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When a Racehorse Falls

    1. laurie neilio
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      laurie neilio

      belknap, IL

Racehorses are ending up on dinner plates overseas as the gruesome trade in horse flesh booms.Of all the thoroughbreds born last year, only about two-thirds will ever make it to the racetrack.Of those, most suffer injuries or do not run fast enough and only about 1 to 3 per cent make it to top events....the most desired horse meat comes from younger animals in good condition and with quality muscle,- young thoroughbreds being killed for human consumption.A 'kill horse' is treated with disturbing cruelty, with high levels of violence and aggression, and with apathy and indifference even from those who would normally protect and advocate for the animal’s well-being. .The finger must be pointed firmly at the racing industry, which has a very high attrition rate of fine quality, well-muscled horses still in their prime, often with no road open to them except to a horsemeat abattoir.
We demand alternatives to this horrible treatment of the horses that make your lifetyle and paycheck possible.

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    2. We have a long way to go to get the attention of U.S. and Canadian official

      laurie neilio
      Organisator der Petition

      Get out your pens..Oh thats right-you dont need a pen! What are you waiting for???

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    • Kate Dougherty DULUTH, MN
      • vor fast 2 Jahre

      Please stop this disturbing practice. A CA breeder send a 14 year old mare whose foal died, to her death, even though several people offered to by her. This cruel insanity must stop.

    • Cindy Guilfoyle PORT CHARLOTTE, FL
      • vor fast 2 Jahre

      No more slaughtering of racehorses...need to be a law into place that the TBs always have a retirement home. NO MATTER WHAT!!! no more killings..pass a law to protect the innocent.

    • Claudia Queißer MUENCHEN, DEUTSCHLAND
      • vor fast 2 Jahre

      Why we can't live together with all the pets and animals like our friends? Why we do such horrible things with them??

    • Pat Burchat BRANTFORD, KANADA
      • vor fast 2 Jahre

      I worked at a race course for 4 years as a hotwalker & groom, in that time I saw too much abuse and aggression that I had to leave there or go nuts.

    • Liz Winburn-Tanzer CRANFORD, NJ
      • vor fast 2 Jahre

      Because I have a rescued OTTB. I love that horse more than life!! LET THEM BE SAVED & ADOPTED OUT!! Humans who eat horses oughta go straight to HELL!! They are savages in 3rd world countries, & are savages WHEREVER horse meat is allowed!!...This practice

      REALLY disturbs me!! This is 2012!!! People should not always come first!!!!! Animals are at OUR mercy!!! SAVE THEM!!!!!


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