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Western KY Minerals Inc.: Do not approve the Coal (Strip) Mining

    1. Naomi  Sutton
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      Naomi Sutton

AIR QUALITY - Windborne particles like arsenic & lead that cause respiratory tract ailments. These particles can also be absorbed through the skin causing many other adverse health effects.
WATER RESOURCES - Waste sludge from coal mining is a toxic brew of mercury, diesel & other chemicals that seep into ground water, contaminating drinking water & supplies. Dries up & contaminates water wells. Also contaminates streams & lakes.
ENVIRONMENT - Soil erosion, deforestation & water pollution cause numbers of species of birds, insects & fish to decline.
DAMAGE TO YOUR PROPERTY - Property value of homes decrease dramatically and foundations damage from blasting.

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    • Aaron Stone WHITESVILLE, KY
      • almost 3 years ago

      Why kill what cannot be replaced?

      Natural Resources cannot be replaced once its been mined... Before you know it the world will be hollow and we will be living on a ball that looks about like the Ant Farms because of how we dug everything that maintains Magnetism for the earth to spin in its gravitational spectrum.

      Just think.. if you remove an equally placed magnet of proper distance, how it slowly has the push.. well if its doing that and another magnet pushes while the other pulls, you have equal force on both sides. now if you take one where it goes to the side at the correct angle, it should begin to spin in rotation much like how we circle the sun...

      Remove one of those we go crashing outward slowly or perhaps... inward to our death by the Sun..

      May just be theory but I still don't think Strip Mining should be allowed unless it CAN be replaced AND grow back.. AND they will actually go to do that. But Natural Resources.. nope cannot be replaced in my opinion.

      Besides, who doesn't want Clean Water, healthy soil and healthy Air to live in?

      I mean.. we don't want something that is similar to smog infestations to happen where it begins to effect our actual Well being and Health. Now, Do we? DO we? No!

      So Sign the petition and lets help make a better area. :)

      • almost 3 years ago

      To protect my community and my home


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