Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson: Petition to have Randy Meeks in Scream 5
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Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson: Petition to have Randy Meeks in Scream 5

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      Callie Meeks

*It is important to note the petition is for Randy to be ALIVE in the fifth film, not for him to make a posthumous cameo appearance.

There's a reason Scream 1 & 2 got vastly higher ratings than later films. Without Randy, the Scream films are incomplete. Please, please, please, bring him back. I'm begging you. You can do all the glitzy special effects you want and have every famous name, but without Randy -the heart of the films- Scream is nothing.
He was everything clever, unique and endearing about them original. He made them funny, original and "anti-cliché - while acknowledging clichés at the same time." Without him Scream is nothing more than generic series of slasher films.
There is a reason that 14 years old, people are still questioning when he'll be back; whether it will be soon. The films are incomplete and empty without him.
Why would you even kill him initially? He was the breakout star of the first film; I do not understand any writer or director would want to destroy a character whose potential was just beginning. What happened to test screenings? Why didn't you realise how people would react -like Dewey in the film before- and change your minds?
In terms of bringing him back, "unrealistic" is not a valid excuse. The entire premise of Scream is unrealistic. Randy's survival in the original film -and indeed, Dewey's survival after being stabbed on multiple occasions- is unrealistic. The timing of the films; elements such as killers jumping up from the dead, on cue, are all incredibly unrealistic. That's why it's a film. It's not guided by real life "rules" but by what those making it want, what the audience want and what is ultimately necessary for the film to succeed. If a character is needed to live, they live and if they are not, they don't. Anything should be possible if done the right way and Randy is needed, more so now that he ever was if future films are to match the original films' success.
But if realism really concerns you, the fact is, people CAN survive being stabbed 4 times in real life. Especially since Randy was found moments after being stabbed and this is just as important to survival as the extent of someone's wounds.
If the problem is the fact having him alive would "make the whole of Scream 2 seem like it was a lie" - isn't that what you did in Scream 3 by completely retconning the killers' motives from the first film? And yet nobody cares about that, the only thing they care able is how terrible Scream 3 was as it struggled on with only a minor appearance from its true star; the heart, soul and spirit of the films.
I'm not just saying this for me; I'm saying it for the majority of the audience, for the future of films themselves and ultimately for you, the director and writer themselves.
Or at least give him some sort of happy ending. Even if he appears in a film, having survived, for 5 seconds, it would be enough. Just please don't let him have such a pathetic excuse for death.

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    • Brittany Wright HEMET, CA
      • 11 months ago

      This is very important so, let me explain this. If you watch "Randy's Death Scene" closey in Scream 2. There are things to really keep an eye on. When Dewey opens the news van door. While Dewey, Gale and Joel see Randy laying in the news van dead. Look closey when the camera moves to his face.

      1. His head moves up and left slightly

      2. He breathes in once and slowly

      3. After Ghostface stabs Randy 4 times. As soon "She" leaves (Mrs. Loomis) she goes through the drivers door and closes it, then walks away. While Dewey, Gale and Joel discovered Randy in the news van. When the camera moves. The Ghostface mask is on the driver's seat, and this time instead of the front door of the van being closed. When it shouldn've been. Instead it is open.

      4. When Ghostface lifts Randy and pushes him against the window. The glass is neither broken or shattered. Just slightly cracked.

      5. The phone is near Randy's hand.

      6. If you look closey. Randy's throat is slightly slashed.

      This could be the "Possibility" that Randy isn't dead. And that he blacked out. Anyone can survive through 4 stab wounds. It is true, that his head does move up and to the left just very slightly. And he does breathe in once, slow and slightly.

      So please, let your friends and people you know to sign this petition. We have 62 people left to sign. I want people to believe that anything can happen in Scream 5. And this is the possibility to make this happen.

    • Edvin Smajlagic LOUISVILLE, KY
      • 11 months ago

      For Randy to be ALIVE

    • kadejah lee BATTLE CREEK, MI
      • 12 months ago

      Because i'm a big fan of the Scream franchise and i love the character Randy Meeks.

    • hannah mustard WAVERLY, OH
      • 12 months ago

      My favorite character! Scream isn't the same without Randy!

    • Sarah Church SCHILLER PARK, IL
      • 12 months ago

      Because I want to bring Jamie Kennedy back in Scream 5.


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