The Consulate in Juarez should reverse their decision on the 10 year bar.
  • Petitioned We want to petition Gicela Angelica Carranza'a immigration case.

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We want to petition Gicela Angelica Carranza'a immigration case.

The Consulate in Juarez should reverse their decision on the 10 year bar.

    1. Ramon Gonzalez
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      Ramon Gonzalez

      Dalton, GA

This is important because Angelica has lived her entire life in Dalton, Ga. She graduated from South East High School and received an associates in accounting from Coosa Valley Tech in Calhoun, Ga. She is married to a US Citizen and has always been a law abiding citizen. Now, her and her husband are being forced to start all over in Mexico. We also hope to raise some sort of awareness. Maybe through this, certain immigration regulations will change at the US Consulate in Juarez. The system is flawed and hopefully that will change soon.

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      • 12 months ago

      this important beacous its not far that hispanic go work to give there love ones a better life were all the same just diffrent coloer and i would love one chanse to go back to dalton georgia.......

      • over 1 year ago

      This is important to me because like her, my parents moved our family to Dalton, GA for a better chance at a future. I was 6 months old when i left mexico and lived in the states 20 years before we had to move back to Mexico...a place where i didnt know. Like she says, it doesnt matter that i was born in me my home is Dalton, GA. I have been here in Mexico for almost 2 years...and for someone who is more "American" thats difficult. I know more about the US history than i do Mexico´s. Living here has not been easy... life is very different. Si i understand Angelica and her want and NEED to be back home. I hope that it happens... it will give hope to many people who want to do things right and who had no choice in crossing the border because we were too young to know. I hope things work out for you..and others...

    • Amber Biggs ROCKY FACE, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Gicela deserves to come home ! Her family, friends, her whole life is here in Dalton, Georgia !

    • Dulce Jacobo ATLANTA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      I have friends in the same situation she Gicela is in and I would like for them to have the opportunity to get an education and reach their goals.

    • Adriel Pulido LA PUENTE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      The father wanted to grow his family garden in a place where dreams can be fulfilled and safety is priority. Let this beautiful flower return to her garden where she will shine and grow to her fullest potential.


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