West Coast Senators : Investigate the ongoing danger from the Fukushima nuclear reactors
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West Coast Senators : Investigate the ongoing danger from the Fukushima nuclear reactors

    1. Carol Wolman
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      Carol Wolman

      Oakland, CA


Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)     Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- CA) 

Senator Ron Wyden (D- OR)             Senator Jeff Merkley (D- OR) 

Senator Maria Cantwell (D - WA)       Senator Patty Murray (D- WA)

Senator Mark Begich (D- AK)       Senator Lisa Murkowski (R- AK)

Senator Mazie Hirono (D- HI)        Senator Brian Schatz (D- HI)

 US Senate switchboard:

Dear West Coast Senators:

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the radiation danger from the ongoing disaster at the Japanese nuclear complex at Fukushima-Daiichi. We are asking you to conduct a thorough investigation of the continuing damage to West Coast states, and the potential danger of another catastrophe.

This would include a detailed inspection of the facility by a team of experts who are independent of the nuclear industry, as well as ongoing monitoring of West Coast and Hawaii  water, air and food for radiation.  We are especially concerned about making sure the site is safe in case of another huge earthquake, which is not unlikely.

Another big concern is pollution of the Pacific Ocean from ongoing discharge of radioactive water from the plant.  Already, radioactive fish are migrating to the West Coast.  Mammals at the top of the oceanic food chain are exhibiting strange symptoms, such as the epidemic of sea lion strandings in California.

We appreciate Senator Wyden's visit to the site in April 2012, and his subsequent letter of concern to appropriate officials. Evidently there has been no followup. The danger is being ignored. Your investigation would bring much needed attention.

Although the initial meltdown of three reactors, from the earthquake/tsunami of March 11, 2011, occurred over 2 years ago, the complex is still highly unstable, and leaking radiation constantly into the air and water. The Pacific Ocean is more and more contaminated. West Coast marine mammals are dying by the thousands, and West Coast babies are sick. The FDA is not testing food for radiation, although many fish are contaminated, and there have been reports of milk, mushrooms, seaweed being radioactive. Nor is the air along the coast being checked by official agencies.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which runs the facility, has admitted that the disaster was caused by negligence on their part, yet they continue to be in charge of the containment/cleanup process. There are serious mishaps almost daily: pipes break, rats chew through wires and cause power outages, pumps break, containment tanks leak radioactive water into the environment, huge beams fall into fuel pools, etc.

So far, they have been handled, but if any of these problems gets out of control, there will be another nuclear explosion, the facility will have to be abandoned altogether, and the reactor cores and spent fuel pools will emit so much radiation that the West Coast might have to be evacuated. Another 8.0-9.0 earthquake could have the same result, and there are many earthquakes in the region of magnitude 6.0 -7.0.

Meanwhile, TEPCO is secretive, severely limiting access to the complex by journalists and by any experts who are not beholden to the nuclear industry. TEPCO has been accused of doctoring photos and videos to hide cracks in the aging concrete buildings and containment tanks. The workers are overexposed to radiation, underpaid, and must be rotated out after a few months, to be replaced by others with little experience of the facility.

The Japanese government has been accused of lying about the radiation in the area and health problems, and seems more concerned with declaring “normalcy” and safeguarding the nuclear industry than with safeguarding the health and safety of the people.

The financial drain on TEPCO and the Japanese is huge. They are responding to emergencies, dealing with health problems, coping with radioactive fisheries and produce, compensating victims, and working on the daunting task of dismantling the spent fuel pools, which are the most vulnerable to radioactive fire and explosions.

This is an international problem. Many say it is THE most dangerous situation on the planet at this time. It especially affects the residents of West Coast states. Your investigation is urgently needed, to shed light, bring attention, and help find technical and financial solutions.

Thank you.





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    2. Time for UN intervention

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      Please sign new petition- see below

      Japan’s Nuclear Migraine: A Never-Ending Disaster at Fukushima
      Japan is stumbling helplessly from one crisis to the next as it battles the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant...
      In the eyes of industry experts and the Japanese public alike, the company has proved one thing unequivocally — that it is in far over its head in trying to handle the aftermath of the disaster...Malfunctions, bungling and cluelessness seem to be ongoing themes at Fukushima...
      ]“The day-to-day catastrophes are so serious that TEPCO never gets a chance to turn its attention to its actual plan,” says Michael Maqua at the Society for Plant and Reactor Safety (GRS), in Cologne, Germany. He too is appalled by TEPCO’s handling of the situation...

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    4. Fukushima radiation spiking

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      Radiation leaking into groundwater from Fukushima Daiichi has increased 100 - fold in the past week. The Here are some figures from William Boardman's excellent article:
      • 11,000 becquerels per liter – TEPCO’s measurement of Cesium-134 on July 9.

