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      Silver Springs, FL

My story is the  2nd case of foreclosure dealing with your deceased Parents who has left a home for their Family to have and live in. Just like Gail Leek's story instead I lost both Parents 5months apart. Wells Fargo Reps has told me the same exact thing they can not talk to me, because I am not on the account ,and that they had spoken to my mother before which that was so untrue , Because my mother was unable to speak because she suffered with Lou Gehrig's disease ,and had not talked in about 4years . What hurt the most is that My Parents had all the necessary Legal documents  that were prepared by an Attorney.   Not only do I have to deal with losing Both Parents, but I have to  deal with the Bank (Wells Fargo) who has had all the documents for 2 years to make me the Executor but they are taking me through more pain, instead of showing compassion and understanding.  So please please I need all your help. I know that I am not the only person dealing with issues like with this Bank (Wells Fargo).  Because on this website alone there are 14 or more other cases dealing with the same issues dealing with FORECLOSURES and not getting the correct information and that WELLS FARGO BANK is un willingly to work with your customers, but yet while we are trying get help the FEES and PENALTIES are steady adding because you refused to accept PARTIAL PAYMENT, but something is better than nothing. But I guess the GOLDEN RULES  (Do unto others has YOU would have them do unto) does no matter anymore . But I guess because you are not walikng in my shoes and does not effect you  so I guess until it happens to you then nothing will be done to help your customers who is keeping this company in business. to show how misleading the reps are at Wells Fargo , on August 28th one of your rep called and explained that yes she can talk with me and that she needed my finanical information so that the company can determine what is the best program to place me in and I explain that it would take me about 45 minutes, so the rep name was Rosemary and she said that I will note your account and then when you get the information to call back in so I said. So on August 29th a rep name Jennifer and said that she was following on the notes about getting finanical information and did I have it together so I asked what program are they looking and she said to do a re-modification and so the call dropped and so I called back and got this rep name Jeff and I told him what I was doing and if he looking at the notes from August 28th & 29th then he could understand what I was calling and then he dropped the BOMBSHELL , I can not talk with you , because my name was not on the account ,but yet hever asked what my name was and so I asked how do you know my name because he never me my name and then he also said that there were no notes from August 28th & 29th, so tell me what am I supposed to think about WELLS FARGO THE 4TH LARGEST BANK? I can be reach at :  so how can I understand what I am supposed to when your reps do not understand what they are doing? Most of all my FATHER served his COUNTRY  and this is the THANKS that WELLS FARGO shows his FAMILY by a FORECLOSURE.

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    • Rebecca Thomas WILMINGTON, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      Wells Fargo has caused me hours of headaches as well. They are a horrible company to have to deal with and I would caution everyone to avoid doing business with them whenever possible! I wish you the best of luck!!

    • Selamawit Tsequar EVANS, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Its not right!

    • Durell Smith AUGUSTA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Injustice to one is injustice to all. This shames me to be banking with this company.

    • Vivian Lee OCALA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I know all parties mentioned and can attest to the veracity of much of Ms. Butler's testimony. The deceased parents would not want the home in foreclosure. They left the home for their offsprings.

    • Elaine Croskey OCALA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      It is the parents' intent for their children to possess their property. Wells Fargo presents an image of being fair and compassionate. Now is the time to do that. The public is watching and your actions results in more customers or less customers when you gain the reputation of being unfair.


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