Woolworths: Immediately sack employee who donated chaff bag jacket signed by Alan Jones.
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Woolworths: Immediately sack employee who donated chaff bag jacket signed by Alan Jones.

    1. James Fraser
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      James Fraser

      Melbourne, Australia


Woolworths community and government relations manager Simon Berger is listed as the donor of the chaff bag jacket that was autographed by Alan Jones and auctioned at a function.

The chaff bag is an appalling reference to Alan Jones’ comment that Julia Gillard should be tied in a chaff bag and dumped out to sea.

I am utterly appalled that a Woolworths representative would condone and make light of a public urging to kill the Prime Minister.

At the same event, Alan Jones made a vicious and hateful remark that the PM’s father “died of shame” -- but Simon Berger didn’t see fit to question that.

To say Simon attended as a private citizen is absolute rubbish. His job description is government relations. Don't think you can fool the public with that spin.

Woolworths’ reaction to this is a disgrace, and Simon Berger should be immediately removed from his position as government relations manager.

Woolworths should STOP not SUSPEND advertising for a 12 month period. 

Woolworths on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woolworths?fref=ts&filter=2

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    1. 5000 Signatures, and still no action from Woolworths

      James Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      When woolworths heard their government relations manager donated a chaff bag jacket -- a sick reference to Alan Jones' remark about throwing the PM out to sea in one -- they actually thought they could get away with doing nothing.

      But in a couple of days, 5,000 of us are proving them wrong

      Hundreds of you have also posted on Woolworths' Facebook page. Thank you. I know it's helping get the message through to them that having someone in a management position who condones Alan Jones' bullying and hatred is unacceptable.

      They're likely to pay even more attention to real customers calling in, so i'm asking everyone i know to help me call them and put the pressure on -- can you help? The number to call is 1300 767 969.

      It'll only take a moment - but if all of us call in as well, they'll be forced to recognise that they risk losing thousands of customers if they don't join us in standing against Alan Jones' bullying and hatred.

      Thanks a lot for all your help! And did you see that the

    2. Reached 5,000 signatures
    3. Another 1000 signatures today, yet still no response from Woolworths.

      James Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      Yet another day goes by with no attempt by Woolworths to deal with this issue. Please keep up the pressure by getting your family, friends & work colleagues to add their voice to this petition.

    4. Reached 4,000 signatures
    5. Woolworths removing negative posts from their Facebook page.

      James Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      I have started to notice Woolworths are removing comments or links to this petition from their website. Their attitude remains one of defence. You can help change that by getting the message out and getting this petition signed by as many people as possible.

    6. No response from Woolworths as of today. Keep the pressure up.

      James Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      Woolworths continue to ignore the fact that the actions of Simon Berger are not acceptable in a modern society. Please keep spreading the word to your family, friends and work colleagues to sign this petition.

    7. Reached 3,000 signatures
    8. Nearly 3000 signatures. Please keep spreading the word !

      James Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for taking the time to make Woolworths aware of your anger at their continued failure to deal with the Simon Berger chaff bag donation matter at a Young Liberals conference.

    9. Reached 2,500 signatures
    10. 1500 signatures in just 6 hours !

      James Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      I would like to publicly thank every individual who has taken the time to add their voice to the petition to have Woolworths remove Simon Berger as their Government relations manager.

      PLEASE keep spreading the word to your family, friends and work colleagues.

      Woolworths would have anti-bullying policies in place at their company. At present it would appear those policies do not apply to management.

      You can help change that attitude !

    11. Reached 2,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Brad Gibbs DULUTH, MN
      • about 2 years ago

      Yippee! Victory is ours.

      • about 2 years ago

      A primary law of physics say: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

      Life is full of stupid actions and painful consequences.

      Such is life.

    • John Smith AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago
    • Carol Moss AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Australia's leader needs to be respected for his/her position regardless of political persuasion.

    • suzanna szabo MARRICKVILLE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      This kind of behaviour is entirely unacceptable, it is only the behaviour you would expect from a drunken lout. Even then it would be unacceptable.


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