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Walk Free ! Stop Sexual Harassment in Egypt & Apology to Lara Logan

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      Mohamed Safi

Sexual harassment is one of the ugliest forms of mental & physical abuse. The effects of which can be long lasting and severely harmful to the mental health of those who suffer this abuse. It remains to be one of the last standing tarnishing factors on the reuptation of Egypt

With our new found "freedom" from an intrinsically opressive system, it is now high time to call for a legal end to this sickening phenomenon.Time to take this revolutionary Tahrir spirit to the streets of the nation to quell the very notion of sexual harassment. Time to make this an offence severely punishable by law.

When, as a nation, we called to "bring down the system", this is the exact sort of thing we were calling for. Not just the dismantling of an ailing, opressive political system, but also the vile, rotten systems of thought and action within a few, perverted Egyptians.

It is safe to say that after witnessing the pure spirit of Tahrir, this sickening phenomenon represents only a few terrible seeds in society. Seeds that have turned into devilish shrubs, that must now be weeded out, for good. True Egyptians were protecting their sisters, wives, daughters and ladies they don't even know in the fight to earn our freedom. The Egyptians that stood up to bullets, tear gas, knives, swords, thugs, sniper fire and petrol bombs can and will stand against sexual harassment

Please add your voice to this peitition, pledging to not accept and to take action against any forms of sexual harasssment. In addition, it will also serve as an apology of the people to each and every single person that has suffered from this. Most recently CBS reporter Lara Logan.


Lara Logan, I apologize sincerely with all my heart

To every girl, woman, mother harassed, I apologize sincerely with all my heart

To my mother nation Egypt, I apologize sincerely with all my heart

& promise you all that I will try the very best that I can to bring an end to this, in the quest to have our sisters "Walk Free"


Thank You


"سيري بأمان" – حملة ضد التحرش الجنسي بمصر واعتذار للسيدة/لارا لوجان


إن التحرش الجنسي واحد من أبشع أشكال الإساءة النفسية والجسدية،  والآثار المترتبة عليه طويلة الأمد وضارة بشدة على الصحة العقلية لضحايا هذا النوع من الاعتداء. ويبقى أن نقول أنه يعد من العوامل التي يمكن أن يؤدي استمرارها إلي تشويه سمعة مصر.

الآن وقد تخلصت "الحرية" من قبضة النظام القمعي السابق، فقد حان الوقت للمناداة بوضع حد قانوني لهذه الظاهرة المرضية، وأن نغتنم روح التحرير الثورية للقضاء عليها، وتغليظ العقوبة الجنائية لمرتكبيها.

عندما طالبنا كمجتمع بـ "إسقاط النظام"، فإننا لم نعني فقط القضاء علي النظام السياسي القمعي، ولكن عنينا أيضا التخلص من كل الأفكار والتصرفات الفاسدة من قبل القلة المنحرفة.

يمكن الآن بعد ما شهدناه من الروح النقية للتحرير أن نجزم القول بأن هذه الظاهرة المرضية ما هي إلا بذور مريضة – ولكنها قليلة جدا - لأعشاب شيطانية نمت وحان وقت اقتلاعها من جذور المجتمع. إن المصريين الحقيقيين وقفوا لحماية أخواتهم، وزوجاتهم، وبناتهم، وسيدات لا يعرفهن أثناء سعيهم للحرية. إن المصريين الذين تصدوا للرصاص، والغاز المسيل للدموع، والسكاكين، والسيوف، والبلطجية، ونيران القناصة والقنابل الحارقة، لقادرون علي التصدي والقضاء علي ظاهرة التحرش الجنسي.

برجاء ضم صوتك لهذا الالتماس لرفض كل أشكال التحرش الجنسي، واتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة للقضاء عليه، وسيكون موقفك هذا بمثاية الاعتذار لكل من وقع ضحية لهذا النوع من التحرش الجنسي بما فيهم السيدة/ لارا لوجان – مراسلة ال "سي بى إس".

إلي لارا لوجان، وكل فتاة، سيدة أو إمرأة ،نعتذر بشدة من أعماق قلوبنا لما تعرضتن له.

إلي أمي الحبيبة "مصر" اعتذر لك بشدة وأعدك أنني سأبذل قصاري جهدى لتعزيز قضية أخواتي في "السير الآمن".


The People of Egypt
We would like your signature to help us bring an end to Sexual Harassment in Egypt, and to highlight that it is only a few bad seeds of society, and not a representation of the average Egyptian man

[Your name]

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    • Sara El-Gammal Sharp HONG KONG ISLAND, HONG KONG
      • over 3 years ago

      Sickened by attack on Lara Logan on a day of such jublilation, but her plight adds more fuel to the need to throttle this endemic male past-time. More than petitions, we need laws to protect us and "clean" police who will eke out just investigations after we chase and capture our gropers/harassers. In the meantime, slug them, shame them and don't be embarassed to speak up. Things have changed. We have changed. Say no to fear. The fear of doing is often much worse than the actual doing.

    • Green Consciousness MADISON, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      "After The Egyptian Revolution: Where Are The Women?"

      The lack of women on a committee charged with amending Egypt's constitution for elections post-Mubarak casts doubt over whether the country can develop into a true democracy, a group of activists said on Wednesday.

      The group of over 60 non-governmental organisation and activists said the committee, which is presided over by a respected retired judge known for his independence, had begun work on Wednesday by "marginalising female legal experts."

      The committee includes one senior Muslim Brotherhood legal expert in an unprecedented move to include the Islamist opposition group, but the panel did not give details on how it selected its members.

      "Signatures to this statement have received with great concern the list of committee members as there is no participation from female experts, which is unacceptable marginalisation of half of society," the statement said.

      "We also question the standards used to select the members of the committee," the group said, although adding they supported the military's efforts in moving to a democracy.

      The role of women in Egyptian politics has been limited, with few occupying ministerial and parliamentary seats. Their role in the judiciary has been the subject of wide debate in recent years.

      Last year, a top court ruled that women should be allowed to serve on the State Council, a court that tries cases involving the government and which had resisted including female judges.

      Mubarak appointed Tahany el-Gibali, Egypt's first woman judge, to the Constitutional Court in 2003. Conservative judges campaigned to stop what they regarded as an exception from becoming a trend.

      So the Muslim Brotherhood is included, even if as a token member, but women are not.

      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Lara,

      I am very sorry for what happened to you and all women who are treated like trash.

      I hope one day you will learn to live with this terrible experience. I will pray for you.

      I hope you have great family and friends to help you.

      Kind regards,


    • john c Headington MERTHYR TYDFIL, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 3 years ago

      It's unfathomable the things one human being can do to another, what goes through the minds of such people who commit such barbaric offenses perplexes my brain!! The only thing that gives us hope is that one day those people will be held accountable, and have to pay the price for the choices they made to take from someone something they will never be able to give back.... 'agency' or the freedom to choose is one of life's greatest gifts!!

    • Marlen Gindi NOVATO, CA
      • over 3 years ago


      I truly regret what has happened to you in Egypt. Words can't express my deepest sorrow when I heard what you experienced. There is no excuse for what happened to you. There is nothing that can undo your experience. Do know that we will never forget. You are in my prayers & thoughts. One day, this country will have civilized men that treat women with the utmost respect. My heart goes out to you.



      A very sorry Egyptian woman


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