Stop the demolition of the American Beauty building for surface parking.
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Wayne State University, Midtown Detroit Inc

Stop the demolition of the American Beauty building for surface parking.

    1. Peter Murray
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      Peter Murray

      Detroit, MI

Proposed by Wayne State University is another demolition in a neighborhood already scarred by abundant parking in the area north of I-94 (between Woodward and Cass) in Detroit. The building slated for demolition is the historic American Beauty Electric Irons building, to be replaced with a surface parking lot. Signers of this petition would like to see the proposed demolition of this iconic building removed from the project to redevelop the adjacent Dalgleish building. We believe that there is ample parking within reasonable distance of this property.

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    1. We tried our best!

      Peter Murray
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to everyone who signed, contacted, shared. Unfortunately, the American Beauty building's fate is sealed. Thanks especially to Preservation Detroit and

      Some things to consider as wins as a result of your support (thanks Melanie!) :

      - Awareness of the demolition and historic preservation issue
      - Awareness of the excess of parking lots in the techtown area
      - Press coverage of the issue
      - WSU and others now may think a bit harder on clarifying their decisions when it comes to historic resources
      - WSU, because of the pressure was forced to clarify thier decision further
      - Even though this building is a loss, the good news is that WSU is deconstructing part of the building for recycling

      Good game everyone, much love.


    2. Cool contest!

      Peter Murray
      Petition Organizer

      Over at, a thoughtful fella or fellette came up with a proposal for a parking lot in the Tech Town vacinity. Take a look!

    3. Reached 500 signatures
    4. Chugging along, with more press!

      Peter Murray
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for getting us near the 500 signatures mark! The Detroit Free Press covered the action this morning:

      And Curbed Detroit continues to follow us:

      Thanks for the support. Mr. Kahn would probably say so, too.


    5. Media love

      Peter Murray
      Petition Organizer

      With a little love from Curbed Detroit (, we've nearly doubled the support for the cause to save the AB.

      Thanks for the momentum!


    6. Reached 250 signatures
    7. Preservation Detroit riled up some data!

      Peter Murray
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for pushing this petition along! We're now near the 150 mark. To celebrate, here's some backstory on the American Beauty building (courtesy of Preservation Detroit):

      "This two-story structure extends the entire length of Burroughs Avenue between Woodward and Cass Avenues, although originally the building had a Woodward Avenue address, and did not extend to Cass. Two major changes altered the footprint of the building. According to City of Detroit building permits, the front forty -six feet was demolished for the widening of Woodward Avenue. Then in 1934, an addition was completed to the west of the building, extending to Cass Avenue."


      Thanks for the support, everyone, keep it up!

    8. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Carl Ballou WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Every historic building is of great value to Detroit. Once the historic building are lost, you may as well be in Southfield, Troy or Novi.

    • Marie Sienkowski TOLEDO, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      The demand for parking and more parking is apparently insatiable. But no one goes to a place to visit the parking lots.

    • Cheryl Crandell PONTIAC, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Preserve, restore and RE-USE. Half of Detroit is vacant as it is; find another place to park cars! Try a satellite lot with free shuttle... you can pay for a lot of shuttle runs for the cost of demolishing yet another piece of the city's history!

    • Alia Geffrard DETROIT, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Preservation reminds the present and future generations of our past. If we choose to forget or destroy it, we will set ourselves up for a monumental diservice.

    • Hans Granberg TARVASJOKI, FINLAND
      • over 2 years ago

      Detroit has lost way too much of its manufacturing and architectural history in senseless demolition. Do not let this beautiful building to have that horrible fate.


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