West Virginia House of Delegates: Impeach Family Court Judge Lori B. Jackson
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West Virginia House of Delegates
The Honorable Rick Thompson

West Virginia House of Delegates: Impeach Family Court Judge Lori B. Jackson

    1. Paul Elam
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      Paul Elam

      Houston, TX

The Rules for Practice and Procedure for the West Virginian Family Court states:

If a family court has reasonable cause to suspect any minor child involved in family court proceedings has been abused or neglected, that family court shall immediately report the suspected abuse or neglect to the state child protective services agency, pursuant to W. Va. Code §§ 49-6A-2, and the circuit court.

In the case of the minor children of Lt. Col Joel Kirk and his wife, Tina Taylor Kirk, Judge Jackson had clear evidence that the children were being abused by their mother. This evidence included eyewitness testimony from outside the family, the testimony of the children, the report of the guardian Ad litem appointed by the court and court appointed psychologists.

All of the evidence, including video and audio recordings, demonstrated the fact that Tina Taylor Kirk was an abusive alcoholic who engaged in an unrelenting pattern of physical, emotional and psychological abuse of her children.

Judge Jackson reviewed all this evidence and subsequently ruled to deliver both children from that marriage into the custody of their abuser.

Judge Jackson even went as far as ordering that the video evidence of Tina Taylor Kirk's child abuse be gagged and withheld from further viewing by authorities.

It is incumbent on the West Virginia House of Delegates to investigate this case of failed judicial responsibility and depraved indifference by Judge Lori B Jackson and to hold an impeachment vote regarding her misconduct.

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    • Nicholas Rusnak CLEVELAND, OH
      • 9 months ago

      I oppose the flagrant and egregious judicial misconduct demonstrated by Judge Jackson in this matter.

    • Brendan Murphy LARAMIE, WY
      • 9 months ago

      judges have way too much power over family matters. For example, it is inconceivable, that all else held equal and he said she said-the judge in many cases would rule with the outsider-the grandparent. if that was logical, we'd all be amoebas.

    • Mikael Vilhelmsson GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN
      • 10 months ago

      No abusive female or male should ever have custody of children, period!!!.

      • 10 months ago

      No child should be abuse! Not by anyone, especially, their own parent And for a judge who is put in position to maintain order and see to it that the law is being uphold; subjected these children to undergo abuse by their mother, I say impeach her!

    • Richard Green CONYERS, GA
      • 10 months ago

      Judges MUST be impartial.


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