and young talented engineers do not prefer to join Railways. It has been affecting seriously the safety & economy of Railways.   The following main injustices have demoralized us. Injustice 1:  As per India Gazette Notification No-605 dtd. 09.04.2009 (Annexure-1), Junior Engineers of all other departments of central government have been given Group-B status. But Ministry of Railways implemented it partially vide RBE No- 05/2010 dtd.08.01.2010 (Annexure-2). Thus, Group-D staff have been upgraded to Group-C and equated with us. This partial implementation creates discontentment towards discharge of duty satisfactorily. It will endanger safety of Railways in future. Also we loose social status at par with engineers of other departments, who have been upgraded to Group-B as per above Gazette Notification. Due to this wrong policy, a qualified engineer is now placed at bottom most cadre of the central government with upgraded Group-D staff. Our upgradation to Group-B will put no financial burden on Railways rather it will create better working atmosphere. Injustice 2:   Due to adoption of oldest act i.e. Trade Union Act – 1926, we have been clubbed with Group-D staff in same platform. Hence, our grievances had never been represented properly at appropriate levels, for which we have been degraded by successive pay commissions. Comparisons in tabulated form are enclosed for your kind information (Annexure-3). But unfortunately, these cases were never put up in National Anomaly Committees constituted during 5th and 6th Pay commissions by labour federations or Railway Administration. Injustice 3:   At present, both a diploma holder in nursing and a degree holder in engineering join Railways in same grade pay i.e.   Rs. 4600/-. The nurse gets two assured promotions during service period, where as the degree engineer does not get a single promotion (Annexure-4). This is worst ever humiliation to a qualified engineer. The above main injustices have been done with us on account of absence of a Democratic  service   platform  of  our  own  to put  forth  our  genuine  cause rightly, at right time to the best appreciation of the administration in the Railways.   We have been clubbed with labour unions/federations, which are the representatives of labours/workers and not engineers.  These unions have never represented engineers properly for which injustices made against us have never been put up before National Anomaly Committee.  The matter has come under intensive examinations and debates over the years by High Power Committees and law makers who are of unanimously opinion that the Railway Engineers should be accorded separate recognition to represent their problems at appropriate level, beyond the purview of the two existing Railway Labor Unions and anomalies prevailing in the pay scales, as compared  to that of the engineers working in other departments of Government of India and under state Governments need to be rectified with due attentions for re-determining  their service status, promotion prospectus etc . Railway Safety Review Committee (Justice Khanna Committee) has categorically recommended debarring us from Railway Labor Unions and to give us separate recognition in view of our separate nature of duties, responsibilities, mode of recruitment and training etc. Similarly, Justice K. N. Wanchoo Committee has also recommended in favour of us. 2nd Indian National Labour Commission 2002 has also recommended to keep supervisory category separate from workers (Annexure-5). Unfortunately, the recommendations were not accepted by Ministry of Railways for the want of modification of this oldest trade union act (Annexure-6), which was prepared during British rule. A clarification received from the Minister of Defence in his letter 4th July 2009 addressed to Sri Guru Das Gupta, Hon’ble Member of Parliament loudly justified the reasons for not entertaining employees of supervisory category (engineers) under labour unions for purpose of administrative conveniences (Annexure-7). Ministry of Defence could modify the old trade union act for betterment of department, even constitution is being amended as per requirement but the reluctance of Ministry of Railways appears to be unjustified. This is also against social justice by clubbing engineers in trade union activities. Indian Railways is the biggest technical organization in the country having   around eighty thousands engineers, but it does not have separate recognized platform for us. All other departments of central government and all state governments have recognized their Engineers’ Associations.  Railway Protection Force (RPF) has been given separate recognized platform during year 1997. Recently Railway Ministry has recognized two caste based associations i.e. All India SC & ST Railway Employees Association and All India OBC Railway Employees Association to participate in PREM group in addition to both trade federations and RPF. More over, Class-III staff & Class-IV staff associations of Railway Board within Ministry of Railways are also recognized separately though there is very less staff strength in Railway Board in comparison to zones. These both associations are also excluded from two recognized trade unions/federations. AIREF has shown its aggravation by staging several demonstrations/Rallies at New Delhi and railway zonal headquarters. Several hon’ble ministers and Members of Parliaments have been recommending our demands to the Ministry of Railways time to time. But, Ministry of Railways has given conventional replies to safeguard labour unions declining to modify the oldest Act. The labour unions are putting pressure on administration not to recognize and not to give Group-B status, otherwise their membership strength will get reduced and also they will not be able to interfere in our daily works. For benefit of particular labour unions, the fate of Railways should not be sacrificed. Prayer: Sir, for any development or upgradation/adoption of technology within the Railways such as running of Bullet Trains, we, the railway engineers play the frontline role. But due to non-recognition of our platform i.e. AIREF, we are not permitted to share our experiences/views directly with the administration. Under the aforementioned circumstances and in view of the wider opinions and recommendations by different Expert Committees and law makers (Annexure-5), we request your good self to direct the Railway Ministry to accept the following main demands for betterment of Railways. 1)     The AIREF be recognized to provide opportunity to about eighty thousand of its members to represent their genuine cause, outside of the Railway Labor Unions in the lager interest of better administration and safe functioning of Railways & its economy. 2)     Group-B status to all Railway Engineers as per India Gazette Notification No-605 dtd. 09.04.2009 with Gazetted status & redesignation as “Assistant Engineers” to senior Section Engineers. 3)     The minimum grade pay to Junior Engineers and Senior Section Engineers be determined at Rs. 5400/- (PB-3) and Rs.6600/- (PB-3).   4)     We may be provided with time bound promotions at par with the facilities enjoyed by the Engineers in other departments of central government. Even after 161 years of formation of Railways and 67 years of independence, the qualified engineers are considered as organized labours in Railways by virtue of  the oldest Trade Union Act-1926. After being sworn in as Prime Minister, you have directed to scratch all old Rules and Acts. Keeping faith on your direction, we are hopeful that this oldest act made during British period i.e. Trade Union Act -1926 would be modified at the earliest to encourage the railway engineers to put their best efforts for betterment of Railways and not to choose to leave Railways. AIREF also requests to you to kindly spare few time from your busy schedule to discuss with our delegates on betterment of Railways as per your convenience. AIREF extends its sincere thanks to you for sparing valuable time to go through this memorandum. Considering that prayers to great hearts has never gone vain,                                                                                                                                 Yours sincerely,                                                                                              (Er. Ashok Kumar Tyagi)                          Secretary General /AIREF Cell: 9450079541 Address:1090, Esai Tola Khati Baba, Jhansi (UP)  

