We want to declare our Pets as our Legal Dependents
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We want to declare our Pets as our Legal Dependents

    1. Tomas Cruz Guerra
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      Tomas Cruz Guerra

      Coral Gables, FL

Each year we spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in taxes,food and veterinary expenses in our pets ( Dogs, Cats, etc) They depend on Us to eat and stay healthy, Our pets do not have a Social security number but they do have a number that identifies them everywhere they go. We are their legal tutors and I think it should be legally correct  to have them as our Dependents at the end of the year when we declare our Taxes.


We need 50 000 petitioners to start this change, we need to have people like you and me who loves our pets to sign this Petition and as a result our pets will be more protected each single day.


Please, help Us get this done. They need your support.



Cada año gastamos cientos y cientos de dólares en impuestos, gastos de alimentación y veterinarios en nuestras mascotas (perros, gatos, etc) dependen de nosotros para comer y mantenerse saludable, nuestras mascotas no tienen número de Seguro Social pero tienen un número que los identifica donde quiera que vayan. Nosotros somos sus tutores legales, y creo que debería ser jurídicamente correcto tenerlos como nuestros dependientes al final del año en que declaramos nuestros impuestos.


Necesitamos 25 000 peticionarios para iniciar este cambio, necesitamos contar con personas como tú y como yo, que ama a nuestras mascotas a firmar esta petición, y como resultado nuestros animales de compañía estará más protegido cada día.


Por favor, ayúdanos a acabar con esto. Ellos necesitan su apoyo.


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    • Tomas Cruz Guerra CORAL GABLES, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I love my dear Toby and each time i go shopping with him I spent money in Taxes for food, toys,medicines, etc.

      I think is fair to have the right to declare him in my Yearly Taxes even when he has no Social security Number, we can still us his Legal ID Number given by Animal Health Department.

      We can do this, and I think it will protect our beloved ones more each day.


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