Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: Save the home of a disabled widow
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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: Save the home of a disabled widow

    1. Maria Vidale-Eyles
    2. Petition by

      Maria Vidale-Eyles

      Pismo Beach, CA


My late husband Geoffrey and I  bought our retirement condo in 1997. Now a widow on disability, I did well with the mortgage for years before being suckered into a bad loan. Too late, I tried to refinance it. Over and over, the bank refused to provide a refinance option, even though my credit rating was in the high 800s. The big banks say their goal is to keep people in their homes, but my experience with Wells Fargo tells me exactly the opposite.

Wells Fargo has shuffled me from one "foreclosure prevention specialist" to another, with each one asking for the same information I'd submitted to the previous one. They told me I hadn't submitted paperwork I know I'd given them time and time again.

They kept me tied up in an endless loan modification process for months, even as they initiated steps to take my home away. At the very last moment, they denied my modification and took steps to auction my home off to the highest bidder.

Thankfully, Congresswoman Lois Capps stepped in to make sure I had enough time to mail in a reinstatement check. I've managed to save my home from the auction block for the time being, but I'm nowhere near out of the woods yet. The simple fact is that this won't be sustainable unless Wells Fargo grants me a reasonable modification.

The so-called “loan modification” people at Wells Fargo have me limp as a rabbit in a wildcat’s mouth, shaking out my strength, savings, time, and resolve, while their foreclosure attorneys declare another victory for the one percent.

It's my hope that the 99% will stand with me, and help me to save my home.


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    1. I will continue to fight the vicious foreclosure abuses! Please join me!

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      I will not give up this campaign to bring awareness of the brazen and cruel crimes the Wall Street Banks, with Wells Fargo as the ringleader, have committed against US citizens and veterans. WF and the other banks/lenders have BOUGHT THE LAWS so they think no one can touch them. They need to see that the people will not stand for this blackmail. Furthermore, they control Congress and the OCC, those puppets whose outrageous salaries we as tax payers grant them to harm us. THEY WANT US TO GIVE UP. Let's not give them their wish. Please send this out to everyone on your email lists, and keep your petitions going too. You are wonderful! You are my hope, and the hope of many others. Blessings, Maria

    2. Wells Fargo Responds: Go kiss our asses, Maria!

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      ...In so many words, that is. After weeks of nothing, finally this Mark Corella character in San Luis Obispo leaves a voicemail for me this evening saying that since I already had the phone number of the Des Moines executive offices, I should use it.

      Yeah, RIGHT! I had already informed both him and half the country that no one ever answers that extension, never mind returns my calls or makes a show of helping me. Like DUH, I already knew that Mark the Phony.

      The Nicey-Nice veneer these WF execs pour on is their impenetrable shield. It is not "customer service"--unless customer service includes theft, fraud, and/or running scams. Oh, and...maybe accessory to... something... a lot worse?

      Follow the link below, and see the TV clip about the man in Ventura who committed suicide last Sunday over an illegal foreclosure perpetrated by...none other than Hells Fargo, who now apparently has blood on its hands as well.

    3. Petition Delivered May 9, 2012

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      Delivering My Change.Org Petition to Wells Fargo

      The short story is that I delivered my petition to the Wells Fargo in SLO around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. The executives there listened, shook their heads sympathetically, said they would try to advocate for me. True to form, I haven't heard anything substantial since. SOS # For the detailed account please follow the link to my blog, the Virtual Pen, as given below.

      Your support has been my oxygen, dear Supporters! Thank you infinitely! I will not stop the fight until fraudulent foreclosures are stopped and the American people are given relief from the bank-induced economic collapse. Keep following. I have much more up my sleeve, Maria Eyles--please see my blog.

    4. Delivered your signatures to Wells Fargo

      William Winters
      Petition Organizer

      Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that Maria delivered your petition signatures to Wells Fargo yesterday! Here's a link to a news story about her campaign produced the day before the confrontation.

    5. I Wonder, What Would Jesus Say

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      Saturday, March 24, 2012

      The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:21-35) Rewritten
      Or Now,
      The Parable of Hells Un-Fairgo Bank
      (The original copied directly from http://uscch.org/bible/matthew/18/)
      Maria V. Eyles
      (Words in parentheses and italics my additions, not in original)

      Then Peter approaching asked him, “Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive him?” As many as seven times?”
      Jesus answered, “I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times. That is why the kingdom of heaven may be likened to a king (a nation’s President, its agencies, and its law makers) who decided to settle accounts with his (their) servants (the big bankers).
      “When he (they) began the accounting, a debtor (one particular big banker) was brought before him who owed him a huge amount (restoration of the nation’s economy). Please follow the link below to read the rest!

