Do not kill the Wedge Pack Gray Wolves.
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Do not kill the Wedge Pack Gray Wolves.

    1. Kayla Jones
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      Kayla Jones

      North Ogden, UT

It is important to keep their pack alive and well to help sustain the Gray Wolf Conservation plan for Washington State. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife just barely approved a wolf consveration plan for Washington on Dec. 3, 2011. And now is already planning on killing off an entire pack of wolves due to continued attacks on Diamonds M Ranch of Stevens County. They have already killed one pack member in August and now, just barely on September 25, 2012 killed two more adult non breeding pairs. They were chased down by hilocopters and could not outrun nor defend themselves against it and shot point blank dead. This is not in accordanance to one of the main adjectives of the conservation plan, which is developing management strategies to reduce conflicts with livestock and big game herds. This is a terrible "strategy" to reduce conflicts, it acheives nothing but wiping out an entire pack of wolves that you have supposedly been protecting and trying to get it's numbers up.

Wolves may be very adaptable and recovering quickly, but killing them is not the solution. If all the packs started attacking other cattle herds would you just go and kill them all as well? If so there would be no more wolves in Washington. I know you have tried many "non-leathal" strategies to get the Wedge pack to stop attacking the Diamond M Ranch, but please come up with some more non leathal ideas. Plus, killing off adult members in a wolf pack is not a good idea because they are the ones to teach the younger ones and the pups how to survive and hunt. If they are killed then it leaves the younger ones to figure things out for themselves which would most likely end up in them attacking and targeting cattle herds because they are easier prey.

Wolves are a magnificent creature, one of America's most iconic wild animals, a sign of freedom and an example of working together to achieve the impossible. Please do not kill them. This is a poor and terrible last resort to come to just to make a single rancher happy.

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    • sue dyer GLENDALE, AZ
      • about 2 years ago

      It is not right. They are only doing what is natural to them. Leave them all alone!!!!

    • jelena lompar BELGRADE, SERBIA
      • about 2 years ago

      because. fullstop.

    • Janice Gordon LAKEWOOD, WA
      • about 2 years ago

      The wolf is my totem. My spirit guide. Wolves are sentient creatures, with complex family structures. Humans have much to learn from the wolves. When food is scarce, the wolf doesn't breed. Interesting concept, and far superior to human beings. 'If you can't feed them...don't breed them.' As far as the ranchers, I understand their predicament. Mayhap they should keep better track of their herds. Hire more drovers. To hunt wolves from helicopters is pure cowardice. Despicable. If you're going to cull a wolf pack, at least give them a fighting chance and hunt them afoot.

    • Dan La Rebelle VEEL, FRANCE
      • about 2 years ago

      stop au massacre des loups ! les humains vont-ils être humains un jour ?

      • about 2 years ago

      It's not FAIR !!! The collar around the alpha's neck was supposed to lead biologists to a better understanding of how an alpha male wolf leads its pack.

      Instead, that GPS collar is what sharpshooters in a helicopter used to track down and kill the followers of the Wedge Wolf Pack in northeast Washington state.


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