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Who's Watching Ohio's Pet Vets? Ask Ohio Governor Kasich
  • Petitioning John Kasich

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Governor of Ohio
John Kasich

Who's Watching Ohio's Pet Vets? Ask Ohio Governor Kasich

    1. Marybeth  Sheehan
    2. Petition by

      Marybeth Sheehan

      Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Companion Animal Advocates, the next time you check in your pet, check out your veterinarian's clinic.  Ask your vet when  the last time anyone from the state ever checked his clinic's protocols, record keeping, equipment, or hygiene.   Apparently the majority of veterinary clinics are never checked.  The state agency, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, charged with overseeing veterinarians' clinics, has no full time inspector on its payroll.  In Ohio, the Board of Health does not handle animals.  So the Board of Health does not ever inspect any veterinary hospitals, and the OVMLB has no steadily employed inspector.  

Moreover, according to a law passed in 1992 the OVMLB has to give the veterinary hospital five days written notice that it will be inspected. The inspections should be unannounced to get a true picture of the veterinary hospital.

In contrast, the Board of Health regularly inspects all types of premises.  In Ohio's Hamilton County  every gas station is inspected by the BOH once a year; every restaurant  two to four times a year;  each school and every beauty parlor,  twice a year;  all tatoo parlors, three times a year.  Every nursing home gets a team of several people who come once a year, unannounced and stay for about five full days on the premises.   Who checks on the record keeping, the protocols, and the hygiene of your veterinary clinic?  Apparently no one ever regularly checks the veterinary hospitals.

Please sign this petition to ask Governor Kasich and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board to institute regular, unannounced, random inspections of veterinary clinics, checking on  hygiene, protocols, equipment, and record keeping, and  to make the complaint process more open, transparent, and communication-friendly to the complainants.  These are reasonable requests. These procedures regularly occur in other Ohio state agencies, such as the Pharmaceutical and Dental Boards, and other states' Veterinary Licensing Boards.

Recent signatures


    1. Ohio pets and their owners need SB 217!

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio has a pending bill, SB 217, Veterinary Hospital Inspections, that needs our grassroots support in November and December. This Cook County case clearly shows why "surprise inspections" are needed in animal hospitals.

      "Police said the hospital was rife with urine, feces and 'animals in various stages of decay.' A total of four dead dogs were found, along with 10 other animals in "various stages of emaciation," including nine dogs and one cat, according to investigators."


      2 Arrested After Dogs Found Dead at Dolton Animal Hospital

      Two people have been arrested in connection with an animal cruelty investigation at a south suburban animal hospital where several dogs were found dead. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is expected to announce details of the arrests at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

    2. Washington Vet's License Suspended With Allegations of Improper Drug Use

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Widely share this post for awareness of the importance of having "surprise" animal hospital inspections!

      Ohio has a drug epidemic! Who is checking on the veterinary drugs in animal hospitals?

      Ohio must enact SB 217, Veterinary Hospital Inspections, to put "another set of eyes" in animal hospitals during unannounced inspections.

      Let's look at the allegations against this veterinarian to understand what might happen with veterinary drugs.

      This Washington vet had his license suspended when he "allegedly admitted to diverting drugs from his veterinary clinic and injecting himself for a 'long time' and 'multiple times daily.'"



      Bellingham veterinarian's license suspended because of alleged drug use

      The state has suspended the license of a Bellingham veterinarian who allegedly admitted to diverting drugs from his veterinary clinic and injecting himself for a "long time" and "multiple times daily." Todd William Perry, the owner of Fountain Veterinary Hospital, is barred from practicing in Washington state until the allegations against him have been resolved.

    3. Widely Share for Awareness of SB 217, Animal Hospital Inspections!

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      I made a video (2 min) for you, explaining SB 217, Veterinary Hospital Inspections.

      Widely share for awareness of this wonderful bill, which aims to protect Ohio animals, as patients, Ohio pet owners, as consumers, and Ohio veterinarians, as colleagues.


