White House and U.S. Congress: Stop Build of Fracked Gas Pipeline Through New York City's Most Devastated Communities
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White House and U.S. Congress: Stop Build of Fracked Gas Pipeline Through New York City's Most Devastated Communities

    1. Petition by

      United H.O.M.E.E. Federation



This petition is a protest against this unnecessary, uncalled-for action. We all know, especially our New York City residents, with me as a lifelong resident, that The Rockaways, Staten Island and Brooklyn of New York City have been devastated and ravaged by what Hurricane Sandy has left behind. Homes are destroyed. Streets are rendered down merely to broad dirt roads. Spontaneous Fires are very possible and occurrent in the areas. Burned Down Houses. Displaced Families, Children and Elderly.
Firstly, this gas pipeline is absolutely hazardous and detrimental to the community, especially during these times. If energy is going to be sought after, why can't it be done another way, a safer and healthier way? Why can't it wait until these communities get back on their feet? Secondly, a Gas Pipeline is not what these communities need right now. What they need is the government's and the people's aid and consideration in helping them recover, by providing temporary shelter and housing, prepared meals, quality water, reconstructed residences, essential living supplies and much more. If you are a fellow New Yorker, hard-working American or just a decent Human Being, please understand this cry for help and sign this petition, letting the government know what is truly right for these displaced families and suffering individuals.

Let President Barak H. Obama and the U.S. Congress, Senators and Representatives alike, that they need to get their priorities straight and consider the people ahead everything else, especially now.

 Below is a background description of the current situation:

   Congress has passed a bill approving the construction of a toxic, fracked gas pipeline through The Rockaways (It has just been reported that this "project" has been approved for The Rockaways, Staten Island and Brooklyn). This community, which was extremely hard hit by Hurricane Sandy is still without power. With the community struggling to get back on their feet, Congress went ahead and pushed through legislation without allowing the local residents the opportunity to comment on this pipeline, which will directly impact their community. The gas that this pipeline will be bringing into the homes of NYC residents is radioactive. The Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania is where it is coming from. It is loaded with 120 times the safe level of radon gas. Furthermore, pipelines have a habit of exploding and burning for as long as a week. Do we really want to further endanger a community which recently suffered massive fires and flooding from Hurricane Sandy? What is the government thinking? We think their priorities are askew.
The local residents want to rebuild the green way. Building a fossil fuel pipeline through a community, which is currently suffering the effects of Climate Crisis, is like kicking someone while they are down. When will the government support the people?
   Andrew Cuomo came in to pose for a photo op at one of Occupy Sandy's hubs in the Rockaways. The Army had a truck loaded with water to unload into our tents at Veggie Island.
   We want to know when he is going to ban fracking and start providing incentives for building green infrastructure.
   The bill that Congress passed arrived on President Obama's desk. You can comment on this bill here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/pending-l
   Or you can Call President Obama all week at 202-456-1111. Give him this message loud and clear.


Urgent N19 Call to Action: HR 2606 is on the President's desk Now!

Tell Obama to VETO the NYC Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act! (H.R. 2606) that permits the Rockaway Pipeline to be built in the area that was just devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

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    1. From Petition To Pledge

      Hopefully, by the end of this year, I will convert this petition into a pledge, in which one will petitioning oneself and encouraging others to do the same, in light of Hurricane Sandy and what can and needs to be done our survivors struggling.

      After talking it over with CARP, I've decided that the Facebook page for United H.O.M.E.E. Federation, and, more importantly, The United Disaster Response Initiative be visited. If you would like to get in contact or receive updates from them visit their Facebook page which is classified as one of our likes for United Disaster Response Initiative.
      You could also, in addition to or by itself, send by message either through change.org or Facebook with your name and email address and, even, your phone number if you'd like (that's up to you).
      Hang on with people. There is still a long fight ahead of us; even though the Rockaway Pipeline has been approved for construction, installation would begin in a year. We have time; use it wisely.

    2. Contacting Senator Joe Addabbo

      I just reached his office and it so happens that they are partnering with FEMA on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and have also personally experienced the aftermath of Sandy for themselves.
      Soon, I plan on consulting him on the construction of the Rockaway Pipeline and seeking his stand on the matter.

    3. We've grabbed attention of CARP, Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline!

      To all those who have signed, Thank You.

      Now, we've seemed to caught the eye of the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline, a gathering of organizations and individuals who oppose the construction of the Pipeline in Far Rockaways. They've contacted me and have offerred partnership, to which I intend to agree.
      To any new signers, and old, share this petition and endorse as much as possible.
      Spread throughout social networking, social media and by word of mouth. And, like and share the Hurricane Sandy relief group, a cause of the United H.O.M.E.E. Federation, that inspired this petition. Don't forget to join our relief group for updates, events and referrals.
      Good job, so far. But, we have a lot more work to do. Let's do it together.



      The United Disaster Response Initiative - DRI

      Giving Hurricane Sandy Relief & Recovery | Connecting & Working with, and for Helpers and Needy |...


      For all those who have signed, if you would be willing to, please say why you have signed this petition and why was it so important to you personally and why you think others should back it up. Your opinion and thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you so much!

    5. Reached 50 signatures
    6. Update!

      Apparently, the petition needs 100,000 signatures to be displayed publicly on the homepage of change.org. Let's aim for that and see if we can't 1M onto the bandwagon with us, in petitioning the President.

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    7. News From OccupySandyReliefNYC, partner of Disaster Response Initiative

      Get 1M Signatures and show Obama we are serious when it comes to helping fellow Americans


      Occupy Sandy Organizers talk about Rockaway Pipeline & Cuomo

      On Saturday, November 17th, 2012, Andrew Cuomo came to visit Veggie Island in Rockaway Park. The hub set up there is part of Occupy Sandy's extensive distribution system.


      We have received more than 25 signatures. Keep up the good work!

    9. Reached 25 signatures

      We have acquired more than 10 signatures. But, we still have a lot of work to do. So, let's get busy. We'll rejoice when we reach 1M.

    11. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Ruby Kinsey-Love CORRALES, NM
      • almost 2 years ago

      and a very thorough peer-reviewed report on the impacts of fracking on the food supply, that the impacts exceed what was initially feared.

    • james (xen) medina ELMHURST, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because it is wrong to do this to an already impoverished and troubled neighborhood

    • joy m JAMESBURG, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      we need to fix lives first!!

    • Albert Crudo NEW YORK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Please act like a human and stop this atrocity NOW!

    • Myra Gordon RIVERDALE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      This gas pipeline is extremely dangerous. We've already seen the explosion of gas in Queens that burned a whole area of houses to the ground.


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