Free Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice or give him a new, fair trial.
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Washington State Governor

Free Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice or give him a new, fair trial.

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      Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice

      Aberdeen, WA

Since October 2008, Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice has been serving a Washington State Prison Sentence of 9-years-to-LIFE for a crime he did not commit.


After serving 4 years as a Marine Corps machine-gunner, in Southern California, Japan, and Iraq, Chris worked as an adult film actor in Los Angeles for several years.


In September, 2007, between shooting two movies in Washington State and Vancouver B.C., Chris took a road trip to Pullman Washington to check out the scene. After meeting WSU students Kyle Schott, and Colin Davis at a bar near the campus, the three of them had many drinks of alcohol.


When the bars closed, Chris and his new friends went searching for other parties. At 04:30AM, a woman called 911 to report a sexual assault. She said she was staying the night there because her friends lived there, and she woke up to find two males in the room she was sleeping in. She told police one of the males was fingering her.


Kyle Schott admitted to placing his finger in the woman's vagina.


Christopher Jack Reid has always maintained he was never inside the house where this took place. He went to other houses with these men but, not the one where the accuser was assaulted.


Despite several witnesses seeing three males at their homes, Kyle Schott and Colin Davis claim that Colin was never at any of the homes, that it was just Kyle and Chris, and that Colin went home when the bars closed before any homes were entered.


Kyle Schott and Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice were charged with Rape in the 2nd degree, and several burglary charges. Kyle took a plea deal and agreed to testify that Chris was with him in that room. (Kyle was released from serving his 13 month sentence in early 2009).


Police caught Kyle Schott in many lies while they were interviewing him. He admitted this during the trial. Therefore, at trial, the prosecutor had to rely on other evidence to place Chris in the room. It came in the form of testimony from Kyle Schott claiming he handed Chris a condom. And, the state's expert DNA witness, Lisa Turpen, told jurors that she obtained a DNA profile from a condom wrapper found at the crime scene, and that it was a mixture of at least 3 contributors. She said that Chris, Kyle and the accuser's profiles were all present in the mixture.


BUT IT WAS A LIE!!!!Here's why: In 2011, three DNA experts reviewed the DNA testing data from the analysis conducted by the Washington State Crime Lab. Three names were Dr. Greg Hampikian (Idaho), Dr. Iris Shultz (Germany), and DNA Specialist III. Dan Slowinski (New Mexico). According to these experts:


  1. Though Kyle Schott and the accuser's DNA were present in the mixture obtained from the condom wrapper, the same can not be said for Christopher Jack Reid's DNA.

  2. There were actually 4 contributors to the mixture obtained from the condom wrapper, rather than just the 3 the jury was told of.***NOTE: There was sperm found in the accuser's vagina after a rape kit was taken and examined in the crime lab. The state claimed the sperm belonged to the accuser's boyfriend (Tyler Cornell), who she claimed to have had unprotected sex with three days prior to the assault, At trial, jurors were told by the prosecutor this same lie. Now the state admits that tyler Cornell's DNA was never tested.

Thus, years into his prison sentence, Chris discovers that the prosecutor lied about whose sperm was found in the accuser's vagina------thereby raising the questions: WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN??


The prosecutor kept from Chris and the jurors the fact that the accuser identified Colin Davis in a photo lineup.


Nobody ever told Chirs he was facing a LIFE sentence before trial.


The state claims to have destroyed the 911 recording.


The state also destroyed the audio recording of an interview the accuser did with police moments after the 911 call.


From prison, Chris has proven in court that Prosecutor Dennis P. Tracy allowed falsified documents to go to prison with Chris. The list goes on and on. There is a lot about the case and ways you can help at


Please sign this petition to Free Christopher Jack Reid, or give him a new, fair trial.

Washington State Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Washington State, Governor Chris Gregoire.

Free Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice or give him a new, fair trial.

Innocent Iraq War Vet is serving 9 years to LIFE in prison for a crime he did not commit.


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    • Mark Dinkins OAKLAND, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I have read over the available documents I have and can see a clear line of deceit on the side of the prosecution and conflictoins with the police report and testimony given; or at the very least withholding of evidence which would/could have swayed his jury to a different verdict altogether. The man deserves a fair trial at the very least, yet Im of the mind that a complete discharge or even full dismisall is due. I will state this: I do not know Mr. Reid personally. I can attest however to his actions in one part of his life. The man was a Marine. He trained and served in our military in the Marine Corps. He did this while knowing he was defending an idea, a document, thus a nations ideals, a nations document within which protection is granted to EVERY individual of these great United States from tyranny, from unfair judicial proceedings; and as a nation, we have failed him. YOU AMERICA, have failed him with your lies and shrewdness in order to obtain the verdict you desired oh prosecutor. Harbringer of Destruction. A life ruined. Even with full expungement it still happened, and it could affect his livelihood. He is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. A document he defended with his life; a document protecting him and his RIGHT to a fair trial by his peers. A prosecutor has a lot of responsibility in seeing that justice is upheld and had it been, these events would not have played out as such. Forged by lessons of history and man, and brought to life by the citizens of this great nation, the Constitution was written for each of us and it is alarming to see how much it is circumvented with your deceits and exploiting of the laws language. I ask you America, do not let this injustice stand. Do not fail him.

      I always stand up to bullies. No matter the size. I stand BESIDE Justin Brewer saying we demand justice. I stand with Christopher Reid in demanding justice for him. I know all too well the suffering he endures. What his family is going through. No matter a mans decisions in the past, whats at stake here is what happened with this girl. Mr. Reid via evidence alone is clearly eliminated from the equation of "whodunnit". End this farce. End it now.

    • Patsy Hug LAKE ISABELLA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I know that injustice can be done to close cases.

    • sandra pinckert DRY PRONG, LA
      • about 2 years ago

      I read all the trial transcripts and Chris is innocent...I believe this with my whole heart and pray everyday for his release from prison.

    • michael oliveira LITTLE FALLS, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      After reviewing the information available to me I believe Christopher Jack Reid is being wrongly imprisoned.

      • about 2 years ago

      He is a family friend and he is innocent!!!


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