We need action on methyl iodide.
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We need action on methyl iodide.

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      Pesticide Action Network North America

Great news! A successful organic farmer has just been appointed to head California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) by Gov. Brown. This is happy news on a number of fronts, but first and foremost, it means that CA is now poised to reverse the decision to register the cancer-causing strawberry pesticide, methyl iodide.

For over a year, Gov. Brown has been refusing to take action on methyl iodide, saying that the decision must rest with the incoming head of DPR. That person, Brian Leahy, is now in place. Please join us in calling for immediate action.

With your help we’ve been holding the line on methyl iodide. That struggle is what has created the moment of opportunity we have right now. Let’s finish this!

Send a clear message to Gov. Brown and newly appointed Director Brian Leahy: getting this carcinogenic chemical out of California must be a priority in 2012.

Political insiders tell us that one phone call is worth dozens of emails. Please do both!

Call Governor Brown at: (916) 445-2841. Below are some talking points for your call.

     > I am calling about the pesticide methyl iodide, called “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth” by a California scientist that reviewed the chemical.

     > Last March, you agreed to reopen the 11th-hour Schwarzenegger approval of the pesticide methyl iodide, but you haven’t yet stopped its use while you reconsider. Meanwhile, 2 farms have used methyl iodide, and soil fumigation season is fast approaching.

     > California scientists have determined that there is no safe way to use this chemical in agriculture while protecting public health.

After your call, you can also send the online petition below.

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    1. Gov. Brown has appointed a new chief pesticide regulator

      Great news! A successful organic farmer has just been appointed to head California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) by Gov. Brown. This is happy news on a number of fronts, but first and foremost, it means that CA is now poised to reverse the decision to register the cancer-causing strawberry pesticide, methyl iodide.

    2. Call to ban methyl iodide as fumigant

      New editorial spells out the dangers associated with using methyl iodide.

    3. Methyl Iodide's Toxic Saga Continues

      Even more bad news about the approval of methyl iodide!

    4. PAN Joins UFW in 200-Mile March for Fairness

      PAN is joining forces with the United Farm Workers to demand fair treatment for farm workers and a ban on methyl iodide.

    5. Methyl Iodide Controversy Heats Up Along with Field Fumigation

      As fumigation season creeps closer, activism against the use of methyl iodide is heating up.

    6. State Officials Ignored Scientists in Approving Pesticide

      As if the evidence against methyl iodide weren't strong enough, recently leaked documents show that Department of Pesticide Regulation ignored scientists when approving the pesticide.

    7. Storm of Protests Uneashed Around the U.S.

      Change,.org's and PAN's social media day of action gets a great shout-out in this new piece on Mother Nature Network.

    8. California Ignores Its Own Scientists on Dangerous Pesticide

      Recently leaked documents show that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation ignored the advice of its own scientists when it approved methyl iodide.

    9. Dole Strawberry Harvester: "We Do Not Want Methyl Iodide"

      Twenty-nine-year-old Doroteo Lopez has worked on farms his whole life. Currently, he’s employed by Dole in Salinas, California, where he harvests strawberries. Dana Perls, a community organizer with the Pesticide Watch Education Fund, caught up...

    10. Groups Call on Governor to Ban Use of Methyl Iodide

      Activists took to the Capital to urge Gov. Brown to rescind the approval of the cancer-causing pesticide, methyl iodide.

    11. Social Media Day of Action Went Well!

      Change.org and PAN's social media day of action was huge, with hundreds of concerned citizens writing on Gov. Brown's wall and tweeting at him. Find out more here:

    12. Protestors Call for Ban of Strawberry Pesticide

      The activism around banning methyl iodide in California continues to heat up.

    13. Activists to Gov. Jerry Brown: Protect Us from Toxic Strawberries

      Gov. Jerry Brown has received hundreds upon hundreds of tweets and Facebook messages today. But we're guessing that his sudden internet popularity isn't making him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
      More than 500 people have tweeted at Governor Jerry...

    14. Join the Social Media Day of Action to Ban Methyl Iodide!

      With peak fumigation season just weeks away, we need your help urging Governor Jerry Brown to stop the use of the cancer-causing pesticide methyl iodide in California’s crop fields.
      Today, August 23rd, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) is teaming up...

    15. Big Agribusiness is Holding Our Democracy Hostage

      New editorial exposes the problems with using methyl iodide on farms.

    16. The Campaign for Cancer-Free Berries

      Check out Safe Strawberry, hub of the campaign for cancer-free berries.

    17. Methyl Iodide Linked to Late-Term Miscarriages

      If methyl iodide is widely used, it will be regularly handled by farm workers, including pregnant women. Scientists link methyl iodide to late-term miscarriages, among other health issues, so this pesticide could jeopardize pregnant women's health!

    18. Red Berries Create Green Opportunities

      Strawberry farmers are calling on the federal government to provide better guidance on how to grow fruit without the use of harmful pesticides.

    19. Strawberry Farm Pesticide-Free Since 1983

      Big Ag asserts that you can't grow good berries without pesticides. Not true! Swanton Berry Farm is living proof of that. The organic strawberry grower has been producing quality fruit without the use of pesticides since 1983.

    20. Crying Wolf Over Methyl Iodide?

      Some people (and publications) are saying that those who expose the dangers of methyl iodide are just "crying wolf." Do links to cancer, kidney problems, thyroid disease, and late-term miscarriages sound like crying wolf to you?

    21. The Governator's Environmental Legacy

      A new piece on YubaNet examines Arnold Schwarzenegger's environmental legacy. One of the biggest not-so-shining moments: The Governator's approval of the toxic pesticide, methyl iodide.

    22. Berries Are Best Without Pesticides

      Wendy Gordon, a leader in the green consumer movement, describes why it's important to buy and eat berries that are grown without pesticides--especially strawberries grown without methyl iodide.

    23. Why Gov. Brown Needs to Stop Methyl Iodide Applications

      In case you missed it a couple weeks ago, check out the Sacramento Bee's editorial, "Governor Brown Should Rescind Methyl Iodide"

    24. New Editorial: "Methyl Iodide a Danger to Farmworkers"

      Capital Public Radio recently published an editorial from Sacramento Bee writer, Max Ehrenfreund. Check out the piece, "Commentary: Methyl Iodide a Danger to Farmworkers," here:


    Reasons for signing

    • Debbie Gallien MATLOCK, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      i don't mind bad spots, dirt, or even a bug or two on my fruits and vegetables - it needs to taste good and be healthy - not look good - we need to stop using chemicals on our foods.

    • Debra Sewall APPLETON, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      Do the right thing.

    • Joanne Fazell WESTON, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      this chemical should be banned! Many of us never buy strawberries that are not organic because of this danger. What about the poor people or most of the people who are not aware of this danger? What about the children who eat strawberries in school cafeterias? Do we want to give our children cancer???

    • Lynn Kiefer JENSEN BEACH, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a mom of 5 strawberry loving kids and we are trying to keep them healthy and cancer free.

    • Lori Fischer SHELBY, NE
      • over 2 years ago

      Taking California strawberries off my buying list.


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