We Need Your Leadership Now - Urge Our Senate to Support SB 97- Culturally Competent Health Care
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We Need Your Leadership Now - Urge Our Senate to Support SB 97- Culturally Competent Health Care

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      Urban League of Portland

The Urban League of Portland needs your help.  People of color do not fare as well as the majority population on a range of health outcomes. SB (Senate Bill) 97 increases cultural competency standards for all licensed health care professionals. This will improve health outcomes for people of color through improved preventative medicine and culturally appropriate care.

SB 97 had a public hearing on February 21st. The Urban League along with other supporters testified in favor of the bill.  The bill needs be passed out of committee so it can move along in the legislative process. It is currently being held up by committee members and could be killed in the committee.

Sign the petition to tell members of the Senate Health Care, Human Services and Rural Health Policy Committee to vote SB 97 successfully out of the Working Committee.   We need to let them know that it's important to have health professionals who can understand, communicate with and provide quality care to all Oregonians.

Our Voices United - Legislative Action Day is coming April 19th! Join us as we stand-up for our community and make our voices heard! For more information visit www.ulpdx.org or call 503-280-2600

Other supporters include:

Portland African American Leadership Forum

People of Color Health Equity Collaborative

The Archimedes Movement

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

The Center for Intercultural Organizing

Oregon Action

The Tree Institute

Coalition of Community Health Clinics

The Oregon Bus Project

International Center for traditional Childbearing

Native American Youth and Family Center

African Women's Coalition

Family Forward Oregon

Oregon League of Minority Voters

 Connecting Communities Coalition

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    • Erin Matthiessen PORTLAND, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      As a Registered Nurse, I know that this type of education is badly needed.

    • Linda Boise PORTLAND, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      I have been working with African refugees and immigrants who report experiencing severe lack of understanding of their health needs and cultural values and beliefs. The African Partnership for health is building a partnership with Multnomah County's health clinics which are very interested in partnering with us for better care. We've been shocked and surprised that cultural competency is not a regular or required aspect of training for clinicians and others who work in health clinics. It may seem that this legislation isn't needed in today's world of diversity awareness but from where we sit, it is very much needed. Thank you for arranging for an open hearing on this issue.

    • Ruth Tooze CLACKAMAS, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      As a health care professional (RN), I recognize the critical importance of cultural competency in health care for all the reasons mentioned in the petition. I strongly urge your support of SB 97 to get it out of committee and moving through the legislative process. Thank you very much.

    • tom foeller OAK GROVE, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      The importance of increasing Intercultural competence and communication in our communities and the modern world is a no-brainer. Everyone benefits from a better mutual understanding of our neighbors near and afar. Think of the additional cooperation we could envoke and the problems we could solve!

    • Derek Barth PORTLAND, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      Culturally Competent care is important because it leads to better health outcomes and lower costs. This issue is clear cut both morally, and logically. Please move SB 97 out of the Working Committee.


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