    6. It's Working! Wells Fargo Phoned Me Yesterday (03-20-12) Morning

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      Wonder of wonders! All your help is starting to work! Briefly, the executive offices of Wells Fargo phoned me yesterday to tell me just why I didn't qualify for a loan mod...but eventually the conversation softened a bit and they asked me to re-apply. It's a first step. They were sticky-sweet, trying to justify their nefarious acts, BUT they are running a little scared about the bad publicity. I cooperated nicely, however, even though this might be just a sugar-coated version of the same runaround I had before. Well, nicely till the end, when I asked where Wells Fargo's accountability was in ruining me financially. The woman just laughed! She laughed at the mention of bank accountability! SO LET'S GET MORE SIGNATURES and NOT STOP till we let them know what we think about this whole economy disaster they created. Blessings and thanks to each one of you, Maria

    7. Great Thanks to all My Wonderful Supporters

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      I cannot tell you how much your support means to me and my service dog Raphael! Watching the signatures multiply has been so exciting--re-igniting my love of the American people and the American mentality of social justice. So many of you have left comments that are both heart-warming and heart-rending. Your stories inspire me to keep fighting this economic injustice to the end! I am honored you are standing with me against the big banks' cartel. Someone has to stand up for economic freedom and justice--and it is all of us united. For Wells Fargo has already sat up and taken notice of my plea, thanks to you. God bless each and every one of you, and I will keep you posted on any upcoming developments.
      With gratitude, Maria

    8. Reached 15,000 signatures
    9. US Congresswoman Lois Capps Answers My Article!

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      This is great news: My Congressional Representative Lois Capps committed herself to changing unfair foreclosure and loan mod processes. She quotes my article about my problems with "Hells" Fargo! I will add the link, but if it does not work, Google The Santa Maria Sun and see the Commentary. After This Wednesday, January 11th, Google the Sun but also Use SEARCH, go to ARCHIVES, and plug in the Commentary for the Jan. 5, 2012 Issue, Vol. 12, Issue 43. Thanks, and please ask your friends to keep signing! The Power lies with the PEOPLE. All my best, Maria

    10. Your Signature and/or Support are My Christmas Gifts!

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      So many of you have been writing in with your heart-breaking stories of the same Bank Abuse I have received. I feel that I must keep fighting for you and your families as well as for myself--we want these banks to pay back America! First they cause the crisis with their manic gambling, then we bail them out with our taxes. Their greed engorged then they screw us to the wall. This is CRIMINAL!

      In other news, Wells Fargo sent me 3 packets of contradictory mail, which no one at any branch could even interpret for me. (Confusion is their main business.) Finally Mr. Peterson in the President's Office did explain (I apparently owe them a bunch more hidden fees!), and he also revealed that NEVER did my investor--still unnamed--have any intention of changing my loan one iota. So why did they not tell me that a year ago??? Gee. It seems the only answer there is they wanted to steal my home, huh?

      May you spend the Holidays and New Years with Loved Ones in your own home. Virtual Hugs, Maria

    11. Reached 500 signatures
    12. The Evil Continues

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      Please read my article in the New Times on the predatory nature of dual-tracked loan mods, and also the article on how Wells Fargo Bank foreclosed on the Christmas Snoopy! That link is

    13. Reached 100 signatures
    14. Foreclosure Stopped

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      The foreclosure was stopped because I reinstated my account. The bank has not heard the last from me. They still have not sent me a denial letter (they purportedly denied me on Nov. 21st), nor have they reported to the congressional offices what exactly is happening. They send us all contradictory and confusing messages. Yesterday's news brought wonderful tidings of the Massachusetts Attorney General finally suing the mortgage servicing banks for this kind of loan mod scam/ foreclosure fraud. YAY! I hope that California Attorney General Kamala Harris does the same--and quickly! Keep up the fight all! Blessings, Maria

    15. Wells Fargo Mortgage reassures, "Don't worry, Maria!"

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      Oh yes, Mr Peterson of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage was so concerned about me, that as he delays further, he asserted Friday, "Oh, don't worry about the Dec 1st sale date, Maria. You don't have to move on that date! You have one week to pack and decide where you are going to live."

      How evil is that? So I retorted, "Is supposed to console me?" "No," he muttered--the only true word I ever got from him.

