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YMCA of Greater Kansas City: Keep the Raytown YMCA open (Richard C. Green Sr Family YMCA)

    1. Reverend Kathryn Leclere
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      Reverend Kathryn Leclere

      Kansas City, MO

In less than one month, the YMCA of Greater Kansas City will close two branches on the east side of the Metro, in Raytown and Independence.

The YMCA of GKC says that dwindling membership and deferred maintenance costs are to blame.

There might be soaring maintenance costs for the 100-year-old Kansas City, Kansas, facility or the 48-year-old Independence location. But the Raytown YMCA is still a shiny, relatively-new 15-year-old building. How many deferred maintenance costs can it have?

And, while they might see that membership has “dwindled,” having a nearby YMCA facility means a lot to the combined 1,900 current members. 

Raytown YMCA also has the only warm-water therapeutic pool with a zero-step entry. This is crucial for those of us who are disabled or have physical challenges and can only exercise in water.

We are being “encouraged” to go to the Cleaver or Linwood YMCA. Why would we drive to areas that have an eight-times higher rate of "crimes against persons" when compared to Raytown?

Most of us, then, will be forced to either change fitness companies or make the 28-mile, round-trip drive to the Blue Springs Family YMCA. This is an undue burden on the elderly and disabled and those with children.

The east-side communities of Kansas City deserve the same accessibility to a YMCA as our more-wealthy downtown bankers and lawyers.  Therefore, for the sake of our community, PLEASE keep the Raytown YMCA open.

YMCA of Greater Kansas City
Keep the Raytown YMCA open (Richard C. Green Sr Family YMCA)

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    • Monica Rodriquez RAYTOWN, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      I worry about Raytown's youth , elderly, and special needs population that rely on this YMCA, asking them to travel to the intercity (Cleaver YMCA), Downtown, or Blue Springs, Mo. I feel is terribly unfair and insensitive of you , Mr. Byrd. I don't understand the need to close RCG YMCA when there is not another in this district :Lees Summit, Mo and Independence, Mo (closing soon) . There are too many reports of violence and thief at Red Bridge for us to feel truly comfortable at that facility. As for the condition of RCG YMCA, we take very good care of our Y because we love and our proud to have it as a cornerstone in our community. I and many others have cancelled our membership at RCG Y. But if you should change your mind and keep our Y open, we will come back. Please, give it a second thought and do the right thing. Thank you, Monica Rodriquez

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    • Judy Jordan LEE'S SUMMIT, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      The nurse at the school where I teacher has MD and has had much increased flexibility and strength from going swimming at this YMCA. This particular one is closest to her home which is important because she does not have much energy to drive elsewhere after a long work day.

    • Elizabeth Walsh RAYTOWN, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      I have been a lap swimmer for many years due to severe arthritis in my knee. The main concern though is all of the elderly people who begin their day at the Y. This may is what keeps them mentally and physically healthy. For the Y to cite their "mission" and close these Y's is inexcusable.

    • Jason Redmond INDEPENDENCE, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      I am a Vet with children and there is no where else with Child care for us to go.

    • Carolyn Ullrich INDEPENDENCE, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      I was born and raised in Raytown. I still drive 30 min across town to go there, because I have been going there for 15 years. I don't think people realize the importance that Y has to the Raytown community. Every day tons of teenagers go there. If this why closes where will they go to spend their free time. I watch kids who are amazing athletes, who have potential to get college scholar ships. What will come of them. Closing this why will ruin the futures of current and future Raytown students. And lets not forget about the elderly community..and all the people who will lose their jobs. I will miss seeing familiar friendly faces, but I am truly worried about the impact on the rest of the community.


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