Wells Fargo Bank - Say NO To New Monthly Fee!
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Wells Fargo Bank - Say NO To New Monthly Fee!

    1. Anthony Sterling
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      Anthony Sterling

      Lehigh Acres, FL

A few Months ago Citibank wanted to charge customers a $5 fee for debit cards. A Change.org petition got them to change their mind, hopefully this petition can stop Wells Fargo from doing the same with free checking accounts.

We originally opened a free checking account with Wachovia before Wells Fargo bought them. Now I am reading that they plan on charging a $7 monthly fee to new and existing accounts unless we meet their requirements. In today's economy every dollar counts.

Let's say NO to this new fee!

 this will only take effect in 6 states for now, however they plan to do it for all states eventually.

According to The Associated Press Wells Fargo customers in Florida who had free checking accounts will pay $7 a month starting in May.

Customers can avoid the fee by keeping a minimum balance of $1,500 or making direct deposits of at least $500 a month. They can also get a $2 break on the fee by opting for online statements.

According to a press release, Wells Fargo hasn’t offered free checking to new customers since 2010.

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      Anthony Sterling
      Petition Organizer

      Things are moving along and the signatures continue to roll in, but we are going to need alot more to get their attention. We have passed the 250 mark! I will continue to share this petition every chance I get and I am hoping that our voices will be heard.

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    • Scotty Peel GULFPORT, MS
      • about 2 years ago

      me and my wife were with wachovia since 2007 now they want to charge me to have an account with them im closing my account in the morning they want to charge me 10 dollars a month for not having 1500 dollars in my account or not having a 500 direct deposit a month was the last straw the local branches are rude im glad this wasnt my main bank account i only had this for cash and they wanted me to leave USAA as my bank not happening they could learn alot from they way USAA takes care of its customers

    • Tyler Johnson FORT COLLINS, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      FUCK FEES!

    • Jeffrey Thogmartin CHARLESTON, OH
      • about 2 years ago

      I will take my money and my business elsewhere. To someone who cares about their customers.

    • grenda griffin PENSACOLA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I need help very badly, I am at my wits end. He listent to me. A>S>A>P

      • about 2 years ago

      I closed my account because of this as well. I really think the government should do something about this. Ive heard wells fargo causing a lot of trouble lately and not trying to fix anything at all. In addition, every time I went to a wells fargo branch Ive heard nothing but customers complaining of how the service deteriorated from Wachovia. Well I drew the line when they wanted to add this service fee or whatever they wanted to call it and closed my account. To make it sound even more extreme, Im mailing out my deposits to another state because the bank I’m with is not in Florida. I wont mind doing this if it means having a free checking account at the moment and way better and reliable service! Im just not in the position right now to pay $60 year to receive online statements or $84 to receive it via mail, but as long as they get their money, they don’t care right? Ive seen lots of petitions for wells fargo on here and its scary that they might suck the living blood out of me with greed like they do many others!


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