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Sign the pledge to register to vote this November.
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Are you sure you can vote?

Sign the pledge to register to vote this November.

    1. Kristiane Skolmen
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      Kristiane Skolmen

      San Francisco, CA

There are dozens of new laws that make registering and voting harder in 2012 than at any time since the Voting Rights Act passed. These new threats to block the vote could keep unregistered voters out of the system.

And voter registration deadlines are coming up, with millions of Americans either still unregistered or who need to re-register for November's election.

National Voter Registration Day is September 25th, and this year, there’s no excuse. On this national day of action, Americans will come together to promote voter registration and make sure that no voter is left behind.

By signing, you commit to register to vote on or before National Voter Registration Day, and to double your impact by getting at least one new voter to get registered.

If you’re eligible to register and vote, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. And when you sign this petition, you can help create the pressure and positive reinforcement needed to bring new voters into our process.

We’re at our strongest when we stand together. Sign this petition and celebrate National Voter Registration Day.

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