      • 18,000 becquerels per liter -- TEPCO measurement of Cesium-137 on July 8.

      • 22,000 becquerels per liter – TEPCO’s measurement of Cesium-137 on July 9.

      • 900,000 becquerels per liter – TEPCO’s measurement of the total radioactivity in the water leaking from Reactor #1. This radiation load includes both Cesium isotopes, as well as Tritium, Strontium and other beta emitters. There are more that 60 radioactive substances that have been identified at the Fukushima site.

      This water goes into the Pacific, loading the food chain with radiation. Fish off the coast of Japan are also showing radiation spikes.

      West Coast Senators: : Investigate the ongoing danger from the Fukushima nuclear reactors

      TO: Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- CA) Senator Ron Wyden (D- OR) Senator Jeff Merkley (D- OR) ...

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    6. Criminal? Fukushima Daiichi workers told: cover dosimeters with lead platea

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      July 21st, 2012 at 2:53 pm ET


      Title: TEPCO subcontractor used lead to fake dosimeter readings at Fukushima plant
      Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
      Authors: Jun Sato, Chiaki Fujimori, Miki Aoki, Tamiyuki Kihara and Takayuki Kihara
      Date: July 21, 2012

      Workers at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant were ordered to cover their dosimeters with lead plates to keep radiation doses low enough to continue working under dangerous conditions, the Asahi Shimbun has learned.

      the man in charge, a senior official of a subcontractor of Tokyo Electric Power Co., warned them that they would lose their jobs–and any chance of employment at other nuclear plants–if they failed to comply..

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    8. Local Japanese Official: “This is the worst nation in history”

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      July 16, 2012 post by Koichi Oyama, Minamisoma city council member, translated by Dissensus Japan: Radiation Effects Research Foundation issued “There’s no threshold amount” which covered the theory of the scholars patronized by the government from the bottom.
      The Japanese Government ignores it. The politicians ignore it.
      The media ignores it. They ignore their own people !!!!

      120,000,000 people’s life will be shorter in advantage for X years and when I think of the medical cost and the sharing of social burdens, it’s equal to the war.

      There’s still people, like in a civil war, who are wandering without a place to live, without hope.
      This is the worst nation in history, nobody takes the responsibility and this without regretting what they have done and they smooth it over and promote nuclear power
      I can’t believe the government ignores this important article and keep restarting nuclear power plants? We can’t ignore the precious researches of Hiroshima.

    9. Organizers of today's anti-nukes rally in Tokyo announces 200,000

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      TBS TV also reporting huge crowd. Tens of thousands protest Japan nuclear restart
      June 29, 2012

      The protesters, carrying placards which read “Rise up against the restart” and “The nuclear era is over,” lined the streets around Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s residence in central Tokyo as police watched on, according to an AFP photographer. The main entrance to the residence was seen guarded by armoured vehicles and barricades of uniformed police.

      Organisers quoted in local media estimated turnout exceeded 100,000 people, over double the turnout they estimated at a similar protest last week. Lawmaker Yoshisu Arita, however, placed the figure at closer to 20,000 on Twitter.

      The demonstration had been called by liberal writers Takashi Hirose and Satoshi Kamata in an online message which spread on Twitter and Facebook -like Arab Spring

    10. Nobody can stop this movement anymore —A revolution made by citizens

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      June 24th, 2012 at 2:58 am ET
      By ENENews

      Ryusaku Tanaka’s Journal of June 22, 2012 translated by Dissensus Japan:

      Earth Rumbling of “Oppose to the restart of nuclear power plant” “Hydrangea Revolution “in front of Prime Minister Office

      Nobody can’t [sic] stop this movement anymore. Even if the police makes controls, people will gather together. Finally 45 000 people participated to the protest on June. (Issued by the promoter) It would not be strange if it becomes 100 000 people next time. Some protesters calledl this demonstration “Hydrangea Revolution” like the arabian spring was called the “Jasmine Revolution” . “Retire Noda!”, “Oppose to restart nuclear power plant!” were echoed all around PM’s Office and the congress hall. It will be the citizens surrounding PM’s Office which will depose PM Noda’s government, not by the rise in rebellion of Ozawa group. It’s already a revolution made by citizens.

    11. NYTimes: Tepco “has worked vigilantly to shut out close scrutiny...

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      Tepco, Operator of Fukushima, Exonerates Itself in Report
      New York Times
      June 20, 2012

      The much vilified operator of the tsunami-hit nuclear power plant at Fukushima released a report on Wednesday that said the company never hid information, never underplayed the extent of fuel meltdown and certainly never considered abandoning the ravaged site.