      Enjoy the summer ahead of us!


    4. Washington Veterinarian Sanctioned for Hurting Animals!

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Let's look at a Washington veterinarian, recently sanctioned by the Veterinary Board. What are your thoughts about the sanctions on his case? Please read the full article before you answer.

      Peter Rule, DVM, "can keep his license to practice, but he'll be on probation for three years for botching surgeries, taking painkillers meant for his patients, and 'using unnecessary force' on animals."

      Read the claims from some workers in Dr. Peter Rule's animal hospital. "From 2005 to 2008, veterinarian Peter Rule slapped and punched dogs, pulled their tails and in one instance choked a Chihuahua to unconsciousness to subdue the dog."


      Ferndale veterinarian sanctioned for hurting animals, botched surgeries

      FERNDALE - A Ferndale veterinarian can keep his license to practice, but he'll be on probation for three years for botching surgeries, taking painkillers meant for his patients and "using unnecessary force" on animals.

    5. Is the Ohio Vet Board Protecting the Public?

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      This is excellent support for Ohio to have random, unannounced inspections (which do NOT occur now) of its veterinary hospitals.

      "Dogs don`t have to be in a kennel to catch the airborne illness they can easily get infected at a dog park, the groomers, day care or even meeting another pet on the street. Very similar to how people get colds." (Could a dog catch kennel cough at a vet's hospital?)

      "It last 7 to ten days and it can kill if a young or old and sickly dog that gets the illness."


      Kennel Cough cases showing up at veterinarian offices

      KIRKWOOD, MO. (KTVI) - Veterinarians are warning dog owners about an epidemic of 'kennel cough' in the St. Louis area. At the Kirkwood Animal Hospital typically every week they treat one or two dogs with kennel cough but right now they`re seeing four a day or almost 30 a week.

    6. Ohio Vet Accused of Writing Prescriptions for Her Dogs

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio, this is why the Ohio Vet Board must - but does not - have random, unannounced inspections of its veterinary hospitals.

      "TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio — A former local veterinarian accused of writing prescriptions in her dogs’ names learned her fate on Wednesday."

      "Lee Givan plead guilty to four counts of deception to obtain dangerous drugs in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court.
      If she successfully completes her treatment she can ask the court in a year to have the case dismissed."

      "Assistant Trumbull County Prosecutor Chris Becker said Givan wrote prescriptions for pain medication between January 2011 and June 2011 while working at an animal hospital in Garrettsville.
      She filed the prescriptions on behalf of her dogs 'Sam' and 'Bogie.'"

      "The dogs didn’t need the pills."

      "Givan no longer works in Garrettsville and has relocated to Tennessee."


      Vet Who Prescribed Own Dogs Pills Sentenced

      TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio - A former local veterinarian accused of writing prescriptions in her dogs' names learned her fate on Wednesday. Lee Givan plead guilty to four counts of deception to obtain dangerous drugs in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court. If she successfully completes her treatment she can ask the court in a year to have the case dismissed.

    7. Joel Joseph, DVM, Protests Suspension!

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      News clip on the current conflict at the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners with a summary suspension of Dr. Joel Joseph’s veterinary license.

      "In all there are 16 charges, ranging from use of false names or titles; to fraud and deceit; verbal assaults and slander against board members; importation and possession of controlled substances without valid registration; fraudulent cremations; and negligent practice, among other charges."

      Serious conflicts have been ongoing between the Board and Dr. Joseph since 2005.


      From Broadcast To Broadband - News You Can Trust

      Pacific News Center - The most breaking news, local news and sports news for Guam and the Marianas, along with K57's Trader Horn Classifieds

    8. Florida Veterinarian Investigated

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      This video of a Florida veterinarian slamming a dog into the wall at an animal hospital went viral on the Internet.

      Two state agencies are investigating.

      Let's watch the developments, Ohio. How many times had any oversight agency been to check on this hospital to make certain that the records were up to date, that protocols were being followed, that the drugs were kept safely stored and up to date, that the hospital was clean and safe, ... ?


