Change the Winnipeg exotic pet by-law to allow hens in Winnipeg
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Change the Winnipeg exotic pet by-law to allow hens in Winnipeg

    1. Darby Jones
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      Darby Jones

      Winnipeg, Canada

Keeping hens would enable residents to provide a nutritious, delicious, safe, and environmentally friendly eggs for their families, while at the same time teaching our children where food comes from, and what it is worth.

Dr. David Waltner-Toews, veterinarian, epidemiologist, and professor at the University of Guelph, has written that he knows of “no evidence linking human illness with keeping small urban flocks.” Further, he believes that “if we do not make room for these urban entrepreneurs, we risk losing a set of very important food-rearing skills that will enable us to better navigate the economic, climatic and environmental instability our society will face in the coming decades.”

Backyard hens have always been allowed in many major US cities, including New York. Canadian cities such as Vancouver are now catching up. Please let us, the residents of Winnipeg, join millions of other city dwellers in North America who are allowed to provide eggs for our families by keeping a few hens in the backyard.

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    • Kasia Lodowski WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      to keep a connection with my food, know that my hens are receiving the best care possible, and teach my son about where food comes from and how to care for chickens

    • Les Lodowski LANDMARK MB, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      We are living in rural area town and not allowed to have couple naturally raised eggs while all around us exist 150 thousand-1.5 million chicken coops. Is-int it nonsense ?

    • Seedknee Mazzur WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      I would like to have backyard chickens when I grow up. I think that they would make interesting pets and provide my future family with fresh eggs.

    • Agathe Arbez WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      i love chickens

    • Kelin Graham ANOLA, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      If I ever have to move out of the country to the city I want to be able to bring my hens to the city and have healthy eggs . Not only that but they are very entertaining and can be extremely friendly!!


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