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WHsmiths: Retract Policy on Sale of Shooting Magazines
  • Petitioned Kate Swann

This petition was delivered to:

WHSmith PLC 180 Wardour Street London W1F 8FY United Kingdom
Kate Swann
WHSmith PLC 180 Wardour Street London W1F 8FY United Kingdom
WH Smiths PLC

WHsmiths: Retract Policy on Sale of Shooting Magazines

    1. James Reynolds
    2. Petition by

      James Reynolds

      Ripon, United Kingdom

November 2012


From petition creator James Reynolds: By working with BASC and the CA, talking to WHsmiths, and maintaining a boycott and publicity over the petition after the policy change was reported in major news papers we collectively placed WHsmiths under a great deal of pressure and displayed the policy change as completely unjustifyable, as a result of these efforts WHsmiths have now lifted all restrictions on shooting magazines. I urge customers to be vigilant when buying the magazines and contact BASC if they notice any age restrictions on shooting titles. Together we have removed these restictions and protected the future of british shooting, and for this i thank everyone involved.


Whilst the age limit for acquiring a firearms certificate (required for the possession and purchase of certain rifles and high-capacity shotguns) is 14, there are a number of circumstances in which those aged under 14 can legally be involved in rifle sports.
Furthermore Shotgun Certificates can be Granted at any age. We, the undersigned, believe that shooting teaches valuable skills to young people, a respect and understanding for animal life. WH smiths has been pushed by a minority group into supporting a ridiculous policy that serves only to help criminalise shooting, a perfectly legal and acceptable sport. Furthermore the undersigned henceforth will no longer shop at WH smiths stores and outlets in support of this petition.


Recent signatures


    1. Reached 12,500 signatures
    2. Stay Focused!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Please in your research foucs on what we believe are the remaining items that are affected, These are Airgun Shooter, Airsoft magazine and the Guns & Ammo 2013 annual magazine. Publishers have been contacted and are working on it. Further more pressure on WHsmiths Via talks with managers, or emailing must continue. By tomorrow BASC's emails to its members should have gone out to every member, and the campaign will be in the next issue of shooting and conservation. I urge you to do reasearch on the above titles, and furthermore if you are a member of a organisation that isnt BASC contact them and place pressure on them to Mass email their members. Cooperation is appreciated as always. Thankyou guys and all the best.

    3. Help us!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Once again i must ask too much of all suporters of the cause and of the petition write to WHsmiths to this effect, questioning their policy and their motives.
      Far more important than this are store visits, we need a constant stream of information on what is happening in store daily from dedicated individuals, weather it be the result of a talk with a manager, or simply putting shooting magazines through tills to check for prompts, while explaining to the cashier what you are doing.
      If anyone would like any support or guidance on these activities please do not hesisate to contact me through this page.

    4. URGENT.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      A recent post suggests that shooters break the boycott and that the campaign is over. I suggest this could be highly detrimental for the campaign and everything we have camapaigned hard for so far. It is imperitive that the campaign continues untill WHsmiths makes a public statement on the retraction of the policy, doing do would make it much more difficult for WHsmiths to quietly reintroduce the policy and double cross us. Please stay the course and continue the campaign.

    5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      On 3rd November BASC found that under-14s till prompts had been dropped for all shooting magazines previously affected in the Chester branch of WHSmith. Has the ban been lifted nationally? BASC urges people to visit WHSmith stores on 4th November to find out and report back.

    6. Achievement Update.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      10,086 signatures. Next target is set at 25,000. BASC alone have 100,000 memebers, where is the support? how can we rally it? Emails have gone out, however some of these emails are out of date, incorrect, not read, we need someting solid and tangeable. Leaflet campaign?

    7. Reached 10,000 signatures
    8. Update.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Update! Our latest information from BASC is as follows: Magazines affected: Airgun Shooter, Fieldsports, Gun Mart, Guns & Ammo, Shooting Sports, Sporting Gun, Sporting Shooter.

