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Stop forclosure of my home and many others across the USA

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      lyn truong

      mastic beach, NY

Wells Fargo wants to take my home, i asked for a Loan Modified in Nov. due to the raising cost of living. I did everything right, Wells Fargo ignored my calls, fax until March to tell me I didn't make enough money[ been paying on time for over ten years] I send of another package, this time i'm $150 short per. month according to Well Fargo under write department Wells Fargo promply served my minor son forclosured paper while i'm at work.
I'm a hard working single parent, trying to give my son and self a beter life in my adopted country. I live a vey simple life. I crimped and saved. Wells Fargo is trying to take my home away from us,making life harder then it should be because I have equity in my home.. This is a crime to treat a long time never late before Nov. customer. Wells Fargo did not answer my calls and fax from Nov 11 to March 12 to put my home in forclosure situation.
I am working 50 to 60 hours a week to save my home. Please Help!

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    • Mary Deeters ASHVILLE, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      because the wrongful malicious intention to steal from home owners with the knowledge of your conspired frauds and conspiracies are working with wrongful unclean hands and unprofessional illegal foreclosures should all be stopped ! Govenors need to issue memorandums to stop all foreclosures because they are all illegal and untop that the illegal actions of attorneys representng and conspiring the frauds is unethical conduct and winningillegal foreclosures is unconstitutional

    • Louise Davidson LOMA, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      For over two years I struggled with Bank of America & Fannie Mae. I know what you're going through with calls not returned and them not working with you.

    • Valerie Lopez ORANGE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because you are taking homes illegally and know it---you knowingly are reckless and do not care. You have made plenty of money of this homeowner and you and I know it--refer to Federal Reserve Publications- Chicago.


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