Work & Pensions Committee: Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics
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Work & Pensions Committee: Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics

    1. Jayne Linney
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      Jayne Linney

      Leicester, United Kingdom

November 2013


The Work Pensions Committee have agreed to question Iain Duncan Smith and his department over the way they brief media about statistics. Iain Duncan Smith will appear before the Committee on Monday 9th December, 2013.

We delivered the petition to Parliament. Liz Kendall and Kate Green MP officially accepted it and placed it in the green bag behind the speaker's chair, as is the tradition. It was a big day for us, to finally see all 105,000 names on our petition printed out and to take the campaign to Parliament. We have lived with disabilities for many years and have had to hear Iain Duncan Smith use dodgy statistics to justify changes to the benefit system. Now finally, we have been listened to and have had our voices heard.

Thank you so much to everyone who signed and supported us.

UPDATE: Work and Pensions Committee will question IDS!

96,666 people -- including you -- signed this petition to demand the Work and Pensions Committee to hold Iain Duncan Smith to account for his use of government statistics on welfare. The Committee have announced they would do just that.Iain Duncan Smith will face questions by the Committee over his department's use of statistics in June.

We are really proud that we started this petition. It's often feels like politicians get away with saying whatever they like. By starting this petition we've shown that everyone has the tools to call politicians out if they try to make things up. They can't get away with spinning statistics any longer. Thank you to everyone that signed!


We are both disabled as well as being disability activists. We experience pain and suffering ourselves and see it in our friends, families and colleagues. It is one thing to live with the physical challenges of a disability. It is quite another to hear lies and misinformation every day from our own government.

We have watched sick and disabled friends fall foul of the Employment and Support Allowance process and seen people who are genuinely sick and disabled being left with next to nothing to live on. Some are living in fear of the Personal Independence Payments assessments to come. In this climate, which is confusing and intimidating for some of the most vulnerable in our society, those in power should be operating to the highest standards of integrity and accuracy. Recent reports suggest that the Work and Pensions Secretary may have misrepresented Government statistics to make a political point.


Work and Pensions Committee
Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics

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    1. Your chance to #haveyoursayIDS

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      As you know from the previous update we're meeting with Liz Kendal and Kate Green on the 18th of November to submit this Petition

      We would love you to make a comment about how this misuse of Stats by the DWP has affected you, whether that’s emotionally, physically or if you have been a victim of hate crime associated with the media attacks fuelled by these Lies.

      If you would like to make a comment please use the same email as before – and we will print out as many as we can, to bring with us to the hand over…

      Lets tell the committee how we feel about what is happening… Please keep it clean, we don’t want to edit, we want your own words but we don’t want to lose the sympathy of the committee by being abusive…

      Without all of you this campaign wouldn't be going anywhere, it’s your voices that are important to us…

    2. Our Petition goes to Parliament at LAST

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      At last we finally have a date to submit our petition for the Work & Select Committee to hold IDS to Account for his persistent misuse of statistics; on Monday 18th November @ 2pm we are meeting with both Liz Kendall – Shadow Secretary for Care and older people and Kate Green – Shadow spokesperson for Disabled people at Parliament.
      From there Liz will place the petition in the Petition Bag (which hangs on the back of the Speaker’s Chair), and after presentation The Votes and Proceedings publication will record:

      The petition’s subject matter.
      Description of the petitioners.
      that the petition was presented formally.
      The full text of the petition will then be printed in Hansard. A copy of the petition will be sent to the DWP who are expected to offer observations which will also then be printed in Hansard.

      This process guarantees we will receive a response, hopefully IDS will attendthe Select Committee on December 9th and there he will be challenged on his untruths.

    3. THANK YOU

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      A quick note to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to ALL who gave money to our go fund me site xxx

    4. IDS goes to W&P Select - better late than never?!

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      After last week's post where we confirmed IDS WOULD be attending the W&P Select on Sept 4; we now have yet a further update!!

      Sheila Gilmore MP yesterday wrote

      "I am afraid that IDS is now NOT coming to the meeting on September 4. This was always going to be a session on the Department's annual report as well as the statistics and apparently the Annual Report is not ready. A new date is being sought but this is now unlikely to be before October, which is extremely disappointing"
      Clearly this is NOT what we want but there's nothing we can do except continue with our plans to formally submit our petition to Parliament; actual date to follow; this is disappointing to say the least but it makes our petition all the more relevant as it reads - "Work & Pensions Committee: Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics".