      Over the last year, new details of the disaster have emerged that build a picture of an organization that ignored or concealed that its reactors might be vulnerable to quakes and tsunamis, used its close links with regulators and nuclear experts to hijack nuclear policy and — since the accident — has worked vigilantly to shut out close scrutiny of the ravaged plant’s conditio

      Critics were skeptical. “The report is too full of excuses,” said Masako Sawai of the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center, an anti-nuclear policy group


    12. What Is the United States Government Waiting for?

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      We continue to post the opinions of many international scientists on the potential global catastrophe that would result from the collapse of Reactor 4 at Fukushima Dai-ichi. The message now is simple and clear—Japan’s government will not act; it is the United States who must step forward—yet no action has been taken.

      The United States government is the only other logical actor, and I find it very difficult to understand why they remain silent.

      If this global catastrophe occurs, what will the world history books say?


    13. Japan Times Interview: “Tokyo is still in danger of being lost...

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      Ivan Stout, Former Ibaraki resident

      Faced with a seemingly unimaginable nuclear crisis brewing in northeast Japan, Stout remembers trying to downplay the situation at first after reading a news article saying that there was zero chance of any radiation getting out of the nuclear plant, company emails reassuring everyone that there was no danger, and statements from the Japanese government.

      “However, at a certain point, this view of the situation no longer seemed to reflect reality,” he says. “At that moment, there was no turning back and I no longer trusted those sources anymore.”

      Stout, though, feels he will only be vindicated for leaving Japan once the “criminals responsible for this accident” and the “ongoing gross negligence of the situation” are brought to justice.

      “Tokyo is still in danger of being lost and the government should be acting accordingly, prioritizing the safety of its residents,” he says


    14. Radioactivity in Japan

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      “So Terrifying”: Radioactive materials from Fukushima Daiichi won’t be recovered — They are just going to be taken into our bodies — I feel deep regret -
      Local Official: “It is not really reported that strontium is so dangerous that it used to be used for chemical weapons of the Nazis” (VIDEO) March 31, 2012
      Local Official: They found plutonium in every sample — Radiation-absorbing bacterium is everywhere on paved surfaces June 4, 2012
      Local Official: Japan must be only place in world with several million becquerels of radioactive isotopes in urban areas — Incomparable highly radioactive blue algae on school routes June 7, 2012
      Alpha radiation detected near Japan’s west coast in Niigata, Yamagata — Local official suspects levels too high to be from Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEO) May 9, 2012
      Report: 50,000+ Bq/kg of radioactive cesium found in soil near Tokyo — “Terrifying” that sample was from side of street where children walk everyday July 13, 2011

    15. more about radioactive tuna

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      What happened was these fish were caught [and tested] five months after the accident…. but the research wasn’t published until June of this year. Scientists sat on this information for 8 or 9 months while waiting to get report published…

      It still had body burdens of cesium that were surprisingly high for a fish that had only been near Fukushima for a couple of weeks.

      And what’s been going on since then? We know cesium is being continually released via ground water and as well as being deposited from these plumes.

      It’s likely that the next catch is going to be worse than the tuna they caught.

      Every one of these tunas had high levels of cesium 134 and 137…

      Cesium detected from surface to bottom of ocean

      ‘Snow’ falling through water column, loaded with cesium…

      Concentration in small fish is higher than these tuna.

      So one would expect that now as more and more tuna start to swim toward the US we’ll see higher and higher levels of radioactivity in the tuna.

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    17. New problem in the reactor 4 spent fuel pool

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      The pump at the Number 4 reactor building pool stopped working on Monday night after becoming burnt.
      Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, used a backup pump, but on Tuesday, it also broke.

      TEPCO says the pool’s temperature at 11 AM on Wednesday was 40 degrees Celsius, up six degrees from a day before. As of 5 PM, the temperature had risen to 42 degrees.

      TEPCO expects the temperature to fall by about 10 degrees over next 12 to 24 hours.

      Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency comments it will take 3 days to fix.

    18. Credibility is a big problem.

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      Credibility is a big problem.

      From the nuclear industry: http://nextbigfuture.com/2012/06/carnival-of-nuclear-energy-107.html
      Fukushima will result in no casualties and no long term radiation related illnesses, because the key mistakes that were made in the initial response to the accident at Chernobyl were not repeated. Worker doses at Fukushima were controlled so that no ...

      From http://enenews.com/
      Kyodo: Japan gov’t agency compares radioactive material to an “angry and agitated wife” fighting with husband

      Nuclear Expert on Japan’s MOX: “I think the ship is sinking beneath them” — “It’s crazy” — “There really is a credibility problem here”

      Tepco says ‘no comment’ when asked if they believe nuclear plants are safe (VIDEO)

    19. ocean contaminated, tuna, turtles, birds? , Reactor 2 may be in trouble

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      11:15 AM EST on May 31st, 2012 |
      Japanese Professor: Where did all that plutonium contaminated water disappear to? Into the Pacific Ocean or the ground, of course — Who can comprehend the magnitude of radioactive contamination that threatens never to end?

