ACT NOW: Don’t let the #childrenofsyria lose another year to bloodshed and suffering.
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ACT NOW: Don’t let the #childrenofsyria lose another year to bloodshed and suffering.

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On March 15, the Syria conflict will be 3 years old. The #childrenofsyria can’t afford another year of suffering, another year without education and protection. Take action NOW: call on world leaders to end the violence against Syrian children, for more investment in education and protection for all children, and an end to the blocking of humanitarian aid and attacks on humanitarian workers, schools and hospitals. 

For three years, too many innocent people in Syria have suffered – above all the #childrenofsyria. They have seen homes, schools and hospitals destroyed.  They have borne the brunt of indiscriminate violence and witnessed unspeakable abuse. Millions have been forced to flee, while millions more are trapped inside Syria in horrific conditions.

The #childrenofsyria cannot afford another year of suffering.   

The #childrenofsyria cannot afford another year without physical and emotional protection.

The #childrenofsyria cannot afford another year without the chance to learn and thrive.

Another year of loss can mean the loss of a generation – with devastating consequences for the future of Syria and the region.

To those who can end the horror and bloodshed for the #childrenofsyria and who can prevent the loss of this generation, I call for:   

An end to the violence against the #childrenofsyria. All those involved in the fighting must fully respect humanitarian law, end the recruitment of children, and commit to a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

An end to blocking of humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian organizations must be allowed to safely reach all those who are suffering.

An end to attacks on humanitarian workers and facilities – especially schools and hospitals. 

A renewed commitment to reconciliation and tolerance – led by all communities affected by the conflict, involving children and young people.      

More investment in the education and psychological protection of all children affected by the conflict. Children need help to recover from the traumas they have faced and acquire the skills they will need to help rebuild their country and strengthen the stability of the region. 



About 'No Lost Generation'
‘No Lost Generation’ is a comprehensive strategy designed to support the education and protection of children affected by the conflict in Syria, mobilizing resources and implementing critical initiatives on the ground to equip children with the skills and provide the psychological support needed for them to help shape a better, peaceful future for Syria and the region. The public campaign inspires advocates to be champions for the #childrenofsyria, drawing renewed attention to the need to stop the violence and suffering for children, ensure humanitarian access and respect for humanitarian law, and invest in protection, education and peacebuilding with children. Learn more:

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    • Kimleang Smann SAN DIEGO, CA
      • about 7 hours ago

      This better not be a scam.

      • 3 days ago

      Because this has gone on long enough and people are forgetting about the suffering of these children.

    • Dora Barbee BANGKOK, THAILAND
      • 4 days ago

      Please help! They're children!

    • gwynn miller LOUISBURG, MO
      • 5 days ago

      Because every child deserves compassion and love . We don't need more laws but given back the ability to as individuals learn how to be self sufficient .

    • May Liu AUSTRALIA
      • 5 days ago

      Everyone has the right to live..


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