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Spend Money on Kanley Chapel for handicap accessibility & renovations

    1. Alexandria Mahone
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      Alexandria Mahone

      Kalamazoo, MI

Kanley Chapel is a place where families, couples, and various organizations have come together to fellowship to create unity. Kanley has been known to be a sacred place that should be cherished and not taken for granted. By renovating Kanley Chapel, it would allow people to fully enjoy their experience and not have any regrets, for instance, wedding clients who’s pictures don’t come out bright enough due to the dim lighting in the chapel. It would also eliminate some safety issues such as: unstable wooden pews that are loose, and health issues like heat stroke and fainting because it's too hot in the summer due to the building not having any air. The renovations would also allow the elderly and people who are handicapped to access simple things such as the bathroom. Currently, the elderly have to go outside, and taken around the whole building to get to the lower level where the restroom is located if they can't use the steps. Kanley would surely bring in more clientele and happier groups by accommodating this group of people. When it comes to the physical aspect of Kanley, renovating would be the most ideal so people can actually enjoy their worship experience and not settle for mediocre standards. Presently, the lower level carpet is horrid, having stains everywhere to the carpet giving off a bad scent. The furniture is so old and un-kept that dust comes out of it when people sit on it. All of these things are unacceptable and cannot go unnoticed. Kanley Chapel should have priority on Western Michigan’s Campus because it has played a huge part in both my life and hundreds of others. Some people want to getmarried at Kanley because they met their spouse there and want to cherish and relive every moment of that experience, but can’t, due to the condition Kanley is in. As an employee at Kanley, we honor and strive to make our clients happy because when our customers are happy, we’re happy.

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    2. I had my interview with He Reigns Magazine. Now Office of Diversity

      Alexandria Mahone
      Petition Organizer

      This will bring attention to the university not honoring their diverse ethics

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    4. I will be interviewing with He Reigns magazine about Kanley Chapel nxt week

      Alexandria Mahone
      Petition Organizer

      This will be a top story in the fall about Kanley and will be a movement towards equal treatment.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Brock Mater KALAMAZOO, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Two of my friends went to Kanley regularly and both had electric wheel chairs. This would greatly benifit them and all buildings should be accessable to people with disabilities.

    • Steve Askew KALAMAZOO, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      This is important to many student orgs at western as multiple services and study groups are held there every week during the fall and spring semesters. It is time for western to stand behind its students and show some consideration for their faith and spirituality.

      the lack of renovations to Kanley Chapel suggests that the administration is more interested in making fees for students then sustaining them or respecting their values. it takes a petition to make the university think about spending money on something that they don't get to charge students for!

      in addition the chapel holds respect and many fond memories for western alumni, many of whom have been married in Kanley Chapel over the years.

      For the alumni, and parents to visit and see the place in shambles is not good for PR fund-raising, or school spirit.

      It may be that western like many universities and colleges is administered by atheists, quietly intolerant of, or hateful towards faith and those who observe it. That would also explain why Kanley Chapel has not been renovated, as the administrators see no need for spending money on something they do not personally value. it may even be that the administration is eying the land for some other use (like the deal with trading the Westley center for more land to get their current location). I deeply hope that these stereotypical suspicions are not correct.

      however,if the administration is truly committed to pluralism, they can demonstrate that by provideing a well-kept place of worship, for the different student groups that worship there. I feel i must communicate these suspicions, because if I have them then other students do too. the administration should be aware of the unintentional negative message(s) that the lack of renovation to Kanley chapel sends to Western's Christian students and their parents. I am not voicing my suspicions to bad mouth the school, i believe it is possible that the administration does not know what messages they are sending, and does not realize the deep suspicions these messages foster.

      I only want the university to be the best place it can be for all of its students, faculty, parents, and alumni. I personally have enjoyed Kanley chapel, I have many fond memories of the building. I am deeply Grateful to the University and the Kanley family for providing the chapel to its students.

      Many of my friends who are Christians and students at WMU that are from Africa and other areas outside the US,

      They are glad to have a place to meet and worship on campus as many of them do not have a car here. this makes them grateful for the chapel too.

      overall, I love and am proud of this university, I personally transferred here because it offered programs in my field of study superior to the two liberal arts schools I had been looking at. I merely do not want the school to be represented badly

      in the eyes of its students, their parents, and alumni.

    • Hugo Martinez KALAMAZOO, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      I frequent that place.

    • Nathan Wira NORTHVILLE, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      I have a friend that has a Wheelchair that comes weekly to Intervarsity that uses a wheelchair. There is no elevator to the downstairs where the bathrooms are located and many activities are located.

    • Wardell Sykes GRAND RAPIDS, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Kanely Chaple is more than just a place to worship for those who believe. It's a place where everyone no matter who they are are more than welcome to come in and make it as if it's their home. The Body Christ is always open for anyone who wants to come in and receive the ultimate dinner of a life time. I am not just speaking for myself or for those who are full committers I am speaking for all those who've been outcasted because they don't fit other's "cool peeps" discription.


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