Washington State Parks Officials: Stop Killing Geese
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Washington State Parks Officials: Stop Killing Geese

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      Action for Animals

December 2013


Thanks to everyone who signed our petition, and the work of a few dedicated volunteers, Washington State Parks has confirmed that they will not be using lethal methods to kill geese at Sammamish State Park or any other Washington State parks in 2014! Please send a quick email to Andrew Fielding, the State Parks Resource Manager, expressing your support and thanks for using only non-lethal goose control measures, and ask that goose killing never resume in Washington State parks: Andrew.Fielding@PARKS.WA.GOV

A few weeks ago Washington State Parks used USDA Wildlife Services to kill geese at Lake Sammamish State Park. There was no notice given to the public or any opportunity to comment.

USDA Wildlife Services cruelly rounds up geese when the adults start to molt and they cannot fly. They then herd the adults and babies into pens. If they are still doing what they did in the past when they were killing geese in the Seattle parks, the geese are shoved into gas chambers in the back of the USDA trucks. The gas chambers were not designed specifically for large birds like geese. The chambers are too small for the geese to stand upright prior to being gassed to death. Multiple geese are stuffed into the chamber at the same time while frantically struggling and trying to escape. Of course this is all done under a cloak of secrecy, so that people are unaware of what is being done or how.

There are many humane alternatives which work well when used in conjunction with each other. Killing the geese only creates a temporary solution, as other geese will move in, which results in an endless cycle of killing.

Geese at all of the Washington State Parks are in danger. If they are killing geese at Lake Sammamish State Park, then they are probably killing them in the other state parks as well.

Please contact officials at Washington State Parks. Tell them to stop the endless cycle of killing and to come up with a focused well thought out comprehensive plan, which uses humane alternatives. Killing is unacceptable and we must do a better job of sharing the earth with wildlife.

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    • Danielle Bradley WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND
      • 10 months ago

      The Canada Geese are beautiful, intelligent birds that do not harm any living beings. I support this petition. Why is this important to you? (Optional)

    • Marian Swenson LEE, IL
      • 11 months ago

      Stop the slaughter of geese! They are sensitive beings and deserve to live a life on this earth.

    • Brittney Mcgahey SPARTA, NJ
      • 12 months ago

      This is unfair, cruel animal abuse and there are other ways to go about this problem.

    • Madison Colaco SPARTA, NJ
      • 12 months ago

      This is inhumane and it disgusts me to think that someone would think of doing that. These people have no moral thoughts and the best way to go about this issue would be to capture and move the geese to another area! Make/find an area away from this lake to put the geese!!!! This is ridiculous that we should even have this debate going on.

      • 12 months ago

      Bastard wicked evil sub humans - I am so bloody sick to death of having to share this earth with them.


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