.@Youtube & @GoogleDE : Allow third party recording tools for YouTube #FreedomOnYoutube
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.@Youtube & @GoogleDE : Allow third party recording tools for YouTube #FreedomOnYoutube

    1. Petition by

      Philip Matesanz

      Wedemark, Germany

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Google Inc., YouTube LLC: Allow third party recording tools for YouTube

For decades people were allowed to take a private copy of a public broadcast. You could record the radio program with a cassette recorder or make a copy of your favorite movie by using a video recorder. All these techniques have been opposed heavily in its early years by the big media companies who didn't want the public to have such technology. They did describe such technology as criminal and as a threat to their business e.g. the 1980s campaign Home Taping Is Killing Music.

Several years later history is about to repeat: Google has teamed up with the RIAA to make the same claims against all sorts of online recording tools for their 21th century broadcasting service: YouTube ("Broadcast yourself"). Google is taking action against nearly every service that enables its users to create a private copy of a public YouTube broadcast while the RIAA is threatening news media like CNet for promoting such a software.

I hereby ask Google to break their silence and participate in an open and fair discussion with the intention to find a solution that suits the needs of the users. I am also asking  Ilse Aigner - the German minister of consumer protection - to arrange a meeting with Google where she will represent all Germans and their right to take a private copy. This petition is also directed towards Neelie Kroes who is responsible for the Digital Agenda at the European Comission: I am asking her to make sure that european consumers continue to have the same rights in Online-Broadcasting they have in Offline-Broadcasting.

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    1. Student streitet mit Google über Privatkopien

      Paula Hannemann
      Campaigns Director, Germany

      Philip Matesanz betreibt einen Online-Konverter, der die Tonspur von YouTube-Videos in downloadfähige MP3s verwandelt. Google blockiert den Dienst, Matesanz wehrt sich.

    2. Reached 1,000,000 signatures
    3. 770,000 Users Demand YouTube-to-MP3 Conversion

      Paula Hannemann
      Campaigns Director, Germany

      Philip Matesanz, a 21-year-old German student studying computer science, believes that it should be easy to convert YouTube videos into downloadable .mp3s. His website, youtube-mp3.org, allows its more than one million daily users to do exactly that.

    4. Reached 750,000 signatures
    5. David gegen Googliath

      Paula Hannemann
      Campaigns Director, Germany

      "Der Student Philip Matesanz zieht gegen Google in den Kampf. Um seinen Online-Dienst weiterbetreiben zu dürfen, hat der 21-Jährige eine Petition ins Internet gestellt. Fast 700.000 Menschen haben bereits unterschrieben."

    6. Reached 500,000 signatures
    7. NDR: Student kämpft gegen Internet-Riesen Google

      Paula Hannemann
      Campaigns Director, Germany

      "Der 21-jährige Philip Matesanz kämpft einen augenscheinlich ungleichen Kampf. Der Informatik-Student aus der Wedemark (Region Hannover) wehrt sich gegen Drohungen des Internet-Riesen Google."

    8. Reached 300,000 signatures
    9. Heise.de: MP3-Konvertierungsdienst wehrt sich gegen Google

      Paula Hannemann
      Campaigns Director, Germany

      "Der Betreiber von YouTube-MP3.org, Philip Matesanz, will nicht klein beigeben: Vor knapp einem Monat hatte hatte ein "Associate Product Counsel" von YouTube ihn aufgefordert, seine Dienstleistung einzustellen, da sie gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen des Videoportals verstoße."

    10. RIAA to CNET: Follow Google, nix video-to-MP3 conversions

      Paula Hannemann
      Campaigns Director, Germany

      CNET: "Days after Google blocked a site that converts songs from YouTube music videos into MP3s, the RIAA again asks CNET to remove conversion software from Download.com."

    11. Reached 200,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Christian Hayes GOODLETTSVILE, TN
      • 2 months ago

      I honestly though that youtube's third party matching system sounded like the worst idea Youtube ever had.

    • Denis Kováč KOšICE, SLOVAKIA
      • 3 months ago

      som youtuber

    • Kendra Berry ASHLAND, KY
      • 3 months ago

      We should not have to pay for music to be downloaded to our phone!

    • Анатолий Вассерман Вассермания, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      • 3 months ago

      Кто РУсский И от ВАНОМАСА?

    • kay cadick AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      because I care for my fellow human beings


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