      Magazines not affected: .22 Shooter, Airgun World, Airsoft Action, Airsoft International, Clay Shooting, Countryman's Weekly, Shooting Times, Sporting Rifle, What Gun.

      Unknown status: The Field and others.
      If anyone is in town today perhaps do some research for us on other affected magazines? Report back on here and i shall pass information back on to BASC.
      Thankyou for everyone's continued efforts, its important to maintain the pressure on 'Smiths.

    9. Reached 8,000 signatures
    10. 7000.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Well i think so far this is a fantastic effort on behalf of the shooting community, for a petition in its second week to be at over 7000 signatures. For this petition to be sucessfull however we need to once again broaden our horizons, please make sure that you send irritatingly regular reminders to sign this petition to all your contacts and please take the time to explain why this is so important to those who question its worth, Shooting aside, moves by business's like this one also threaten our freedom of expression which everyone should support that enjoys living in a democracy. Freedoms are only for those who defend them, and it is for this reason that our sport has been one that has been eroded away over the last few years. If we speak up now things may get better, if we stay quiet on an individual and organisational level, we condemn our sport. Remember this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkS2BRoCd2I

      NRA: To See Where Gun Licensing Leads, Look To Great Britain

      England's increasingly repressive firearms laws often are praised by those who would restrict the American right to arms, so it is important to realize that those firearms laws, which now prohibit the private possession of handguns, rest heavily on one foundation--the British gun owner licensing system.

    11. Reached 7,000 signatures
    12. Over half way.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Well an amazing response to be proud of, Over half my estimate of ten thousand signatures in less than five full days.
      You may feel like letters and Emails to WHsmith have been like talking sense into a brick wall, this could not be further from the truth, our voices are being heard and if the shooting community can sustain this activeism and response to threats to its sports, we can only see a much brighter future ahead for British shooting. Thankyou!

      Who gave you the right?

      Who gave you the right? The latest music video from the album "Everybody likes guns", available from iTunes, CD baby and www.ilikeguns.com.au

    13. Reached 5,000 signatures
    14. UPDATE!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      It is absolutely essential that we do not give up on this matter until the policy is completely retracted. We will not compromise. It is important at this time that we make sure that every avenue of support for this petition is reached to help change the future of our sport. One day, two days, three days of emailing, lobbying, and campaigning are all well and good, but this effort needs to be sustained for the petition and further campaigns to get the voice of the shooting community heard and to change the future of British shooting for our children and our children’s children. Little steps today, save our sport tomorrow. Lobby, campaign, persuade, be calm, reasonable, refrain from personal attacks, keep concise and to the point. Please make sure ALL your personal contacts have received links to both the petition and the facebook campaign page, shooters or non shooters. This petition appeals for a fight for freedom of choice, and against bureaucratic censorship not just field sports.

    15. Reached 4,000 signatures
    16. Youtube footage of policy in action!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      I urge you all to watch this absoloutly sickening footage of the policy in force. The video was submitted to me by one of our active supporters, an organisation called "pass it on young sports" Whilst i dont expect you to like the content of the video, i urge you all to like comment and rate the video and share it by passing it on to friends. Thankyou. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wH9T7s2Dcs&feature=share

      refusal of sale of a shooting magazine at W H Smiths in Bicester Oxfordshire to under 14!

      My daughter Ellenis being refused sale of a shooting magazine at W H Smiths in Bicester Oxfordshire

    17. UPDATE!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      A further plea to everyone who views this page, to pass on the facebookcampaign page to friends
      Also to make sure all your contacts get linked to the Petition.
      Furthermore, Please start constructing letters to MP's who have Signed EDM311, It is important that individuals lobby MP's who have shown themselfs as willing to Bow to Anti groups.
      Please Construct a letter explaining the benefits shooting brings to an area, and why it is important to you, you should include economic and social benefits of shooting, and also conservation, it is absoloutly vital that if EDM311 is debated that MP's are made aware of all the facts about shooting sports and its benefits.
      More information can be found here.


      Thankyou for supporting this campaign, Make sure you do your bit to save our sport.