      Orlando veterinarian investigated after dog abuse caught on video


    9. Dr. Bea Turk Agrees to Never Practice Veterinary Medicine in Ohio Again!

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Bea Turk, DVM, of Brunswick, Ohio, ends her veterinary career by relinquishing her license and agreeing never to reinstate it.

      So, what took so long to stop Dr. Turk?


      Brunswick vet to surrender license

      A Brunswick veterinarian has agreed to turn in her license because of complaints that she improperly euthanized a cat and a dog in March. An agreement with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, released Wednesday, said Dr. Beatrice Turk, who practices at Countryside Animal Hospital, 2909 C

    10. Ohio Vet, Bea Turk, Surrenders Her Veterinary License

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio veterinarian, Bea Turk, DVM, had years of severe allegations with the Vet Board followed by fines, suspensions, letters of reprimand. Yet, she continued to practice without random, unannounced inspections to see if she and her vet hospital were operating with Ohio standards of care.


      Brunswick veterinarian Bea Turk is losing her license to practice

      BRUNSWICK, Ohio - A Brunswick veterinarian who euthanized a dog and cat by injecting their hearts agreed to surrender her license to practice veterinary medicine. Bea Turk, of Countryside Animal Hospital, has until July 12 to turn over her license to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board for failing to sedate Honey Pot, a Pomeranian, and Bobbie the cat in March before she thrust a needle into their hearts to administer euthanasia fluid.

    11. Veterinarian Resigns from Vet Board after Twenty Years!

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Fox News continues to dig into allegations against veterinarian, Dr. Steve Atwood, who recently resigned from Chairman of the Massachusetts Veterinary Board. Dr. Atwood has been on the Vet Board for twenty years, even though the law states that the term limit is five years. - Fox questions how the Vet Board is able to hear and judge complaints made against Dr. Atwood. http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/22463016/2013/05/30/new-questions-about-former-top-state-animal-docs-past#.UajnNdguy54.facebook

      New questions about former top state animal doc's past

      As new questions surface about the state's former top veterinarian's past, the regulatory board which the vet until recently chaired is now tasked with investigating him. That doesn't sit well with Tim Goodman, who says the vet, Dr. Steven Atwood, stole tens of thousands of dollars from his elderly mother Jean, who was suffering from alcoholism and dementia.

    12. 25% of Vets Tested Were MRSA Carriers

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Dutch livestock vets commonly carry a form of MRSA! About 25% of those tested were carriers of CC398.

      This is why Ohio animal hospitals should have - BUT DO NOT - randomly, unannounced inspections of hygiene, to monitor the sanitation in the animal hospital.

      This petition asks for random, unannounced inspections of Ohio, veterinary hospitals. - The health of your family, your companion animals, and your community can be impacted by this issue.


      MRSA strain found repeatedly in 25% of veterinarians tested

      Livestock veterinarians commonly carry a strain of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus known as CC398, according to a Dutch study that collected samples

    13. Inspector "Passes" Florida Ranch With Dying Animals

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio, this Florida ranch inspection report shows us why we must dig deeper on what the criteria for "inspections" of animal facilities really are!

      Dozens of complaints by both citizens and HSUS occurred before an inspector was finally sent to the ranch. Conditions were so poor that one of the horses was literally starving. Yet, the ranch "passed" its inspection.

      We need to look closely at the total "inspection" process for animals - the laws and rules that determine what is "adequate" care.


      Domino Effect ranch passes inspection with malnourished horses

      Hernando County Animal Services responded to Domino Effect ranch in Weeki Wachee on Monday, after complaints of visibly malnourished horses came from the Humane

    14. Law Protects Pets and Vets

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law SSBl 5102 granting veterinarians immunity from criminal and civil liability for good faith reporting of animal cruelty.


      Washington State governor signs WSVMA immunity legislation for veterinarians

      Tracy Campion is a writer and lifelong Seattle-area resident who firmly believes that pets bring balance, fulfillment, and enrichment to our lives. She has lived with and cared for pets of the feathered, furred, hoofed, scaled, long-haired, and short-haired variety. Tracy has also been involved...

