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Shut down their site

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So many people are being put up and blasted on this site. Ruining reputations and most importantly embarrassing them. As someone who has been put up on this site, I want to get them shut down. It's illegal and a health hazzard. People take this too seriously and I see it causing suicide from humiliation.

Personal Photo Copy Right law:
The two basic tenets of legitimate use of another's personal photo---appropriation and the right to publicity---give the subject the right to dictate the use of his photo. It is illegal to use another's name or likeness for commercial purposes without consent. And where there is consent, there is a justifiable right to compensation

What they should do, or be shut down:
The establishment of consent usually comes in the form of a contract or release form. In order for a contract to be legally binding, each party must obtain something of value, and three elements must be met: offer, acceptance and consideration. A subset of the acceptance rule necessitates two requirements: informed consent (the signatory understood the contract) and authority to sign (signature by a minor can render the contract void.)

As a victim of this, I didn't give concent. So please, help take this site down.

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