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Washington DC, DMV: Stop issuing citations to and impounding the vehicles of Non DC residents, for  Failure to Obtain DC Tags.
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Mayor Vincent. C Gray
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Washington DC, DMV: Stop issuing citations to and impounding the vehicles of Non DC residents, for Failure to Obtain DC Tags.

    1. Edward Bates
    2. Petition by

      Edward Bates

      Laurel, MD

If you frequently visit family or friends in Washington DC you may eventually receive the "Failure to Obtain DC Tags" citation. DC, with no other evidence, assumes that anyone who frequently parks in DC must also live in DC and is therefore required to register their vehicle in DC. With the one of the largest fleets of vehicles equipped with an Automated License Plate readers in the nation, DC could easily determine if a Vehicle is parked on its streets consecutively the majority of a 30 day period but instead DC’s policy is, If an automobile has been observed a second time within a thirty-day period, a warning notice may be issued after that, $100.00 Failure to Obtain DC tags will be issued. So basically, this law means that if you do not have DC tags, and you legally park in DC more than once in a one-month period, you can be ticketed. Any out of state resident with friends , family or even a job in DC could face paying an unjust citation or having their car impounded. At over $100.00 per citation DC DMV makes it so time consuming and in some cases nearly impossible and unpleasant to prove that you are not a DC resident and therefore not required to register, that many people simply pay the fines to avoid having their car impounded. To prove that you are not a DC resident you must submit a mortgage or lease, utility bills and vehicle registration in your name or the name of a person you are living with containing private personal and financial information such as your name, social security number, birth day and address. In a situation where the government assumes that you are guilty until proven innocent, where the government makes it difficult if not impossible to prove your innocents, forcing you to either pay them or lose your vehicle, it would be easy to define this as State Sponsored Extortion.

This is not just about unjust Parking Tickets, This is about your right to be innocent until proven guilty and about a Government bureaucracy taking advantage of an out of state visitors to DC because they think that they have no political voice in their jurisdiction.


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    • Gregory Nakamura SPRINGFIELD, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      This law is ridiculous. Why do WE have to prove our innocence? GET RID OF THIS LAW.

    • Alvin Charity COLUMBIA, MD
      • about 1 year ago

      Because I spend a lot of time at various restaurants, music venues, and friends houses in DC and it is absolutely ridiculous that this policy exists for a city whose metro area has a population of nearly 6 million residents.

      • over 1 year ago

      I visit my daughter who lives in dc. A friend of hers got this ticket. Absurd to expect your guests to obtain permits. She doesn't have a car but does she need to buy a permit so people can visit? This is only a moneymaker. We pay our taxes. Enough already.

    • lillie martin FAIRMOUNT HEIGHTS, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      dc is bleeding the life out of everyone with citations

    • Jeanette Poole CORDOVA, TN
      • over 1 year ago

      I have received 7 tickets while visiting DC while being a resident of Tennessee. The tickets were never put on my car. It appears that they got my tag number at one time and is now sending me tickets in the mail every week. I have always been and is a Tennessee resident.


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