    15. Mass Vet Board Chairman Resigns

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer
      State's top animal official resigns under cloud of controversy

      The state's top veterinarian has resigned after a FOX Undercover investigation revealed a judge raised serious questions about his ethics over a case where he was accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from an alcoholic senior citizen suffering from dementia.

    16. Florida Veterinarians Still Practicing After Serious Allegations

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer
      I-Team: Veterinarians still treating animals after serious violations

      TAMPA - How much do you know about your veterinarian? The vast majority of vets have clean records, but the I-Team did uncover local veterinarians who are still practicing after being punished for serious violations. The I-Team reviewed dozens of veterinarian complaints obtained through a public records request with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

    17. Ohio Vet Faces Allegations of Improper Standard of Care from 3 Pet Owners

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio, first, what is going on in this Brunswick, veterinary practice?

      Second, what is going on with the state agency, the Ohio Vet Board, whose mission is consumer protection?

      Brunswick vet accused of improperly euthanizing animals

      BRUNSWICK - Veterinarian Bea Turk is accused of improperly euthanizing animals and is facing charges by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board.

    18. Can You Get Sick From Your Pet?

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio, can you and your family get sick from your pet? - Yes!

      This is a primary reason why Ohio, veterinary hospitals should be - but are not - randomly checked for hygiene by the state.

      Can your vet be held legally responsible? Let's look at North Carolina. There they have cases that have gone to court.

      "When humans contract diseases from their pets, the consequences, in rare instances, can carry legal ramifications for their veterinarians."

      "It's a scenario Dr. Larry Glickman says he's seen firsthand. The epidemiology professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has served as an expert witness in legal cases involving the transmission of zoonotic (disease transmitted from animal to human) diseases. Several cases he encountered concerned children who developed ocular toxocariasis and lost vision."


    19. Massachusetts Veterinarian Voluntarily Gives Up His License

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      "A city veterinarian permanently surrendered his license to the state after drawing two complaints that he allegedly failed to practice proper record keeping, surgical procedures and sterilization measures while on probation for a previous violation."

      "Adam Magdy, owner of Buttonwood Pet Hospital & Bird Clinic, voluntarily surrendered his license after a Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine investigation that looked at complaints filed in 2011 and 2012."

      "Magdy drew the first complaint in November 2011 alleging that he failed to correctly diagnose and treat a dog and properly examine a cat. The second complaint came in December 2012, accusing Magdy of improper record keeping, surgical procedures and sterilization."


      SouthCoastToday.com: Choose Your Experience - PC, Mobile HD, On-the-GO

      Please note that our full site will consume more bandwidth than our mobile friendly site, which may impact your usage rates with your mobile carrier. Additionally, our full site is not optimized to fit on smaller screens and is not guaranteed to work with all mobile browsers.

    20. Dr. Bea Turk Euthanized Companion Animals by Heart Stick w/o Sedation

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      The following news report is about inhumane, substandard, veterinary practices in Ohio.

      In my opinion, the behavior of Dr. Bea Turk, veterinarian, along with years of inadequate responses of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board cannot be tolerated!

      Today's article by Donna Miller of the Cleveland Plain Dealer follows.

      "A Brunswick veterinarian who euthanized a dog and cat will be disciplined by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board."

      "Bea Turk, of Countryside Animal Hospital, failed to sedate Honey Pot, a Pomeranian, and Bobbie the cat in March, before she thrust a needle into their hearts to administer the euthanasia fluid, the board wrote in April in letters to Turk."

      The board "intends to issue a reprimand, or suspend or revoke your license to practice veterinary medicine" for failing to provide proper, humane care for the animals, board director Theresa Stir wrote April 11.

      State law bans "cardiac sticks" without sedation.

    21. Ohio Vet Board Does Not Check the Hygiene in Ohio Vet Hospitals

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio, who is checking your pet's vet?

