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give my sister/sister-in-law her petition she so rightly deserves

    1. joel/peggy mccollam
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      joel/peggy mccollam

      Sutton, WV

My sister/sister-in-law was a CSM at Wal-Mart and had only 2 months away from recieving her pension, when they fired her. They are now refusing to give her the pension she worked for 24 years for. If we stand by and let walmart get away with this and do nothing about it, we are saying its okay for wal-mart and all these other major franchise companies to mistreat all there employees!!!! There are alot of people who are relying on there pensions to survive . Major companies need to know that people are not going to stand for this kind of treatment no longer, if we have worked for our pension then it is our right to recieve it and there duty to make sure that we do. Please stand up with me and support my sister/sister-in-law and all the American people !!!!!!

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    • Janice Kolb COMANCHE, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      I have a sister in law who worked for Walmart for 27 years and recently got fired.

    • Julie Meadows CRAIGSVILLE, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      This Is So Wrong

    • Brenda Berry HEATERS, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      Somebody needs to do something about this! This lady gave 24 yrs to Wal-Mart and she deserves her pension. That's ridiculous!! and that's why I'm signing this petition. It's just wrong!!

    • anna hamric SUTTON, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      just not right all that time there and they do that . god will judge

    • Karen McCollam WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      Vickie Carpenter, Meet my sister talk to her and she will tell you All her Love and Dedication she had to this company. From over time to her days off to her unending Love for Wal- Mart and what she thought it stood for, for the Charities she helped run fundraisers to help battered women and children and helped with the elderly in the community. Before you post you should have read more carefully what my sister has done for this company Wal-Mart and if you watch the News you will hear again and again of the Corruption and Greed and Mistreatment of Employees who have given their lives their time and they were thrown aside as trash. & All the years they had given to the company Promised for their loyal dedication for a pension and retirement . My sister Sandra was robbed of her retiremnet which was due her 22 years of her Loyal dedication and hard work. Maybe if this had happened to you or to someone you have Loved you would Not have so freely thought my sister to of a Poor worker or whatever you thought of her. She is the Most giving Loving Kind person you would ever want to meet in your life. And I assure you there are not many like my sister these days. Vickie Carpenter. I feel sorry for those who have such a Narrow View of the The Loyal and Dedicated Loving people who give their All only to be disrespected by someone who knows nothing of the situation.


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