      Well, an hour later, the OCC called him about my complaint. That should have shaken him plenty, for that is their regulating board. Haven't heard the results yet, but this week should continue...Cliff-Hanger Part 201"! Thanks for your support and STAY TUNED. But now I need more signatures. Please pass this on to any friends or groups you think might take up the cause, which is not mine alone but affects hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

    16. Raphael says "Don't send me and Mom to the shelter!"

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      My service dog has joined the cause. He visited Congresswoman Capps' office with me yesterday, where our caseworker is calling the executive offices of the bank again today. Yeah, for Wells Fargo informed her that they wanted to postpone my loan mod decision until NOV 28th, which gives me NO time to reinstate myself (if I can) before the auction date! My theory holds true: this DELAY, REJECT THEN STEAL TACTIC is premeditated theft. This must be stopped not only for me but for hundreds of thousands of others. All the big five banks/mortgage servicers do this. As far as evil, they are interchangeable. THANKS for you help and support! Please tell your friends!

    17. My "Predators" article to be published in SLO New Times Nov 17

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      With this publication, I'll be able to publicly expose the Run-Around Dance and other unfair and unhealthy practices the big banks use to steal homes from the unwary. We the people must be the watchdogs of government and big business. They have had unchecked power for too long. The famous quote keeps slapping the American people in the face and in the wallet: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Any idea on how I can get more signatures? Thank you, Maria and Raphael

    18. Thank you for your support! I would love to have 1,000 signatures!

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      I've made a formal complaint with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's Regulatory Commission in Washington DC. But you all will help MORE. We have to show the banks that the 99% is good and angry. Keep sharing with your friends, and thank you infinitely! Maria and Raphael, K-9

    19. Reached 50 signatures
    20. Yesterday Wells Fargo shunted me to 3 different "specialists" in 12 hours!

      Maria Vidale-Eyles
      Petition Organizer

      My supporters will see that Wells Fargo Mortgage shows no good faith whatsoever. They lie constantly and misrepresent the loan mod process. In other arenas, this is called scamming the client and defrauding him/her. It is criminal. Tonight they posted the Foreclosure Notice next to my front door! WF refuses to communicate with me despite Congressional intervention. They respect NO ONE. The public must be aware that the intent of Wells Fargo and their ilk is criminal despite whatever whining b.s. they tell the media.

    21. Reached 25 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Bonnie Lackey BOYNTON BEACH, FL
      • 9 months ago

      I am disabled and know of two other disabled women in the same position having no success with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has stopped paying my homeowner's taxes and insurance...which allowed someone to purchase the tax certificates and they would have bought my home without my knowledge if I had not filed Chapter 13 and found out that way. They have continued to do the worst things to the other people who were disabled also. They actually threw one woman out of her home, then after she paid to move into a rental, told her she could move back in. Someone had stolen all her appliances and even the huge Air Conditioning Unit. Then would not replace them. In South Florida, not having an air conditioning unit is devastating to a disabled person!!! The other disabled woman had had a stroke. She thought that they were modifying her mortgage, but moved ahead to sell the house...with her in it. She is now in a nursing home due to all of the stress causing her another stroke!!! I will never understand Wells Fargo and their behavior toward disabled people...especially disabled women who have no one else to help them. I am holding on by a thread...but I will not go down without a fight!!!

      Please Mr. Stumpf...do the right thing. In this world...nothing matters...however, when you leave this world...where your soul ends up is more important. Throwing disabled women...especially the three of us and this woman, almost all of us widowed...alone in the world...out in the street is despicable!!! How can you all live with this on your conscience!!! PLEASE HELP US...THE DISABLED WOMEN, THE WIDOWED WOMEN...WOULD YOU WANT SOMEONE TO TREAT SOMEONE THAT YOU KNOW LIKE THIS???? PLEASE BE MERCIFUL...Blessed are the merciful: when

      we show our mercy and

      forgiveness, we will be

      given mercy and forgiveness

      through Jesus'

      perfect Sacrifice

      on the Cross!!!

    • onilia Dalby GOLDEN MEADOW, LA
      • 9 months ago

      Onilia Dalby

    • Gail Dechter LAS CRUCES, NM
      • 10 months ago

      I am in similar situation w/ Wells Fargo! It seems no matter how many times they have been under scrutiny w/ their lack of granting modifications they still continue denying homeowners!

    • Dale Pressler BELLVILLE, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      would like to save my house

    • amanda rose CLERMONT, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      This is a disgraceful company with no ethics including it's partner in crime and deception America's Servicing Company.


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