      Full California Tuna Study Now Online: Possibility of radioactive contamination raises public health concerns — Spent less than a month in waters near Japan — Turtles, sharks, birds also at risk?

      Tepco Email: Possible re-criticality in Reactor No. 2


    20. claims and counterclaims make an independent investigation even more needed

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      Conflicting reports about the safety of the reactors and the amount of radiation released make an independent investigation all the more necessary. Peace, Carol Wolman, MD

      The World Health Organization has just released a report
      Good News: Fukushima Radiation Should Not Cause a Rise in Cancer Cases

      At the same time, the Japanese government says it underestimated the amount of radiation released last year Higher estimate of Fukushima releases

      And a Japanese media expert, Yoichi Shimatsu, explains that the WHO report is prepared by people who have a vested interest in the nuclear industry, and have jimmied statistics to paint an unduly rosy picture of the health effects of the Fukushima disaster. http://rense.com/general95/whocoverup.html

      Arnold Gunderson, who first warned about the danger
      of the spent fuel rods in reactor 4, now is concerned about hydrogen buildup in reactor 2.

    21. latest Fukushima news

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer


      Work at Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 “being handled like a construction project and that’s unfortunate to say the least” — “There is no international effort” (VIDEO)ndled like a construction project and that’s unfortunate to say the least” — “There is no international effort” (VIDEO)
      “Pacific Ocean will continue to be contaminated, kind of for the rest of time” — Containment vessels continuously leaking into sea (VIDEO)
      Trillions of becquerels per day still being emitted from Fukushima Daiichi — Radioactive steam continues (VIDEO)
      Former Senior Reactor Operator: You can get a recriticality in Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — “Never ending fountain of particulates and gas” (VIDEO)
      M6.2 quake and several above M5.0 hit off Northeast Japan in last day — UPDATED
      Gundersen: Recent hydrogen build up inside Fukushima reactor “worrisome” (VIDEO)

    22. Tepco, the company that owns Fukushima, has been nationalized

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      May 10th 2012 http://www.theatlanticwire.com/global/2012/05/tepco-get-protective-custody-nationalization-plan/52156/
      TOKYO -- The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which had been a bastion of cronyism and corruption even before the triple meltdown at its Fukushima Daichii nuclear power following the March 11 earthquake, has today begun the process of being nationalized by the Japanese government. The announcement, made on Wednesday evening, explains that TEPCO will be state-controlled and put under strict government supervision. This is ostensibly to prevent the firm from going bankrupt and to ensure that victims of the disaster are duly compensated for damages. But there are other issues troubling the company. The Atlantic Wire reported on December 30 that TEPCO was on the brink of nationalization," partly due to its problems with organized crime infiltration....


    23. Physicist: Unit 2 completely liquified, 100% liquification of uranium core

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      @Heart of the Rose: think it means it's no longer in the corium 'blob' state but capable of traveling into the earth's mantle in a stream-like state; which is much worse than any previous worst case scenario. There will be no remediation possible; resulting in radiological contamination of underground water-ways (interacting ocean and fresh-water aquifers) within this entire region, for hundreds-of-thousands of years.

      Given the amount of energy needed to maintain a liquified condition without significant surface cooling is unusual. Classical thermodynamics has left the building…

      Report Comment

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    25. last post was dated March 28, 2012

      Carol Wolman
      Petition Organizer

      These reactors are barely under control.


    Reasons for signing

    • John Metchikoff MISSION VIEJO, CA
      • 16 days ago

      My family eats a lot of fish. I would like to know if fish and shell fish are safe to eat and if they are being tested.

    • Laurel C B Stranaghan COMFORT, TX
      • 27 days ago

      I care

    • Robin Lindberg PLYMOUTH, MN
      • about 1 month ago

      This is important to me for the survival of the earth and all life on earth!

    • Barbara Poulsen CORVALLIS, OR
      • about 1 month ago

      Why is this still polluting our world. We need more pressure on Japan for the world to help clean this up.

    • Kathleen La Chance SWANTON, MD
      • about 1 month ago

      Are you kidding? Why has the international community not held the Japanese government and TEPCO accountable and forced to contain the extreme danger this disaster has caused? I have read that huge amounts of contaminated water are being dumped into the Pacific Ocean. That is criminal, putting millions of people at risk for serious, life threatening diseases. Every affect country should be on board with forcing an immediate clean up, monitored by international nuclear and independent safety experts.


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