We Want Zero Emission 100% Electric Cars NOW!
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We Want Zero Emission 100% Electric Cars NOW!

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      Kendra L

      frederick, MD



Fact: The gas fueled, internal combustion cars typically driven by Americans have deteriorated our environment.

Think About It: Global warming can be halted with the zero emission 100% Electric Vehicles (EVs) that are made with NiMH batteries whose use is currently being suppressed by Chevron Oil Corporation. 

Fact: GM has been given $50Billion worth of our tax payer bail out money.

Think About It: In 1996, GM had the car of the century, the EV1. The EV1 ran due to the NiMH battery patents acquired by Chevron Oil Corporation. GM crushed ALL OF THEIR CARS shortly thereafter. Why are our tax dollars paying to bail out our automotive industry when our same tax dollars paid for the invention of the NiMH batteries? 

Fact: In 2005 alone Chevron grossed over $125 Billion (Up 35% from 2004).

Think About It: “?” 

Fact: President Obama’s stimulus plan includes The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that grants $2Billion to battery research.

Think About It:  The NiMH battery technology is proven with the past ten years of high performance of Toyota RAV 4 EVs made with NiMH batteries. Why waste more of our tax dollar money on technology we already have? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on our ailing health care system? 

Fact: President Obama can exercise Eminent Domain and /or Compulsory Licensing over the NiMH battery patents. This would definitely serve the greater good and we are at war, we are at dual-war actually.

Think About It: The government has exercised Eminent Domain and /or Compulsory Licensing during much less desperate times and for purposes serving much less of the greater good. Yes, it comes at a price, but the amount paid to Chevron would be much less than ongoing cost of Reign of Big Oil. 

Fact: Over 30,000 U.S. soldiers have been injured or killed during the Iraq War.

Think About It: What was this war all about? Why are our soldiers dying to preserve Iraqi Oil Fields when we have the battery patents to an emission free, alternative energy technology RIGHT NOW! 

Fact:  You have not written your letter to President Obama yet imploring him to exercise Eminent Domain and /or Compulsory Licensing over the NiMH battery patents that would finally and truly free America from its dependence on foreign oil.

Think About It:  What are you waiting for?  Read Two Cents per Mile: Will President Obama Make it Happen With the Stroke of a Pen? For further research go to:  http://twocentspermile.org/  

Great videos of owners of 100% EVs at: http://www.twocentspermile.org/?page_id=79 

Fact: Your family and friends need to be aware of this issue...pass it on!

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    • Tyrone Kennedy LANGLEY, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      Clean the air we breath, clean the dirt we grow from, clean the water we drink. You people in power are useless goofs and will be remembered in history as that.

    • George Pearce FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      Zero Emissions

    • robert stanley KISSIMMEE, FL
      • 4 months ago

      lets get off the oil

      • 4 months ago

      Because it's criminal that this simple battery technology has been allowed to be held hostage by a corporation for this long.

    • Alex C MIAMI, FL
      • 5 months ago

      To stop pollution and create an energy infrastructure!


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