      Do you know that CDC says that 70% of new infectious diseases come to us from animals?

      Ohio vet hospitals should be (BUT ARE NOT) checked by the Ohio Vet Board for hygiene. The chart below lists the many infectious diseases that can be spread from companion animals to humans.

      Kindly share! Every new signature on this petition goes directly to a computer at the Vet Board. It lets the OVMLB know that this oractice does not foster public trust, does not promote public health, and does not protect Ohio animals nor Ohio pet owners and their families.


    22. Vet Hospitals Need Inspections to Monitor & Control Zoonotic Disease

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Zoonotic diseases are very common! This is a primary reason why Ohio should have (but does not have) random, unannounced inspections of its veterinary hospitals.

      "Like" my FB page, Paws and the Law, if you agree.


      "Around two-thirds of the diseases that human beings acquire are zoonotic in nature. Pathogens that frequently cause diseases are passed on to humans by animals. Studying these diseases is also important to maintain the ecological balance."


      'Two-thirds of human diseases come from animals' - The Times of India

      Animals and humans exchange a lot of things, including some disease causing germs.

    23. Oklahoma Veterinarian Practicing Without a License

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      "A Tulsa veterinarian was charged Thursday with cruelty to animals, practicing veterinary medicine without a license and manufacturing a false prescription, court records show.

      Ralph Grogan, 83, is accused of practicing veterinary medicine without a license after Aug. 7, according to the charges filed in Tulsa County District Court.

      A warrant was issued for his arrest Thursday."


      Know Your World | Tulsa World

      Unable to find the requested article. Use the search utility if you know detail about the article you are looking for or contact our support staff for assistance. Thank you for visiting tulsaworld.com. Click the following link to return to the tulsaworld.com home page.

    24. Ohio, Fake Vet to Be Sentenced on March 15

      Marybeth  Sheehan
      Petition Organizer

      Ohio, how was Brandi Tomko able to practice veterinary medicine - undetected - in Ohio?

      Judge Finds Accused Fake Veterinarian Guilty

      AKRON, Ohio - Brandi Tomko, 36, showed no emotion as Summit County Common Pleas Judge Paul Gallagher found her guilty of all 8 remaining charges in the indictment against her, including practicing without a license. Tomko was accused of portraying herself as a veterinarian at the C&D Animal Hospital on Britain Road in Akron.


    Reasons for signing

    • Jennifer Dodds LIMA, OH
      • 10 days ago

      My pets care is as important to me as my own. I love them all dearly and I think that vets should be watched as much as physicians to ensure our animals receive the best care.

    • Marcy OBrien SHADE, OH
      • about 1 month ago

      Animals are an important part of my life.

    • Lynda Strunak PARMA HEIGHTS, OH
      • about 1 month ago

      Last year, the week of xmas I took my happy, healthy 7 yr old dog to the vet because she slipped on the tile getting up. A minor sprain. I don't know what they did to her, (I suspect they dropped her and broke her back) but they killed her. The state vet board found them in violation of unsanitary conditions and inhumane treatment. I am suing them in civil court and wondered if anyone would have advice/guidance in this matter. Since I am on disability, I don’t have the means to hire a lawyer but feel I need to fight for my baby-she was more than a companion animal-she was my family. I have no legal background, but they stole half her life and put her through pain and misery. They made no attempt to save her-they should not just be allowed to continue this kind of practice. I rescued her from a shelter but could not rescue her from her vet. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Candy Chatelain LOUISVILLE, OH
      • 3 months ago

      Because my Ohio Veterinarian sedated two of my dogs with two shots before a heart stick to finish the euthanasia. After the second injection both of the dogs had a major seizure before the heart stick was done. This was very upsetting to me because I stayed with both of my dogs during the procedures.

    • Pamela Vincent CARROLL, OH
      • 6 months ago

      I assumed that the vet clinics were just like hospitals. This is a shock to me that a place you take your beloved pet to is not being monitored to make sure it is safe.


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