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Each year, a WWE game is made. This year was the first year that 2K Games took over THQ as the publishers, however the same, subpar group YUKE's Future Media Creators have continued developing the games. There was a very slight obvious improvement that 'WWE 2K14' had over its predecessor, 'WWE '13', but it is ultimately not enough.


There are multiple problems that consumers have come across - including; substantial amounts of bugs on release (that should be fixed before the deadline); unimproved graphics and gameplay (year after year these are generally the same); superstars (in-game characters) not being released with the game - but sold as DLC (downloadable content), even though they are technically on the disc; ridiculous prices for the mentioned DLC (that should be in the game on release); and most importantly, lacking replayability, among a large amount of other things.


The facts mentioned above are only some of the reasons that the 'WWE Universe' (what the WWE call their fans) are often generally unhappy with the WWE games they buy. But the larger problem is the comparative lack of improvement on their games when compared to other yearly releases, and the undeniable fact that YUKE's is not even considerably average as a video game development team.

Tara Carraro, WWE US/Canada Media Inquiries
License better game developers

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