    18. Reached 3,000 signatures
    19. Fantastic!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      2700 + signatures currently! This is an amazing feat, I strongly believe that without the community becoming politically active on an individual level and not just through organisations such as BASC and the CA that do a lot for our sport, we will continue to see the errosion of our rights through policies such as these and also the slow downfall of our sport.
      In the technological age it is easier than ever to become politically active and make a difference for things you believe in, and it is now that we must all work together to capitalise of this to make the voice of British shooting and the countryside be heard loud and clear.
      Please make sure all your personal contacts have recieved links to the petition so that it continues to grow. Together we will work against bureaucracy placed on the countryside and country sports to change the future of our sport.
      Please don't forget to lobby your MP's against EDM 311 details can be found in the news post below.
      Thankyou for your support!

    20. Reached 2,500 signatures
    21. Want to get active? Here's a start.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Want to get active? here are the names and address's of MP's who have signed for the discussion of EDM 311 - do a google search on the motion - then write a letter to these individuals, help get our voice heard.

      EDM 311 Shooting of Game birds for sport.

      Mike Weatherley MP
      House of Commons
      SW1A 0AA

      Annette Brooke MP
      14 York Road
      BH18 8ET

      If the good stay silent, only the evil is heard. And these anti's think allot ot themself and will not sit silently, so neither can we.


      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer


      Thankyou for your time. Please Like, Comment, and Share this page.
      Spread the word. Dont let WHsmiths and Animal Aid criminalise and marginalise our sport. Save our sport.

    23. Thanks to the CA!

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      Just wanted to extend my personal thanks to the countryside alliance for placing a link on their website page regarding this issue.
      Their article can be found here: http://www.countryside-alliance.org/ca/campaigns-shooting/wh-smith-decision-ridiculous-and-ignorant

      Further Organisations that must be made aware of this campaign, include but not limited to, are. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. National Gamekeepers Organisation. NRA UK, Any fieldsports, country and shooting periodicals.

      A further thanks to everyone who has signed. Help me help our cause, please spread the word and contact these organisations if possible.
      James Reynolds.

      WH Smith decision "ridiculous and ignorant" - Countryside Alliance

      The Countryside Alliance has branded the decision of WH Smith to prevent the sale of shooting magazines to children under the age of 14 as "ridiculous and ignorant". In a statement, WH Smith stated "As part of our commitment to operate our business responsibly, we have a till prompt on shooting titles."

    24. Reached 1,500 signatures
    25. Current Objective.

      James Reynolds
      Petition Organizer

      The current objective of this petition is to reach 10,000 signatures, an ambitious figure, however with your help i truely believe this is achieveable. Play just a small part in defending the sport you love from those minority groups who would have it made illegal.

      Just as these groups push with small steps to criminalise the sport, we must stand united and push against these groups to get our voice heard. Each sportsman needs to defend their quarter and not hide behind the organiseations such as BASC and the CA that work to defend our sports and ways of life but stand beside them and in whatever small way work together to get our voice heard.

      Every name on here counts. This is not just about shooting, its about a moral obligation we have, to stand up for what we believe in. With ten thousand signatures, and anyone other people can influence, agreeing not to shop at WH smiths untill this policy is retacted we can place the company under pressure to listen to our voice.



    Reasons for signing

    • Sarah Emerson SEAHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 2 years ago

      i dont see any reason for an educational magazine to be banned for youngsters. education for firearm safety and the environment is vital!

      • almost 2 years ago


      • almost 2 years ago

      Banning things does not make people more responsible. Education is the way forward to a more responsible and knowledgable society.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Shooting is an age old sport and skill, Without encouraging young people to the sport it will die out, The Princes Trust and National Lottery both encourage young shooters.

      • almost 2 years ago

      As a responsable shotgun owner and as the father of three junior national, regional,and county champions I find it offensive in the extreme that a commercial organisation applies standards that are in excess of statute.My sons hve been in legal posetion of shotgun certificates since the age of 12 years.I now choose not to shop at WH Smiths


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