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    1. Grady Duke
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      Grady Duke

      Dubach, LA

Yum Brands Restaurants is the LARGEST RESTAURANT CORP in the WORLD. Taco Bell is one of their brands. Jason Ray smith worked for Taco Bell, Stockwell Rd. Bossier City, Louisiana. He was threatened, harassed, & bullied by a fellow employee in front of Mgt. He was told he needed to be taken out to the corn field and have the gay beaten out of him. When he reported it; he was harassed and intimidated by Taco Bell Mgt, District Manager at that. Connecting Rainbows called for a World Wide Boycott of Yum Brand Restaurants. They responded & fired Jason Ray Smith and told him he had to take down his Facebook and Connecting Rainbows pages before he could return to work. Lambda Legal is investigating the incident, but our efforts augment their investigation. We are asking that Yum Brand Restaurants apologize to Jason and the LGBT community and all of them stop discriminating against LGBT employees & provide diversity training on sexual orientation and gender identity for all Yum Brand Restaurant employess WORLD WIDE. That's what this petition is for. Connecting Rainbows Across America has called a WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT of all YUM BRAND RESTAURANTS: Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and others. They are trying to acquire a restaurant chain in China. We want to prevent another Matthew Sheppard type act. Please kindly sign our petition. Your sincere consideration is greatly a ppreciated. Thanks Louisiana Group  Connecting Rainbows Across America State Organizer, Grady Duke PS: PLEASE SEE COMMET IN COMMENT SECTION BELOW FOR RESPONSE FROM YUM BRANDS RESTAURANTS. THIS ADDED IN ALL FAIRNESS.

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    1. Jason filed civil suit Operations Mgr & owner sold his interest in Taco Bel

      Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      At least Jason got a lawyer, and his case will be brought before three Judges whom I believe will rule in his favor. Way to go Jason for seeing it through. I am still with you.

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    3. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      We are now asking Taco Bell, Stockwell Rd. Bossier City La. & Yum Brands Restaurants to provide 24 hr. security for Jason & his partner at their home. They can do this if they want to do the right thing. This is a serious life threatening matter.

    4. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      Soon to be a press release on this threat against a gay mans life. Jason has an appt. with the FBI & the US Justice Dept. to discuss this death threat & continued harassment at his home, by an unknown. Now again we are concerned with Jason & his partner's safety. These continued harassments have been reported to the local police depts, & Bossier Parish Sheriffs Dept. This was a real threat & these harassments continue. We are sure that Taco Bell & Yum Brands Restaurants have nothing to do with these continued harassments; however if they would provide such training to all employees as the petition is asking; this may can be prevented in the future.

    5. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      Rob Poetsch • Taco Bell doesn't tolerate harassment of any kind, period. Please read this letter about the misleading statements in this petition: In all fairness I am posting the response I received from Yum Brands Restaurants Hdqs. California regarding this petition. It is here as a request that I make the corrections they listed. You can make up your own mind in all fairness. Thanks.

    6. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      Jason Ray Smith was told that he was fired because he didn't show back up for work This was told to him by another employee who asked. This is what I was told by Jason.

    7. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      This petition has been resumed due to negotiations breaking down & Taco Bell refusing demands made by Jason & Jason refusing demands made by Taco Bell. So the petition is reinstated and we are taking alternative actions within our organization & as the law allows. So please sign this petition & share it around. Thanks.

    8. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      PETITION HAS BEEN RESUMED THIS NOTICE IS NO LONGER VALID>This petition is temporarily suspended until local Bossier City Taco Bell franchise owner settles with Jason. Meeting is being scheduled to work out the settlement arrangements. This was agreed to by TACO BELL HDQS. CALIF. office. Also Taco Bell Hdqs wanted me to interate that they the CORP HDQS TACO BELL is a separate Corp from the local Bossier City, La. Taco Bell is.

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    10. Grady Duke
      Petition Organizer

      Please help us. FB is trying to block us from recruiting supporters. Use every means at your disposal to get this life saving petition OUT. COME OUT. This is not a joke, span, or any kind of viurs. THIS IS FOR REAL. Someone you know or love works for a restaurant. YUM BRANDS RESTAURANTS is the LARGEST REST. CORP in the WORLD, employeeing over ONE MILLION associates & employees. This will make a great impact on their & other restaurant & service industry workers. Don't let our relatives, friends & LGBT people & allies be treated this way. Thanks so very much.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Alicia Marsiglia PONCHATOULA, LA
      • almost 3 years ago

      People need to stop judging the gay community. Everyone has the right to love.... Jason needs to be apologized to for more than one reason. Firing someone because they are gay is ILLEGAL!!!!

    • Dustin Walden GAINESVILLE, GA
      • about 3 years ago

      I'm signing becasue I believe it's a FRANCHISE Taco Bell that treated him this way. I'm gay and I'm open at work and I am management. It's in the handbook. I don't believe that it's Yum Brands! IT's that Taco Bell owners part to apologize!

    • Rachel Pappas MT AIRY, MD
      • about 3 years ago

      Sad and horrendous that this is allowed to go on. Now who is it who is "abnormal"?

    • Summer Gallegos MIDLOTHIAN, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      Shame on you Yum Inc. This is completely unacceptable. I personally go to many of your restrauntes but until this is resolved I can assure you neither myself or any of my friends and family will be customers of yours and I will make this a personal mission to get this petition to as many people as I can and stop them from associating with your company if you continue to allow this kind treatment to your LGBT employees.

    • T Crook MONROE, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Shame on your Yum Inc. I'll spend my hard earned money elsewhere from now on. This is insane in this day and time that workplace bullying, intimidation, threats of violence and downright nastiness are allowed. It speaks volumes of your company if you decide to allow it to continue.


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