World Health Organisation: Stop classing Transsexualism as a mental illness
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World Health Organisation: Stop classing Transsexualism as a mental illness

    1. Michelle Diamond
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      Michelle Diamond

      Victoria, Australia

According to WHO (the World Health Organisation), being Transsexual is classed as a mental illness. This is NOT the case. Being Transsexual is something we are born with, and many of us go through a long struggle to be who we really are on the inside.

For me, it has been a long journey of ups and downs. Trying to find the support I needed was hard, and often in my early days I would be called names. People would say I was not normal for being who I am, which is the most deeply hurtful thing to hear.

I hid myself away for a number of years, too scared to be myself. But as time went by, I knew I had to find a way to be who I truly am on the inside. 

I finally came out in 2009, and I have not looked back since. I’m not sick. I’m transgender.

But powerful organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO) say that transsexualism is a mental disorder -- it’s on their list of mental illnesses.

This isn’t only incredibly hurtful and degrading for people like me around the world, it also supports and perpetuates attitudes that do huge damage both mentally and physically.

Decades ago, the World Health Organisation classified homosexuality as a mental illness -- something that is unthinkable today.

So many countries have asked WHO to remove transexuality from that list. In 2011, the European Parliament called on WHO to cease to consider transsexuality as a disease. But today transexuality is still there.

Right now, WHO is revising the classification. It's time to say it loud and clear: transsexuals are not sick. Please sign and share the petition

This is a global campaign in which we are joining together from all parts of the globe to have this revised.

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    2. Let's HOPE the World Health Organisation follows suit!

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer
      APA Revises Manual: Being Transgender Is No Longer A Mental Disorder

      This Saturday, the American Psychiatric Association board of trustees approved the latest proposed revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, what will now be known as the DSM-V. This marks a historic milestone for people who are transgender and gender non-conforming, as their identities are no longer classified as a mental disorder.

    3. Diamond effort in trans fight

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer
      Diamond effort in trans fight | Star Observer

      A Queensland trans woman has taken a prominent role in tackling trans discrimination on a global scale. The World Health Organisation (WHO) still includes 'transsexualism' in its list of mental disorders, something that Gold Coast campaigner Michelle Diamond (pictured) sees as discrimination that adds to the struggle that she faces on a daily basis.

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    5. Gaynewsnetwork reports on WHO classification

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer
      Calls to remove transsexualism from WHO disorders list - Gay News Network

      In the lead up to Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), thousands have signed a petition to have transsexualism removed from the World Health Organisations (WHO) mental disorders list.

    6. Another interview regarding the WHO classification/petition

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer

      Podcast for the 18th now available: Trans Remembrance day special including your feedback; guest Michelle Diamond on WHO petition; huge week: Out in the Open, Albury Equal love, marriage forum, Beccy Cole; and much more.

    7. JOYFM interview regarding the petition

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer

      To listen into my interview last night on JOYFM 94.9 regarding the campaign against the World Health Organisation, plus more about TDOR and Trans awareness, follow this link and scroll down to this podcast :

      Salt and Pepper
      Salt and Pepper Tuesday 20th November, 2012
      Last update: Tuesday 20 November 2012 at 9:37 pm

      A salacious look at the week that was

      Duration: 40 mins 17 secs, 20 mins in is the TDOR special.

    8. Transsexualism classed wrongly!

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer

      Here is a radio interview talking about the WHO ( World Health Organisation) classsing of transsexualism as a mental illness, check it out here:

      Transsexualism classed wrongly | 4ZZZ Brisbane 102.1FM

      Transsexualism is currently classified as a mental disorder under the World Health Organisation International Classification of DIseases. A number of petitions on has called for this change. Michelle Diamond, an activist fighting for the rights and wellbeing of the LGBTI community heads the Australian petition.

    9. Reached 6,000 signatures
    10. Update

      Michelle Diamond
      Petition Organizer

      The world health organization are thinking about reconsidering changing their stance on classing transsexualism as a mental illness, so we need to keep pushing so we can have this changed once and for all.

    11. Reached 500 signatures


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