ashok tyagi
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Installation of lifts and escalators for Disabled and Senior Citizen on Railway Stations!

Hi! Crossing the over bridge to change platforms and to board train is a nightmare. I am a frequent traveller but climbing staircase kills my traveling spirit and of thousands of disabled people and senior citizens which makes us feel the pangs of inability. Please install lifts and/or escalators in the railway stations and keep India technologically advanced.

Siya Shruti
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Faster trains in Hyderabad - Kolkata route

Over the period of time, the passengers in the Hyderabad - Kolkata have increased 10 folds. However, the current number of trains do not support the inflow of them. It is urgently needed to introduce a faster daily train so the passengers are not in distress and not in the behest of the Airlines. It is urgently needed to introduce 1 new train or increase the frequency of weekly trains. Introducing a Duronto will also be a blessings in disguise for all the bengalis in Hyderabad.

Rahul Basu
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Petitioning Arun Jaitley, Suresh Prabhu, Siddaramaiah, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Railways, C.M of Karnataka

Demanding for Suburban rail in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru..!! The Silicon Valley and IT hub of India. Thousands of employees from different parts of the country are working here in Bengaluru in IT, BT and other sectors. As a result of this there has been a huge contribution of tax to the central government from the state of Karnataka. As there are huge number of employees in the city, road traffic has been a big challenge from a very long time. With current traffic density, one can cover maximum of 5 kilometers per hour and an average most of them commute 30 kilometers too and fro, rounding to 5-6 hours of valuable time. Considering the above points, the state government had approached our central government to bring Suburban rail to Bengaluru city to provide connectivity to different parts of the city and to overcome road traffic. Sources in the state government told Times of India that Karnataka had sent its feedback, citing it cannot agree to the Railways' proposition of a 20:20:60 financial sharing pattern. According to the proposed pattern, while the central government gives 20% of the funds for the suburban rail, another 20% will have to be provided by the state government, with the remaining 60% being generated through loans from financial institutions, using state government assets and guarantees. "Effectively, this meant that the state government will have to take on the financial burden of up to 80%. This is very difficult to agree to," said an urban development department official. Suburban train has been a successful concept in all other metropolitan cities except Namma Bengaluru. The government of Mumbai has provided relief to commuters through Suburban trains and has taken initiative to improve the same, a recent news article reads that "45,000 crores is being invested in Mumbai for Suburban trains", why not in Namma Bengaluru? Requesting railway ministry to make use of the existing infrastructure to implement suburban rail system in the city. Considering great tax contribution from Karnataka,We urge the central government to re-investigate the budget and do needful to the state government in public interest. I request you to sign and share this petition to see better Bengaluru. Thank You.

Srinidhi Narayan
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