About Promoted Petitions

What are Promoted Petitions?

Promoted Petitions give Change.org users the opportunity to feature their favorite petitions to potentially interested people who may not otherwise come across them. Similar to promoted posts on Facebook or promoted tweets on Twitter, Promoted Petitions let Change.org users pay to feature any petition (including their own) to other users on the site.

How do I Promote a Petition?

Once a petition reaches a certain minimum number of signatures - depending on location and other factors - the petition starter will be notified via email that their petition is promotable. At that point, anyone, including petition starters, can choose to promote the petition by clicking on the "Promote this Petition" button.

How does promoted advertising work?

After signing a petition, you may be presented with the option to pay to promote that petition to other users on the site.

Screenshot of promotion form

When a user pays to promote to a petition, that petition will be featured to Change.org users after they've signed other petitions. Think of it like buying advertising so that more people see it, which may mean that more people sign the petition, which can help the petition win.

Change.org users already have the ability to share their petitions via social networks and email. This form of advertising gives users another way to promote a petition to other Change.org users who might not otherwise come across it.

What payment processor is used by Change.org?

Stripe (www.stripe.com). All payments are processed in accordance with Stripe's Terms of Service.

Does Change.org save financial information?

No. If a user gives their consent then Stripe, our payment processor, will save their financial information so that they don't have to retype their credit card number each time they want to promote a petition. For further information on how Stripe handles user information please see their Terms of Service.

Are there any transaction fees?

No, our payment processor does not charge users any transaction fees. Charges are processed in US Dollars, so users with non-US credit cards may incur additional fees from their bank.

What is Change.org's refund policy?

All transactions are final.

Is Change.org a charity?

No. Change.org is a certified benefit corporation (B Corp), meaning we are part of a new class of companies dedicated to positive impact. Read more about how we use the power of business for social good here.

Why does Change.org charge for promoted petitions?

Our mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see – and that means keeping our core platform free for all of our millions of users around the world. We fund that platform through advertising, and promoted petitions is one of the forms of advertising we offer. Change.org is focused entirely on our mission of empowerment, and we are re-investing all our revenue into our service to users. Read more about our business model here.

What if I don't want my petition to be promoted?

Users are under no obligation to pay to promote petitions, or to allow their petition to be promoted. If you started a petition that you don't want people to be able to pay to promote, you can turn off this feature on the Edit page of your petition, under "More Options".

Screenshot of promotion form