Stop the opening of the Evergreen Valley Square store
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Stop the opening of the Evergreen Valley Square store

    1. Daniel Nevarez
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      Daniel Nevarez

      San Jose, CA

Walmart puts local businesses and farmers out of business with their grocery shop monopoly. Many people love the farmer's market in the Sq, but if Walmart were to open it's store there, our local farmers will simply not be able to compete and may go out of business. Support your local small businesses in the Evergreen area and sign this petition!

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    • tammy Dhanota SAN JOSE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      We don't need another Walmart in San JOse. And where are the Environmental Impact Reports on this? And I live 2 miles from this store and we weren't told anything about this new walmart. We Wanted TRADER JOES, not WAlmart! duh!

    • Roger Briand EUGENE, OR
      • about 2 years ago

      I have NEVER shopped at Walmart.

      and I NEVER will. People who do have no sense of community.

    • Shahid Daredia SANN JOSE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Not the right kind of store for this area.

    • Vivek Gulati SAN JOSE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Walmart has a proven track record of destroying local businesses and killing community. We have been doing without them and can continue to do without them.

    • Casey Thompson SAN JOSE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Here' Caseys response.

      Lindsay Marshall wrote

      "You snuck into Almaden and screwed up the traffic patterns, property values, parking, and local businesses. Not again."

      Lindsay you hit it on the head! But it's too late!Almaden has it easy compared to us. Our location is already seeing a huge increase in crime since we hardly have a police force anymore and are already neighboring a high crime area.

      We are also seeing an exodus in homeowners selling because of the walmart news. What are we paying the high property taxes for? Many of the homes on my street have become rentals in the last three years. Rose Hererra deceived the Evergreen Community and kept walmart under wraps until they sealed the deal. I wonder how much money she pocketed for aiding them? My family and I have already stopped visiting the villiage square for safety reasons and are planning on selling soon before prices really start to fall. Only an idiot would buy one of the new homes being built at the prices they are asking. Since I moved here in what was an upscale and quiet community headed in the right direction. We know have a lowrider car show with a bikini contest and loud thumping music at Evergreen College I can hear from my home. Fowler Park has large drunken parties every saturday rain or shine mainly at the covered pavilion near the bocce ball court. Lynardis closed (I can't blame them) and burglaries are at an all time high. I also stopped shopping at the Lucky's, Safeway and Save Mart. Those stores need a remodeling that isn't going to happen and the parking lots are dangerous. I am forced to travel to the Safeway in Campbell for a decent supermarket. It will only be a matter of time before walmart expands because the other stores have moved out and they are the only ones willing to rent space. You can't tell me with a little more effort a deal with another store like a Safeway could not be worked out in five years. Why couldn't we offer incentives to entice a decent store like Safeway rather than one filled with cheap food and plastic junk? I would have moved the Farmers Market indoors with permant nice kiosks that the vendors could rent at a reasonable cost. Shopping would have been a pleasure year around rain or shine. It would have been a stroke of genius for the Evergreen Community.

      Maybe we should start a class action suit is in order against walmart and the city of San Jose for fooling us, for our drop in home prices and rise in crime?

      My only advice is don't shop at the new walmart and invest in a gun if you don't already own one.



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