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  • San Francisco, CA, USA or New York, NY, USA or Washington, DC, USA
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With more than 240 million people using, we are the world’s largest technology platform for social change. Our team spans 18 countries and empowers hundreds of millions of people to use their voice to win the change they want to see. Nearly every hour, a petition on achieves victory. 

In the US alone, hundreds of people use to start petitions every single day, on everything from ending mass shootings to curbing food waste in grocery stores to overturning discriminatory laws and everything in between. 

We're looking for a talented campaigner to elevate the heroes that start these campaigns and help them mobilise the people power to win.

About the role
In this role, you’ll make a huge impact as you enable thousands of citizens to start and win their own campaigns for social change.

You’ll join our growing North American team to build the support systems and tools that put power in the hands of everyday people to create the change they want to see in the world.

You could spend one day helping students create better anti-bullying policies in their state, and the next helping a coastal resident battling toxic pollution in our oceans.

As a Campaigner, you will:

  • Identify compelling petitions started on in North America, and work with petition starters to optimize their petition text, implement smart tactics, and amplify these petitions to reach millions of potential supporters on and keep the pressure up ‘til victory;
  • Be on top of compelling issues and news stories to identify good opportunities for impactful petitions and find individual heroes to lead these petitions;
  • Work with a team of crackerjack campaigners, media, and email experts to support petition starters achieve impact -- you’ll provide strategic advice to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy, media tactics, compelling content, email blasts, creative petition deliveries, and more, as you help people move their campaign towards victory and ultimately win.
  • Build and maintain relationships with organizations, activists, and community members in key issue areas to facilitate the use of our platform for social change; and
  • Collaborate with a global team of campaigners to identify opportunities for creating effective grassroots campaigns that win measurable social change around the world and build global communities of learning with shared wisdom and experience on campaigning best practices.
  • If you are hired as a Senior Campaigner, you will additionally be responsible for coaching campaigners, and helping coordinate across the complexity of supporting multiple campaigns at various stages of development.

You’re a great fit for this role if you have:

  • Experience campaigning for social impact (1 - 3 years experience for a Campaigner; 3 - 5 years for Senior Campaigner);
  • A deep commitment to our mission of empowering people everywhere to win campaigns on the critical issues of our times.
  • Strong, fast writing skills and a talent for storytelling that conveys the urgency, emotional stakes, and a theory of change for how we can win;
  • A hunger for impact: you relentlessly pursue decision makers, media coverage, more supporters- whatever it takes.
  • Experience mobilizing people to take action, online and on the ground;
  • Relationships with communities that have faced disadvantage, discrimination or marginalization;
  • Strong sense of fun, imagination, and a willingness to take risks, fail, learn and adapt

As a bonus, you might also have:

  • An ability to spot 'cultural zeitgeist' moments and to know when a trend or news story has the capability of breaking out and becoming a dominant national conversation;
  • A strong grasp of politics, the political process, and current social change issues within the United States.

Talent, enthusiasm, and leadership matter more to us than ticking boxes. If even a couple of the criteria on our wishlist speak to you and you’re excited about this role, we want to hear from you.

This is a full-time role ideally based in our office in New York, though we will also consider exceptional candidates based in Washington DC or San Francisco. 

The salary for Senior Campaigner is $74,000 in New York. The salary for a Campaigner is $61,500 in New York. In exceptional circumstances we may offer below this salary for high potential candidates with less experience or above it for candidates with significantly more experience. is global company, and salaries are adjusted for cost of living in each city. For example a salary of $74,500 in New York would be $70,000 in DC or $76,500 in San Francisco.

We offer generous benefits including unlimited paid vacation, 18 weeks fully paid parental leave, retirement benefits, and comprehensive healthcare, vision, dental and life insurance. As a certified B corporation, we’re using business for social good. We enjoy our work, and working with each other.

We’re committed to building an inclusive team that is as diverse as the communities we serve. We strongly encourage people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply. Applications close October 4, and we encourage you to apply early. 

We are working for a world where no one is powerless, and where creating change is a part of everyday life. Join us. Careers

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