      Entering this petitioninto the Commons should help the members of the W&P Select ensure that IDS DOES attend in Oct & that he IS held to account. So we ask you a

    5. 100,000 Signatures!! A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      This morning at 9.32 Ali Afshar Dodson signed & tipped the figures to the magic 100,00. This is momentous news, we already know that IDS is being called in to the Work & Pensions Select Committee answer for persistent misuse of statistics on September 4 2013; the same day our petition will be formally submitted to Parliament, and hopefully will serve as a reminder to ALL MPs that they are subject to Scrutiny by the People; and we WILL be watching.

      Thousands of people left comments stating their reason for signing as they expect MPs to behave with Integrity & Honesty. Equally others signed stating that Welfare Reform discriminates against Sick & Disabled People; as a group we are subjected to more of the Cuts than any other and this is in breach of both Equality Legislation & our Human Rights. To this end can I please ask all of you to now sign the War on Welfare WOW Petition at and offer your support to this vital campaign.

    6. Reached 100,000 signatures
    7. 92,500 Signatures WOW

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      I want to say a Huge THANK YOU once again to everyone who's signed and shared this petition.

      Some of you (and you know who you are) have been AMAZING

      We are in the last push now; we're really hoping to pass 100,000 supporters so as we can make our demands really heard - Iain Duncan Smith to be made to answer to his absurd & untrue claims.

      If everyone here would please share this again across whatever media you're involved with - I believe We CAN make our Goal -

      Together WE CAN Achieve Change

      Jayne xx

    8. Reached 75,000 signatures
    9. We've Cracked 51,000 !!

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who's Signed, shared, Tweeted etc. our petition for IDS to tell the TRUTH

      We've passed 51,000 with 51,249 supporters - Please, let 's keep it going & show the Tories We'll NOT take any more LIES

    10. Reached 50,000 signatures
    11. Massive Support THANK YOU

      Jayne Linney
      Petition Organizer

      We've reached over 27,000 signatures in 6 days THANKS to all who have signed and shared our desire to seek the TRUTH from our elected representatives

    12. Reached 25,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Richard McTaggart DEVIZES, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 months ago

      the man's a moron!!

      • 8 months ago

      will the government honor those disabiled people who can't work to a fully penion by paying there NI Conterbrutions for them or are we going to see a two tires society ?

      • 11 months ago

      My daughter has been disabled since birth, was not able to attend school or later take a job tho' she would dearly like to, on the Christmas Eve before last, her benefit was stopped and took 14 months to re instate and she is still under threat. I was at 73, a third generation life time Tory. This idiot and his mindless mathematicians must go before they discover Hitler's methods.

      • 11 months ago

      In My Opinion Not just Iain Duncan Smith, but everyone in the Tory Party who rushed through Legislation should now be looking at criminal Charges for Crimes against Humanity, fiddling the stats is only the tip of the Iceberg,people are Dying while being told they are "fit for work" so what actually happens to all these D.M,S (Decision Makers) Nothing, not only unethical, and morally corrupt, they are Brainwashing the public with propoganda, more suited to the politics of a certain German Party between 1939 and 1945, apparently the one thing they both have in common is they are "ONLY DOING THEIR JOB" nothing to do with a social concience then? or Moral Integrity? that expression "Only Following Orders" did not help any of them at the Nuremburg Trials, and neither should it help any of the current Bunch of M.P,S hiding behind the same lame excuse, has anyone heard of the Bullingdon Club? our (So Called Leader) David Cameron, and that idiot in London,(better narrow that down a bit) the Buffoon with the First name Boris, was also a member, apparently, Burning a £50 note in front of a tramp used to be part of the initiation Ceromony, and these people are Running the country,Sorry did I just say Running, i meant to say Ruining the Country, speaks volumes really for those who voted for them without being made aware of little details like this dont you think? Pond Life the whole lot of them, out of touch millionairs, who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Particularly in the Feild of Ethics and Morals.

    • simon bolton LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      False statistics are worse than lies and especially so as it is causing deaths through policy changes that are plain wrong.


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