Remove Kinect requirement for console usage
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Remove Kinect requirement for console usage

    1. Rick Brumfield
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      Rick Brumfield

      Springfield, MO

Microsoft themselves say that using the Kinect is totally optional, except they require you to have it plugged in at all time to use the machine. This is poor thinking, design, & very restricting to users. In the last 30+ years of console gaming, secondary game control peripherals have never been required for a console to actually work. From the NES light gun, to paddles, to guitars, these peripherals were optional & you only needed to use them if you wanted to play a game requiring them. Even the standard controller was never actually necessary for a console to work.

But MS has decided to change that. The Kinect 2 will have to be plugged into your system at all times for your system to work, even if you decided to turn it off its functions in the system. But even then it still has the ability to respond to certain commands. While I am sure MS has good intentions & does not plan on using the device as a surveillance means, there is the opportunity for others to hack the system to use it for such means. And with the recent scares about the NSA & other privacy issues, making such a device required adds to the paranoia.

But one of the biggest issues is in design. Imagine if the radio in you car stopped working, or was stolen, & so your car wouldn't start until it was replaced. Or if your cat chewed through your computer speaker cords & your PC wouldn't boot up. Or you couldn't use a TV at all (no game system, bluray, DVD) because you didn't have cable. Thats what happens if you lose or break your Kinect 2 with XB1. If you have a cat or dog who chews cables you might have to re-buy a $100+ peripheral, that you might never use, just so your system works. If you are on a military base in Afghanistan & it gets dropped, you are now without games until someone can get a replacement mailed from home (not easy or cheap for a group who are already under paid).

We understand MS wants deep market penetration, but theres a difference between forcing you to buy one with each system & requiring it for system functionality. Many of us do not use motion controls or voice controls. Many of us have lived through all of these peripherals. We have tried them out. They are fun for a time but not what we want for most of our games.

Microsoft, please remove the requirement for Kinect to always be plugged into the XBOX1. Give your loyal fan base choice in how we interact with your console.

Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb, XBOX Live
XBOX Press, XBOX Press
Remove Kinect requirement for console usage

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    • michael ryan LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 12 months ago

      i have had a paranoid episode and this is my concern that thing can see your heartbeat and all kinds of odd stuff i was set on getting the ps4 but saw the killer instinct 2013 videos a few days ago so have to get one but xbox on for me will be getting up and plugging it in not voice activated dont mind someone spying on me while im playing it but off is off supposedly

    • Grayson Chambers SHELBY, NC
      • 12 months ago

      This Kinect requirement is an invasion of privacy. This should not be mandatory. People could find a way to hack into the console and watch you. Do you think people would like that? I will not buy this console if this is going to stay like this. And a lot of other people wont but it either because of this.

    • Derek Stiles CANTON, GA
      • about 1 year ago

      We've had enough of the big brother routine. Long time XBOX owner, no more with this policy.

    • Kevin Anderson MARLTON, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      Microsoft should give the natural freedom of allowing them not to use the Kinect restrictions. Many hardcore/classic gamers find the kinect a pointless addition to the xbox 360, and xbox one. I believe that if people do want the kinect they can buy it's own separate packaged box. People were fine with the originality of the xbox 360's controller itself, rather than have to make customers pay an extra $50-$100 on something many xbox fans or gamers will find intriguing to them. others maybe not, but a lot of people would agree if they just kept it old school. It would be safer direction for Microsoft to take. Either way I hope Microsoft takes this into consideration for a more freely gaming environment. All I know is I'm unplugging my Kinect, because I don't want to Kinect. hah hah.

    • Justin Terek FOUNTAIN CITY, WI
      • about 1 year ago

      All it will be is a dust collecter! And after recent events within the government I would rather not have a video/recording device that is constantly connected to the internet within my home! RIGHT TO PRIVACY! I'm sure your intentions are good but it is just outright ridiculous that the console will not be able to work without this unused machine connected..


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