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Stop eviction procedure and reinstate mortgage

    1. Anita Reyes
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      Anita Reyes

      Minneapolis, MN

I will become one of the millions of homeless Americans if eviction is not stopped and my mortgage not reinstated. Woodland National Bank of Onamia, Minnesota/ Cindy Koonce refused to renegotiate a plan to help me maintain ownership of my home of 16 years. Prior to the 'sheriff's sale' I had a federal housing agency contact Cindy, she refused to postpone the proceedings, I needed time to gather finances for back payments and monies added to pay the bank's attorney fees. The sale took place with Woodland buying the house, during the 6 month redemption period I could had sold the house and been homeless with a minimum of 50 grand, yet I will be homeless with nothing because I put hope in her words, twice, on two different phone calls she said 'Obama might come out with a program that can help you', and also because I believed her promise of her saying 'I'll do everything to help you keep your house', and when I told her I heard there was supposively a agency that could help with foreclosure she said 'if they ask for money don't give it to them, it could be a scam'. I believe not only was I misled into believing that there was a possibility to maintain ownership I believe I was also discouraged from seeking help, re: scam remark Cindy made. My home is worth more than what is owed. It only dawned on me the other day that not only is she in the position to reinstate my mortgage but also has the authority to do so. I was also denied additional time for redemption even though I made mention that I did not sell my house because I had hoped something would come through. No, I don't mean as in winning the lottery, but perhaps a program through the Obama administration to assist me as Cindy mentioned. My hearing for eviction is scheduled for the 17th of May at 8:45 AM in the Hennepin County courthouse. 300 South Sixth Street, the day before my  birthday. I need help and don't know what to do.Thank you, Anita Reyes

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    • Spirit Whitehorse ENTERPRISE, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      because the bank is wrong

    • Sharon Perry WINDSOR, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      I lost my home to foreclosure so I know how devastating it can be.

    • Mary Freeland AGOURA HILLLS, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Both Onamia branches should reconsider the nit-picking decision of their employee Cindy Koonce, and help this homeowner stay in her home. Times are rough for most of us, but I did not expect such narrow interpretation of the law, as from Ms. Koonce.

      I know, she as "only following orders." But Ms Koonce, we are "linked in" to society in more ways than joining LinkdIn or other ladder-climbing networks. We are linked in when we grow a conscience and stand up for what is moral and fitting.

    • Josie Marin-Reyes MAHNOMEN, MN
      • over 2 years ago

      Everyone has a hard time during life, why add to it and evict? My aunt dont never do people wrong and there is no way she should have been deceived. Please help her.


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